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Posted by MethodMan008

Like Tony said it all depends on if the parent thinks their kid is mature enough to see that material.  

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Uh...that's a pretty tame panel and its rated teen+ I don't see the problem here.
I've seen arguably worse from shows on MTV, Nickelodeon and Disney and those probably get a younger audience.

Posted by batflasharrow96

HOLY CRAP! We haven't gotten a brutally honest in like 6 months

Posted by SolthesunGod

Hmmm it's hard to say no pun intended. I don't really think Thor's erectile dysfunction is something 13 years old need to know about at that point personally but I can't see it traumatizing them either.

P.S more videos. I really like the ones where you discuss big storylines, characters etc.

Posted by TypingKira

There is waaaaay worse out there, that's not that bad. Balder had a bit of a nude scene in Siege, and albeit this is not a flash of nude Balder + Scared Mistress, this isn't really that bad. I've seen worse in movies. And they aren't doing anything, they're just talking. 

I dunno, maybe it should be rated mature, but a brief nudity scene really isn't as bad as stuff I've seen on like, MTV or something. 
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@Sreya said:

"I don't see the problem here. "

I dont get why americans  are so weird when it comes to nudity and a bit of dirty talk. Do you realy think it will turn your kids into monsters ? What do you fear ? 
We in Germany have sex ed in 3-4 grade thats at an age of 8-9 and our kids are fine.
I think teaching them early is important because you can't hide it from them and you don't want any bad surprises.  Wikipidia :    U.S. still has the highest teen birth rate and one of the highest rates of STIs among teens in the industrialized world . 
Posted by Peteparker

It's no big deal.  If anything, it was a allusion to what was really happening there.  Most kids won't even know what they're talking about, although some young boys will dig the Sif situation.

Posted by Kaowas

The nudity in this issue doesn't  bother me, it's the dialog. Honestly, a teen can handle a bit of nudity but maybe the dialog can allude less to sexual activity. But then again, they were clearly about get intimate soooo yeah. There's really no way to mask it. I think the T+ rating is enough for this issue, but I can see where some guardians would be offended that their children might see this.

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That dialog isn't even dirty talk. 
In what world is Sif asking Thor "if he no longer finds her sexually attractive" dirty talk?
I've heard more suggestive dialog in television aimed at teens and probably watched by middle school kids.
Also people should stop being so up tight about the naked human form.
Posted by CraftyArrow

I don't understand why you are surprize comics, TV and movies has been going down in morals and values for years. So having stuff like that is not new. I also think  they should change the book from teen to mature if they are going to show stuff like that.



Just my two cents you don't have to like it.

Posted by doomsilver

that is a pretty good point, they should at least say it's rated m
Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

I didn't see anything wrong with it. Most kid who read it probably on't even get what she is talking about anyways. But a little exposure to something they will be exposed to eventually anyways, im sure the kids will be fine.

Unless a brunette norse goddess descends from the sky and looks to stir young boys...i think we're good.
Posted by Lovingdamnation

I think it rode the very edge of the T+ line. Perhaps the Asguard speak acted as some kind of pillow talk buffer.

Posted by Jedted

I think Marvel's ratining system is broken, i mean what's in an 'A' comic book that's not suitable for kids under 9?  And what's up with T+, why not something like 'Young Adult'?



Posted by Giefcookie

Oh america and your weird relationship with sexual stuff.

Posted by Mr.Q
there's a TV show called "16 and Pregnant". and then there's the secret life of the American teenager (on ABC of all places) so I think it's safe to say that kids today know that babies don't come from storks. the rating is just fine.
Posted by The Mast

I don't care.

We're all born naked. They didn't show Thor nailing anyone.

Posted by sergyanime

I have seen sex sceens in rated pg 13 movies. I have seen sex talked about much worse in pg-13 movies.  Honestly to me that is pretty light. If they rated it teen instead of all ages they wanted to put in sex, and harder violence. I have two younger brothers that are 13 going on 14 and I know they see much worse and the thing is teens don't just watch things rated teen they do read and watch rated TV ma or R or Mature because that is just what teens to. I am pretty new to adult hood but I would let my kids read that before they were 13 we are in the society that has so many accesses to these things and hell there part of nature. I will man up and talk to my kid about it if I have a problem with it and what it means so that he or she doesn't do anything stupid. I also don't think seeing thor and his lady talk about sex will get any teens jumping to sex (Not that teens aren't having it because there is a lot of them).

Posted by Bald Eagle

Oh please!  I saw adult magazines when I was 13. 
Posted by ILuvMsMarvel

If parents don't like it then they won't buy it for their kids. If people don't like it they won't buy it for themselves. Stop trying to put the responsibility on the company and take it yourself.

Sex is out there, everywhere... TV, comics, books, magazines, movies, as well as all the stuff in reality. People talk about sex without actually saying it all the time; if people hear/read it and know what they are talking about then they've already learned the stuff, and if they don't know what's being talked about, then it won't matter anyway.

Also, by doing this BH vid and pointing the stuff out in the issue, you just told the people who wouldn't have known what they were talking about just what was going on, which would seem to be counter to wanting to keep this stuff limited.
Posted by dr.x

Ok I get Babs that Little Jonny & Little Suzzy should not be reading thing like heavy metal or the boys  ok, but what I just saw there  I'd be ok with it  13 & up to read it , and far parents groups  go   they are so pc it make me sick really .It's like g-man said it just depends  on the how  johnny & suzzy are raised.

Posted by ceniza

Lots of classic writers have portrayed those kind of... ¿bedroom? situations. I think it's ok, it was not put in a dirty way, and shows a very natural thing, wich is people whose belly glows.

Posted by curtman2k20

heaven forbid brief nudity, here in the use...but in other countries they cant see brutal violence...which is worse brutal violence or nudity/sex scenes? i mean i live here in the us, and apparently its ok to have gory brutal violence on tv, but unless its a paid cable channel like HBO, or similar, the us are prudes and aren't comfortable with the sexual nature of humans, but its ok to see someones head get ripped off, etc...stupid and other countries are just as stupid because they ban violence, so this world is filled with people that are to fast to protect their kids from both sex and violence, and when kids don't know about it or are banned from seeing stuff like that, they just find it for free on the internet anyways, and then the parents have to explain, when they should of just been man/woman enough to talk to their kids in the first place....morons rule the world, and unfortunately the smarter people don't want to go against the grain....their are sex and violence jokes in PIXAR movies, and Nickolodean movies and shows, hell the other person is right, tune into ABC Family on monday nights and you'll see Secret Life, etc....stupid prudes rule the world, and thats why the only freedom left to express yourself is the internet, because its not controlled by one country its the World Wide Web.....just my opinion...people should loosen up their are far worse things in this world then sex.....

Posted by Carolina574

Scenes like these are the reason that comics will never be what they once were. Once upon a time kids were almost encouraged to read stories like Spider-Man, X-Men and the Hulk because of what they promoted. These sort of scenes are unnecessary and show one thing. That the writers aren't creative enough to come up with a decent story and have to rely on gimmicks. 

I encourage anyone to pick up just about any Marvel comic from the 60s or 70s and see what quality comics really were and that good stories can be told without unnecessary scenes like these. 

If Marvel wants to put sexual content in their books, which is fine, then they need to keep it in their MAX line. I thought that was why they established it in the first place. 
Posted by alphamale73

I always go by ratings as they would in motion pictures. PG-13 shows and says a lot more than what was said and shown here.

Posted by Ben2021

I would assume  that Teen plus means that teens and older are going to read this and not any thing younger than... 13. I think the content is fine. It's not like this is an all  ages book. It seems to me that this book is tame compared to the things that parents allow their kids to watch on TV, it's better than most commercials on the major networks. But I do agree that this content is kind of mature, but what are we going to do pull our kids out of public school, move into a bomb shelter, and force them to watch PBS for the rest of their lives? Better they get it here than in an uncontrolled environment. Are we forgetting that kids don't read comics any way, and that there is way worse content available for kids, in other mediums that are easier, and cheeper (i.e. free) for them to get their hands on? 

Posted by perry_411

Kids start having sex at 11 or 12. 

Posted by Atari_Graphics

I wouldnt mind my child reading this book but it's all up to the parent.

Posted by Gregomasta

I don't see whats wrong here.  Just a little innuendo that Thor can't get it up.  Fine for any 13 year old boy or girl.

Posted by GT-Man

The only I am dissappointed about is that they didin't show the woman that naked and well I'm a dude so I don't dig thor naked nor do i stare at him and i just turned 13+ like a week ago
Posted by bjmorga

Is the dialogue any worse than what's seen in any of the tween-bait out there like Twilight?

Posted by Phobiusapollo

To quote Thor from Neil Gaiman's  "Sandman"
"......... and so she says, "You're Thor! How do think I feel?" Ha ha ha."

Mature content or not this was more than a little excessive for something that is labeled for mainstream "all ages" release.  (T+ really isn't  a deterrent for under aged audience.)


Posted by supermandefender

Way 2 PC for one scene in the comic. When they start showing full all nude and some really graphical stuff then yeah it should be mature. But I mean come on if a 13 year old cant handle a graphical  semi naked comic scene and some dialog then he should go back to reading kitty books like the Cat in the Hat.

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the parents always dont like anything when they see wrong ideas about kids buying some things. Some parents are flexible with the kind of things. You know how some parents are trying to look for making an excuse and sue a comic company for their desire--money. Yes, the comics should be rated as mature or teen cuz some stupid adult parents with narrow-minded are always getting wrong ideas about the comic. 

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Such an over-reaction. That was the most innocent line I've heard ever. No, you shouldn't reevaluate the rating system. You should, however, reevaluate your culture if THIS is offensive or "not for teens". Punching people, yeah that's fine. Alluding to lovemaking? OMG KILL IT WITH FIRE, OUR KIDS CAN'T SEE THIS! We should teach them to smack things, not smack lips, right? So ridiculous. I read worse in Twilight book 4.

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It's T freaking +!!!

It's ok. Jesus christ. What's the problem with teens reading about people having sex? Why can they watch people rip off their body parts or smashing their HEADS with hammers, axes and swords but are not allowed to read about something waaay more natural : having kids.

I could never understand that

Posted by ThatGuyWithHeadPhones

You can get this kinda innuendo in adventure time, and regular show. So why not in a T for teen comic.

Posted by dngn4774

It's a female character in a comic book, what did you expect? Unless we're reading My Little Pony all popular female characters are made sexual in some way. Come to think of it I don't remember most of the ponies wearing clothes either.

Maybe it's just where I grew up but I don't think find ratings to be to helpful. My friends and I all watched R rated movies several years before we turned 17, plus with access to the internet it's pretty easy to get around it nowadays. Ratings are about as helpful as those front pages on porn sites that ask you to lie about your age (at leat if you're under 18).

I personally think it's just better for parents to talk with their children about the content they view rather than trying to censor them from it (because that just makes them more curious about it).

Posted by ccraft

Pictures or it didn't happen.

Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie

I don't see how it's much different from Thor #3 - or #4, I can't remember - where you see young Thor in bed with two Asgardian women. Several innuendos where also made, if I remember correctly.



Posted by Onemoreposter

Ever seen a pg-13 movie?

This is nothing outrageou for a teen rated piece of media.

"Mature" generally means explicit language, sex, violence, ect.

Does this push the envelope fore comics? Not at all. VVere vvas the video for the first fevv issues of nevv 52 Red Hood and the Outlavvs or even more importantly nevv 52 Catvvoman #1?

Anyone remember back in the 80s vvhen Marv VVolfman had a naked Hippolyta nude and bound underneath a scantily clad Hercules?

IMO, nothing nevv here.

Most PG-13 movies contain content far vvorse than this.

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Why so worried about teens? Me and most my friends started watching porn like 10-12 years old.

If you can actually teach your kid to be a normal person, you don't have to worry about a little naughty nudity in a comic book.

Posted by skully4squadron

@scutum: completely agree with you.

Posted by Xaos

Oh america and your weird relationship with sexual stuff.


Frankly, I've seen worse. Thor is looking like wearing a pant of shadow and Sif is naked yes, but we don't see anything really critical.

And teenagers aren't dumb.

Posted by Winter_Kills

I'll take a naked Sif, thank you very much!! Naked Sif a la mode!!

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As a parent myself, it is up to us to be aware of what are children are being exposed to. That being said children especially young teens are exposed to worse things in the public school system. I respect the young lady's concern and it is strictly her OPINION but this country has become way to politically correct. The folks at Marvel are aware of the content of their books and annotate their books accordingly.

So in closing, let the Parents do their job and not have an outsider try to regulate\censor what you should reading... this is why the Comic Book Legal Defense was established.

Check Out the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (http://cbldf.org) is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the First Amendment rights of the comics medium.

Posted by thecowwasdelirious

oh, so when a guy's head get's blown up in great detail in Pax Americana no-one reacts, but when there's allusions to sex in Thor they've gone too far!?

Posted by Divell

Common guys. Nobody cares of a naked Thor with naked women. Besides he is a Warrior God. Is supposed to be having orgies with more than two girls. Not like a Alien that we all know have been called God more than ones and none have ever seen him with Louis naked in the bed (cannon to the comic story). And we all have seen worst than that. And besides who cares? Is just pictures of him after having sex, and going to have sex. All of us would like to be in his situation more than ones. And I'm not talking about lifting the Hammer.