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Posted by War Killer

Looking forward to Thor now even more! I really can't wait for Iron Man #25 either! Great interview, Babs!

Posted by carnivalofsins00

ive been wanting to get into Invincible Iron Man and i read that #25 is going to be a good jump in p[oint. Cant wait.

Posted by Comiclove5

Huh, interesting, very interesting . I will be sure to pick up the Seipe: Loki One-Shot. 
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

i like he he seems real giddy, like he really wants to share those spoilers but he's clamping it.
read Loki, but i just thought it was a complimentary piece. i should leaf over it again now and see what
i can see. new Iron Man, im hyped for that, not that there is any reason not to be. 
Babs gets 10 points for using pee your pants in an interview according to Catmans List.

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Oh, Alejandro. Save picking at your ears after the camera is off, and not speaking to a lady. She does looks rather stunning in white, but I digress.
Really couldn't get too much out of him in the way of Siege. I've never really been much into Thor. I am curious about this moment he's talking about in the reveal of the new Iron Man armor. It will be hard to match that first moment you see the Iron Man suit being used on the field in the first Iron Man movie.
I'm not too fond of the new armor. It looks too robotic and less like armor.

Posted by Neon_Nemesis

Gotta get the Black Widow first issue

Posted by MichaeltheFly

Thank you CV, this was one of the best videos, it answered a lot of questions I had about Thor. Thanks Babs and G-man.