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"Where would you put it?" 
Hood ornament.

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Babs dropped the ball on that one

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i would make room for it lol

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I want the crushed helmet! 
do we have anywhere to look to see how much it all went for?

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@lazystudent said:
"i would make room for it lol "
I think I would too! 
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" I want the crushed helmet!  do we have anywhere to look to see how much it all went for? "

I did a quick search.  Looks like you can get most of that info here
Doesn't look like they cover the actual clothing though, which is what I was interested in.
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 The last 57 lots will be up for auction Sunday April 25 at 6pm PST online through LiveAuctioneers.com. This includes all the great costumes! (and some missiles and bombs too!) See Propworx.com for details. 

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Too bad I can't afford any of that.

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Those are expensive stuff.

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Iron Man memorabilia for a coupla hundred bucks each!  I want the gauntlets. 
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Wish they wouldve showed all of the items