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Don't know if I am reallllyyy sold on this and The Movement, but I am willing to try out at least the first 3-4 issues. Lets hope it's great. I would love to be pleasently surprised.

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I'd buy this book just because these guys are hella sharp dressers

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Not Interested at all! These books seem boring to me.

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Well i was already sold on the book before. But now my internal debate is whether to buy this in collected trade (as i was planning for money reasons) or just go and pick it up issue by issue. DARN YOU FRANCO AND BALTAZAR!!! :P

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Not Interested at all! These books seem boring to me.

Can't you even wait till #1?

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Gotta get me that waistcoat...but honestly, these guys seem like a lot of fun, im totally going to give this book a shot!

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Green team Is going to stomp the Movement. Gail Simone, HA!

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I can't wait to read The Green Team and the Movement.

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i think this book looks like it will be good, but unfortunately ill probably not get past issue 1 because i already am invested in other books that i dont want to drop.

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Shame this book won't perform so well being an no-name brand. I love that DC is taking risks and doing something that feels so different.

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True story, I'm excited to see how this book is.

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EXCLUSIVE! I will probably pick up the first issue because it is something different and these guys are great.

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I haven't read a ton of them, but the issues of Tiny Titans and Superman Family that I've read have been pretty great kids' books. I'm excited to see what this book ends up looking like.

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So psyched for this book and these guys on the book. The mere fact that they wanna make it at least somewhat hilarious despite the seriousness makes this a must buy for me!

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This looks really, really stupid. Not a good stupid. When I saw the ad for it in Action I thought it was a joke.

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