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Posted by Starklight

First one was one of my favourite games of last year; I reckon as long as the core gameplay is the same, it'll be worth a buy.

Posted by G-Man
Posted by Mr_Wayne69

Babs, ur a trip! "Play with her." LOL!
Game looks awesome!!!!

Posted by wbburnette

Absolutely one of the best games from last year.  I've beaten it twice and I still love playing it. I'm very confident that the sequel will surpass the original,  a la Assassin's Creed 2 and Mass Effect 2.
And, Sara, your reaction after you talked about playing as Catwoman (in your own unique way) - priceless.

Posted by InnerVenom123

I think the real question is, who isn't??

Posted by GothamBat

I hope they have the riddles in City like they did the first one. And I'd like to see more characters, not just the hints of them.

Posted by SuperOcelot

There is no doubt in my mind this will be a great game

Posted by JayUK

Unlike most other media (including comics) video game sequels are generally better than their predecessor.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

I think this video is cursed. First time I tried to start this. The phone rang the moment I hit play. Second time, some jack-ass in a low flying plane when I hit play. Third time after the plane was far enough away, I hit play and my neighbor's dog started barking. It look my ten minutes to finish this two minute video.
I'm doubting we would get the actual Batcave. I'm betting it would be more likely that it would be another off-site base. Mind you, I would like to explore the original Batcave.
I really liked Detective Mode as well, but I do have some complaints. It was a bit too on-rails for me. I wish when you were calibrating it that you could control that. Rather than the game doing it for you.
I have faith that they are going to make something stellar in this game. They really blew me away with the last one. I'm really hoping for more of the Riddler. I had so much fun solving his riddles.
I am curious how many Trophies you earned for the game, Babs.

Posted by Shadowdoggy

I'm stoked

I loved the first game and its unique, gritty take on the characters

and I'm really excited to see what they come up with for Mr. Freeze, Black Mask and all the other villains rumored to appear

here's hoping they can deliver again

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i've been excited enough for AC that i've been playing AA regularly again. the AC screenshots i've been impressed with most are the ones with Two-Face. his design is amazingly wicked. i hope there is some Batmobile action, & I look forward to tougher Riddler challenges.

Posted by ngroove

       Reel in TweedleDee & Dum, Killer Moth, maybe even Humpty Dumpty, among the villains ( actually in game, not "souvenirs"!), and I'll think about it. 
       So far, the roster is all "usuals"*yawn*  Mix it up a little!
Posted by Duo_forbidden

I still have only played the demo of the the first game (blasphemy I know), but I am excited for the second. Will play the first game soon.

Posted by Gambit1024

Hell yeah I'm excited! Bring on the Batman!

Posted by sora_thekey

I think what you were trying to say was: "We will get to play as Catwoman"
I haven't played the first game... (Don't kill me!) but not for the lack of wanting to but for the lack of a console... My PS2 was stolen and I just got a Wii like last month...
I will try to play the first game... and I am extremely excited for what these games look from afar... I can't imagine playing it!

Posted by ramenshamen

i played the first game it was great and I'm excited for the second

Posted by DropSolo

Amazing combat system, tons of collectables, accurate use of the mythology, looked great, Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill -  all of that awesome on one disc. Unless they drastically change something, I don't see how this couldn't be a contender for game of the year. 

Posted by Halberdierv2

I am. do you not see the excitement in my post. 
this better be as good or better than Arkham Asylum or else!

Posted by KasadyCarnage

I like Harley's nurse costume better. =P
Posted by weapon154


Posted by ComicCrazy

I have been excited for this game since I finished the first game and heard about it. The first game is most probably my FAVORITE GAME OF ALL TIME and I absolutley cannot wait for this game and am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for it!!
Posted by Bruce Vain

HA HA HA - Play AS Catwoman would've been good too. :P 
I think this looks great and I'm with you on that one Sara. I hope they bring all those features to the new game. Be nice if we could have access to the Bat-Wing as well. 
I hope they get Adrianne Barbeau back to do Catwoman's voice. It's only puuuurfect (I couldn't help myself) to have her reprise her role again since the Batman Animated Series.  
I was hoping they would've brought back Michael Ansara to do Freeze one more time. But sadly no :(
Posted by Blindside002

Paul Dini is writing the story......That basically sells it for me.

Posted by LightBright

It's doesn't have to necessarily be better, but just as good as would be nice. ^_^

Posted by Yung ANcient One

Blatant $#!%:
by Fanatics...
No offense
i think it is a awesome game... but i jus get annoyed by everyone acting like their Opinions are Facts...
Best GAME of all TIME... please add IMO...
dont get mad when i say NAY
i mean
that is jus my opinion
so it doesnt matter
i mean
Perception is Reality
so dont get stuck on Inception
thats not reality
Live Righteous and Outrageous

Posted by CRACKERMAN92

im 74.1456787654% sure that its gonna live up 

Posted by Tank.
@InnerVenom123 said:
" I think the real question is, who isn't?? "
Posted by Akalie

The game looks great... I'm sad to say though that I haven't played Arkham Asylum.. One of these days.  But I don't need much more of a reason to play more than the great voice actors in it. ^.^

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You can play with her? Sounds like a load of fun. >_>
lol, also I am excited for the next game.

Posted by grayrick949

i have high hopes loved the first game and will be in line for this one 

Posted by The Sadhu

*fingers crossed* 
I hope that this game will be every bit as successful as the first!
Posted by Marius138

The first one was by far the best superhero game to date so I'm hoping this one will be just as epic.

Posted by G-Man
@theMockingNoob said:
" Okay, this should be an Off My Mind video. These are your thoughts and hopes about a future product. Its not a form of harsh or blunt critique. You are not being brutally honest, you are just voicing your opinions. The honesty is presumed and there is nothing brutal about it.  "
"Brutally Honest" is Sara's 'soapbox' to tell you guys how she feels about whatever. "Off My Mind" is...what's going on in my mind. She's mentioned in the past that not all "Brutally Honest" segments will be or need to be something harsh. It's basically her "segment" and it's easier for people to identity that it is her opinion. It would be kinda weird if I did a "Brutally Honest" and if Sara did an "Off My Mind" since we've both sort of come to own each segment.  
Posted by Grimoire

Like most of everyone else Arkham Asylum is my favorite superhero game of all time. I pounce on any information given about Arkhamn City and look through it thoroughly until the next piece of info comes my way. The idea of using Catwoman and the Batmobile to help the Dark Knight is some of the best news I have ever heard and now when you brought up the batcave and the style and objects that could be skimmed from the lore is pretty mind boggling. Right now this title stands firmly as Number 1 on my opening day mad dash to get a copy from the store to my PS3. lol

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I am going to buy it right when it comes out

Posted by goldenkey

the first game was just sick.  looking forward for this a lot.  Wish you could use Robin instead of Catwoman tho.  Can't wait to see what villains do show up.  Scarecrow was just damn creepy.  Two-face is for sure.  Penguin maybe.

Posted by mickoreo_LZ

Gaming sequels are often better than the original because gaming companies take a lot of input from buyers. They put in features and tweek certain aspects based on suggestions made by the public. I'm confident that Arkham City will blow Arkham Asylum right outta the water
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I cannot wait. Seriously. I'm dying a little more every day waiting for it to come out.


sadly i never played the first. i looked at it again at the store two days
ago, but still didn't feel justified in dropping the $$$, idaknow.

Posted by PirateNeal

Super excited about this game!! I love love loved the first one and am excited that your excited about it as well. When Giant Bomb has a quick look for this game you should totally be on it. Sometimes its frustrating watching them talk about comic related stuff when they are not completely informed, like the  scott pilgrim quick look.

Posted by Dark Walker

Yes, oh yes I am so excited for this game just wish it was coming out sooner.  Arkham Asylum was the best game ever, bought it when it first came out and bought the 3D version as well.  Even went back and played both versions as well after seeing the thread about the hidden room.  Arkham City is going to be epic. 
LOL play with her, who wouldn't want to play with Catwoman.  :)) 
Posted by Mainline

Asylum sold about 4 million copies (plus PC sales + piracy) as a three-platform game and became the Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever (Guinness World Record, just edging out MvC2) with countless awards... and comic publishers are ecstatic if a book can break 100K! 
That kind of exposure, quality experience, and positive press is why properties like Batman are going to out live us all and be there to be enjoyed by our children and our children's children.  There's almost no question that City will do just as well (if not certainly better) than Asylum... but I wonder if the buzz and critical response could ever live up to the expectation?  I think a big factor in terms of Asylum's critical success is simply how much of a surprise it was (even Forbes predicted a turnaround based on Asylum).  It came from a relatively unknown developer and despite putting plenty of preview material out there, the long history of decidedly bad licensed superhero games meant even the most diehard fans managed their expectations.  So when Asylum was actually a quality title, it was a stunner... particularly in an industry where surprises are hard to come by (just consider the sheer saturation of videogame net news).  Add the license factor- who hasn't wanted to be Batman on some level at some point?!- and you've got a killer critical success! 
So with their past success they're going to have a larger scope, a bigger budget, more marketing support, more merchandising tie-ins... can they trump expectations?  Part of what made Asylum so great was how well it worked inside its limitations.  A seasoned game designer or player might just start to see the seams but by and large you'd play that and want for nothing... it's just about the total Batman experience in the context of that story- the gadgets, the violence, the detective work, the characters, the mood, and the voices... even Bat-Icons like the Signal, the Cave, the Mobile, the Plane... all make appearances.  But with City, the world is larger and so the expectations are higher. 
I think Babs hit a big one on the head... transportation.  She mentioned, specifically, the Batmobile, but you could just as easily want to see the Batcycle or even Batplane in some contexts.  But when you're covering a city as opposed to a single facility, you can't just confine the Bat to being a pedestrian.  With city sprawl you get rooftops and if they can capture that plausible feeling of rooftop patrol and travel, it will be a huge win (I'm not talking free roaming mind you, but a controlled experience that- even for a moment- makes you believe that Batman actually gets around on rooftops) similar to the web-swinging of Spider-Man 2.  I have faith in the new bosses and the return of old elements.  I want new gadgets too, but how to apply them to a city environment as opposed to a more intimate level (which follows the classic Metroid - items are keys mechanic)?  I expect good surprises there too.
Story might be an issue.  In Asylum, Batman was essentially trapped in there with them (of course, not, he could escape by jet or his satellite caves) explaining the one-man show.  In a story that threatens the city, where all the villains are crawling out of the woodwork, and that takes place more or less in the DCU proper... how does Batman justify not calling for help- if not the JLA then the Bat Family (and Oracle's Birds)?  I would really love to see, or at least get nods, to more supporting characters (I'd go nuts if the Birds of Prey or Superman showed up... but I suspect the non-comic reader would enjoy that and simply have their suspension of disbelief hurt by that)... I have a really odd desire to see Leslie Thompkins, who's a wonderfully real and grounded character for whom Batman has a real emotional attachment to providing real stakes (without bringing more spandex to the party or random anonymous citizens... or worse yet, one-off disposable love interests). 

This might just be addressed by the introduction of Catwoman who provides just enough help so that Batman isn't looking for Nightwing or Robin just yet.  I hope if we get to play as Catwoman that it is as much a power-fantasy fulfillment using her side character as it is Batman's main.  You want her to be agile, stealthy, have the whip, maybe a bit of wall-crawling type action... basically, make sure she's damn cool and not a chore to use until you get back to Batman. 
So psyched about the business and brand potential, cautious about the critical response, and absolutely excited to play the actual thing (and buy the DC Direct figures).

Posted by UrmanitaRules

The first game was BEAST, I can't wait to play Arkham City!!!

Posted by robin21

I am totally committed to this game, i've played the first one countless times, now i think the second will be even better.
Posted by Pizawle

One of my most anticipated titles.

Posted by Green Lantern 2814.5

I'm saving up for a PS3 just to buy this game

Posted by GT-Man

I'm getting this on my ps3
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@theMockingNoob said:

" @G-Man:      But the title of your segment is always true to its content, it's stuff on your mind, that you are sharing, but her's isn't. If the segment was called "Sarah's Soapbox" or something along those lines, that would be better suited for the broader topics that she is covering. To someone new on the site, "Brutally Honest" would imply some sort of critique piece or well, brutal honesty in some form. And you do have author tags on posts, there shouldn't be much confusion if you two were to switch once in a while. It would still be easy for people to identify, because it would say, Off My Mind, Added by Babs. Am I making any sense? I tend to stop making sense.  "

I am being Brutally Honest. I HONESTLY Cannot wait for this game.
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