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I'm gonna say Magneto.
He's got depth so as long as he's wrote well he's got potential.

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If I'm honest I don't really have one :/ ....what's wrong with me...?!? 
Oh wait, I suppose Harley Quinn, but she barely even qualifies as a villain, same with Catwoman. 
Although the one villain where I was like 'WOAH, he is so AWESOME!' was Hush when was introduced in Batman:.....Hush. And now I always get excited when he shows up! 
So I suppose I do have one....Hush....hmmm how hypocritical of me.

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im gonna have to say red skull..... he is the the most realistic villain in marvel and  one sick evil bastard!

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Mr Sinister. I love the concept of a character not being evil per se but doing whatever it takes to achieve his ultimate goal of creating the perfect 'human' not matter who it hurts along the way. I dont feel he has ever been truely used the way he should be. Messiah complex started him out as a truely evil and threatening character and then he got the total jipped by being taken out the way he was, very disappointing

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@Gylan Thomas said:
" I'm gonna say Magneto. He's got depth so as long as he's wrote well he's got potential. "
same. He also has my favorite powers.
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It's so hard to pick my favorite as there are so many great villains. I think Lex Luthor and Magneto are great villains. They both have a lot of depth to their characters and they both want to shape the world into their own idea of what it should be rather then simply just terrorizing the planet for no reason. They have a cause they truly believe in and fight for which helps make their adversaries even better heroes and the comics they're in so great. 

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The Riddler because he fights with his brains and because he wears green

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Who's that? :P
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always liked the villians, that if you look at things from their perspective and their in the right but everyone sees them as villians like Lex Luthor, Jason Todd, Superboy Prime, Sinestro and Magneto just to name a few.

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@CJV0729:  eddie brock  isnt a villain, he is an anti hero .... mcgargan's venom is a villain
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Hush. He's been featured many times in the past but now is where we see him conquer (as a villain should) in Streets of Gotham. Plus he is somewhat of what Bruce could have been and probably should have been if it wasn't for the death of his parents.

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Easily my favorite comic villains: 
For DC, Mr. Freeze, and for Marvel, believe it or not, it's the Shocker.


Oh, and CJV079, here here, to me, Eddie Brock will always be Venom. Mac Gargan should've stayed as the Scorpion.

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Honestly my favorite baddy is probably Magneto but that's cause I'm an X-Man default. However, I do not believe he is the BEST bad guy. The measure of a villain is how completely opposite he is from his hero, and I believe the best villain by that standard is most definitely the Joker. Ras Al Ghul is pretty awesome too though ;)

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Ra's al gaul's corpse appears in Arkham asylum in a morgue but after u complete the riddler quest that involves him, his body disappears when u go back there 
No idea who my favorite villein is but ill get back to that later   

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Venom (Classic)
I found out I loved this character when I played the original "Spider-man" game for the Playstation. He just seemed to cool to me, so yeah. 
I like him because he's one of the few villains whose beaten Spider-man to an inch of his life, over and over. Also, because he scares the living crap outta Spider-man.
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Joker and Norman Osborn are my two favorite villains. Both are completely insane, murderous, and have interesting interactions with there respective heroes. For instance, Joker views his criminal actions as a joke or a game for BatMan to play along with, often times going so far that he doesn't want BatMan to die and not wanting to know BatMan's secret identity. Joker's caused a lot of emotional problems for BatMan also, as he killed Jason Todd, paralyzed Barbara Gordon, and constantly kills innocent people in Gotham which BatMan sometimes feels responsible for because he failed to stop it. He also has a serious mystique about him because of the fact that no one knows who he is or how he came to be. Joker is the opposite of BatMan in every respect, representing everything that BatMan is not. Osborn, on the other hand, has an obsession with SpiderMan, similar to Joker, but different in that he considers him to be his ultimate rival and opponent. In that way, he is somewhat of a classical villain, sometimes capturing SpiderMan and explaining his plan to him. Like Joker, Osborn has severely damaged Peter's life by killing Gwen Stacy, which Peter feels responsible for, and having children with her, who later attacked SpiderMan because they blamed him for her death. He's always been completely delusional, thinking he's unbeatable and having outlandish plans for power and control. His plans have gotten him up to a nigh global threat because of his connections in Dark Reign. Osborn's never been the most powerful villain in Spidey's rogue's gallery, but he is a criminal that SpiderMan always takes very seriously because of the things that he's done in the past. 
I also really like Ra's al Ghul. He's easily one of my all-time favorite villains for many of the same reasons presented in the video. I have several other favorite villains also, such as Doomsday, Deathstroke, Darkseid, Thanos, Venom, Doctor Doom, and others, but Joker and Osborn are definitely my top two. 

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Lucifer Morningstar and Hank Henshaw.
Ra's Al Ghul is a great choice.

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@Dro: good pick! thanos is a badass defiantly up there with red skull  on my list
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@oiHooliganismoi: Although I love Brock's later stories as a super cool anti-hero, he definitely premiered as a deadly villain, bent on murdering our hero, no matter how many innocents stood in his way! Awesome! What makes Brock so cool is his character's ability to be considered as both!
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Riddler, no question. I love creating and solving mysteries (not necessarily the mysteries I created of course), and Riddler is simply awesome with his green suit and cane!

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@Silver2467: i think norman osborn was a good pick but not for being  green goblin  cause in all honesty in the the entire marvel universe  spiderman villains are small potatoes...  i dont thing 90 percent of spiderman enemies would stand a chance with against any avenger or any x-men....  but if u talking about iron patriot  osborn then there is a truly great villain............. who agrees?
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its a tough for me to decide it either has to be the Joker or Sinestro... almost complete opposites as far as villains are concerned  

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That is a good question. There are so many villains. I'm going to go with The Joker just because of how many different Jokers they have been from TV and animated cartoons, to the comics and movies. He can be unpredictable and he has many creative ways of killing someone. 
There are other villains I like, but The Joker just stands out more to me.

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Hm, I don't think I really have a favorite villain.  The villain is really there to show you just how good and heroic the hero is.  The cooler the villain (that is, the more challenging and evil the villain is) the more you will like the hero.  Now, while I wouldn't call them favorites: here are some of the ones I like: 
First, a lame villain I like:  
Magpie - first showing up in the DC Legends crossover, I think I just liked her because she was a new villain to the Batman rogues gallery.  DC didn't explore her much, because she was a theme villain as those were sort of going out of style.  I still like her though. 
Trigon the Terrible - He's essentially an other-dimensional version of Darkseid, but I like him because a) I really liked The New Teen Titans series, and b) he was more direct.  Disobey?  Get turned into ash.  He wants Earth?  He's coming to conquer it - not send some incompetent minion to try to implement some grand manipulation.  I liked him from the comic, but not in the cartoons. 
Brother Blood & Ra's Al Ghul - Honestly, I think he was the Titans' version of Ra's Al Ghul, in that he had a pit where he could rise from the dead, and that sort of thing.  He makes just a tad more sense to me than Ra's though, because he's out to control people and rule, whereas Ra's wants to kill almost everyone to insure the longevity of the planet.  Ooookay.  Plus, since he's a cult leader, I understand a little better how he draws so many followers.  Ra's is so secretive, I've never understood how he could have such an extensive network of followers.  Honestly though (again), if DC were into really mucking with their characters, I think they should connect Brother Blood and Ra's.  BB should be the more public face of what Ra's has going on, but maybe related to Ra's somehow.  One other thing with Ra's: his name means "The Demon's Head."  For this reason, I've always thought he should be connected to the Demon somehow.  And, hm, the name of the Demon's host is what?  Jason Blood?  Could there be a connection to Brother Blood there too?  I could see a really awesome story there. 
Deathstroke - I liked him more before he got his own series, but I like that he always completes a contract, and I really liked that he wasn't the perfect, "I can do it all myself" guy, needing Wintergreen to handle some things for him.  Hated it that they killed Wintergreen off. 
I could go on, but that's more than enough.  Basically, I take a character for what it is, so I can usually like just about any villain.  If they're kind of 2D, then I'm going to dislike them as much as any other 2D character.

EDIT: Dang.  When I started this comment, there was only 1 comment on this video. lol

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Slade Wilson is both strong and smart. He always has a plan. 
I love how he took down the who JLA in Identity Crisis. He even used a laser pointer to hit the Atom.
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If i had to pick a favorite villain (and their are many), it would have to be Loki. He's just one evil bastard, how could you not like him.

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For me it's Two Face. Ever since "Arkham Asylum". It's difficult though as he can also be one of the most mishandled villains. But in the hands of a good writer, there is almost a constant "rooting for the underdog" hope that he might do the right thing. The most recent, and thoroughly enjoyable, example of this was James Robinson's positively Jacobean "Face the Face". Watching the inevitable unfold, all the while hoping that the character might find some redemption...it makes for good comics.

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@oiHooliganismoi: Venom isn't significant in the entire Marvel Universe either, but people have picked him. Just because he couldn't fight the Avengers or the X-Men doesn't mean he's not a good villain. 
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Low hum in the audio.  You guys should make this and Off My Mind video features that are recorded with the normal Comic Vine setups.  Just sayin'... 
It's tough for me to choose a FAVORITE villain, as I've always loved Two-Face.  A lot of that is because of his philosophies of fate and chance, as I believe pretty strongly in the ideas of Determinism.  I think...because of that stance...that he can actually be MORE dangerous than Joker, a character who thrives on chaos and leaves nothing to chance. 
With that said, it's tough for me to pick because I recently finished reading Transmetropolitan, and The Smiler is a hell of a villain.  That dood is cold in ways that cold aren't cold anymore in most books.

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Faaaaaar too many to name.

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For DC: Sinestro. Under Geoff Johns, Sinestro has become a brilliantly layered character that steals the page whenever he's on it.   
For Marvel: Lizard. I have always liked the idea of a brilliant scientist, who is a mentor/friend of his superhero, trapped within the mind of a savage beast. There's a lot of natural drama within the character...I have always liked him.

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Marvel: Green Goblin, Loki, Bullseye, Juggernaut, Apocalypse
DC: Joker, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, General Zod 
Other: Roark Jr (That Yellow Bastard), Boba Fett, Mayor Richard Wilkins III (Buffy), Darth Vader, Scar (Disney)

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For me, its between Joker and Deathstroke. Mark Hamill and Heath Ledger really got me into the Joker and I watched the Teen Titans animated series and saw Deathstroke as Slade. So I started reading comics to see how he was in the comics and liked him even more.

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@Baddamdog said:
"If I'm honest I don't really have one :/ ....what's wrong with me...?!? Oh wait, I suppose Harley Quinn, but she barely even qualifies as a villain..."

I find Harley a little annoying, but I love her just for being a permanent addition to the oldschool Batman villains.  One thing I'd like to see though, is for her to get the illusion casting glasses that belonged to the Harlequin.  I think Harley could do some serious damage with those.
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Riddler. He's smart enough to go toe-to-toe with Batman and knows it, and as a result he just loves teasing everybody with clues to his crimes before he commits them. Ego and the brains to back it up make him awesome.

Posted by Man of Lengend

for DC Joker or HUSH..... for marvel Carnage or Doom
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Tim Drake fav hero and loved him fighting Ra's AL GHUL

maybe ANarky

and who hates Harleys Puddin

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All time favorites are Joker, Sinestro and Magneto.
But gotta say that Black Adam has become a great character

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Id have to say Doom is my favorite villains right now (with thanos and despero not to far behind). Doom's done more than anyone else who has no powers. 
EDIT*** Oh. nvm, if its my favourite batman villain, its gotta be either two face, catwoman, or joker....cant decide on one.
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Hmm...there are a few, but I am going to say Shocker, Spider-Man's foe. To me he is a pretty unique villain, in that he knows his limits and doesn't push them too far. He knows when to call it quits and doesn't thrive on some psychotic vendetta against Spider-Man like most others in his Rogues Gallery. He goes where the money is, he doesn't care much about Spider-Man unless he is in the way. 
Others would be: 
Dr. Doom
Ozymandias (can he count?) 
Probably more, but those are on the top of the list.

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Ah going to have to side with Mr Sinister here; despite the sometimes horrendous writing and constant nerfs. Still, at his best he is witty, extremely determined and has depth. Thanos gets a special mention too, the big lug that he is. 


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Too many to name... but I'll name a few... 
Joker- has been a fav for years! I find it weird that he is a fav considering that I hate clowns! 
Black Adam- Been a fav since 52 series 
Magneto- Villian, anti-hero he is the best there is! 
Dr Doom- His quest to free his mother makes him one of those tragic villians that you just want to cheer for!
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i dont really have a favorite, but dont worry Babs baby, Ras is pretty amazing. ;]

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Venom Pre-"Nerf" was awesome. 
But the Joker is just impossible to beat. 
and The Red Skull. And Thanos Jim Starlin Thanos circa Life and Death of Captain Marvel is such competition for the Joker IMO.
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I say Mammon.

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I love the Sentry... I dont care what anyone says...he is agood Hero and a good Villian
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Doctor Doom is my number one favourite villain because of his shear determination and willpower the guy has. Whether he gets stuck in a different dimension this guy still has his ego and his intelligences and finds his way to cause some HUGE shenanigan to happen. 
other favourites
Black Adam

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Is J. Jonah Jameson a bad guy? Actually my favorite villain is The Joker. He's the best over any other villain.