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YES! Love Layman on Detective! Can't wait for Wrath!

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Cool stuff, cool C2E2. What a kick ass day today.

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I started Detective with the DotF tie-ins, and have been hooked ever since. Love the mystery vibe of the series, and seeing all of Batman's rogue's gallery on a regular basis. Loved the Poison Ivy-Clayface storyline, and absolutely can't wait to see where the Emperor Penguin story goes. Love Layman's writing so far, definitely going to check out his other stuff.

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What's that funky tune in the background?

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Nice to see Harper getting used outside of Snyder's domain. Looking forward to reading that.

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What's that funky tune in the background?

I was literally just thinking about that lol. Makes me want to slap some bass guitar.

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Speaking of Chew i don't want it to end :(

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Every time someone from DC refers to Harper Row as "cool" or "interesting" or "a fan favorite" a little part of me dies.

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A stand-up guy and a very witty writer. Detective Comics is on fire at the moment; I'm loving every issue.

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Layman is amazing on Detective.

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Every time someone from DC refers to Harper Row as "cool" or "interesting" or "a fan favorite" a little part of me dies.

Well, she's a favorite of mine if that counts.

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This guy has made Detective Comics probably the best DC title, it's fun, smart, Batman is a DETECTIVE (hello Scott Snyder) and he really captured the very essence of Gotham's villains and is using them with perfection. His work reminds me of what Slott has been doing with Spider-Man.

And yes, the music is really too loud. I see that people often have to replay five times to hear Layman talk, just imagine how it is for a non-native speaker like me.

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He's bringing back The Wrath?! I am completely on board with this.

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Awesome team. I love the way he skirts the obligatory tie-ins and makes them relevant to his own story.

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Good news about The Wrath I say! Layman's run on Detective has essentially revived the series for me, and of course it helps that he writes Chew which is totally endeared to me heart and soul. Keep up the great work, Layman!