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Posted by Dr. Maxwell

Its no 52 true, but its an ok story I guess, I want more though, where's Osiris?

Posted by The Cyan Lantern

I have a feeling more will be revealed about the corps after today's issue (#7). How many issues are going to be released?

Posted by Baddamdog
@Dr. Maxwell: Osiris is being dealt with in Titans 
I agree, Jade should be in the Brightest Day book, there are no clues as to why she's back, maybe it's to save her dad from being totally consumed by the Starheart :/
Posted by Mainline

Wow, so glad you guys said this and that it's not just me.

Posted by SlightConfuse
@Dr. Maxwell: he is in Titans, Brightest day is only covering certain characters 
i agree the story is developing to slow and most stories are not interesting only Martian Manhunter is interesting to me. 
Posted by MatKrenz
@Dr. Maxwell:
Well his Brightest Day book didn't lauch well and they put it in The Titans books.
Edited by ComicMan24

I believe we will see some development soon. Aliveman, this name sucks, I hope they won't use it in the comics. I like this idea of the one man corps. How many issues Brightest Day is?
@Dr. Maxwell:
He is in the Titans.

Posted by Dr. Maxwell

I was under the assumption that Brightest Day would be covering all of the characters that came back, not just certain ones. This could have easily been a weekly like 52 or *shudder*Countdown*shudder* with multiple artists and writers (more than 2)instead of what it is. Crossovers have never really been my thing, but thats what this feels like, you're getting story, but not all of the story

Edited by Kid_Zombie

Very lame title. I am not a huge Dc fan, but I do read Green Lantern. Blackest Night hooked me and I was starting to get interested in the old fashioned heroes of DC comics. I loved Blackest night. Then brightest day came out. I thought it would be another event and an awesome continuation of Blackest Night, I was wrong. And Dc has lost me once more. I got to issue 5 and still did not care. I'll wait till TPB but I'm even iffy on that.

Posted by MTHarman

Horribly Dishonest:  
Its about, Green Lanterns and uh.........umm, and uh,.......... Green Lanterns? 
Okay, I haven't read after the first issue, but its as boring as a Stephen King Drama novel. 
You'll probably get alot of Brightest Day action from the Green Lantern issues instead. 
Posted by bingbangboom

Um... what was going on in the background? Did you film that at a crime scene?

Posted by zzax

Yeah, I think it has been a bit of a slow burn so far. I guess time will tell if this all pays off in the end, or just kind of meanders like Countdown did. I guess I have enough faith in Geoff Johns that this is going to come together in the end, though I a couple of epic story beats early on would go a long way to convincing readers to hang in there. 

Posted by SirSparkington

I don't really have any theories on Brightest Day. I just don't care about it anymore.

Posted by Nyogtha

Brightest Day has been a huge let down. It's turned into a mid afternoon soap opera, nothing really has developed passed the 6 issues that have came out already. Geoff really needs to condense his scripts. It seems like he's wanting to put in EVERY single detail and not effectively edit it so we can piece things together. I'm really tired of them reiterating what happened before they died and leading up to this moment. This is just a big flop to me aside from what they are doing with the Titans story and Osiris and Deadman's part in this.

Posted by Scarlett Swashbuckler

Being BH, this was a positive role for Deadman. His character was just starting to be "vanilla" .

Posted by theWarren

I dropped it. 
After thinking about it, i was disappointed with Blackest Night and Brightest Day (the book) is also pretty dull besides the Hawkman and Aquaman stuff, but i'd rather just read them and not the other people in the book. 
So far Sinestro Corp War was far superior.

Posted by Jake Fury

I like it. It's cheap and I think it'll be a more coherent story when all of the issues are released. Right now it feels like a 30 minute tv series and that's not a bad thing.
Posted by Nahero

Ya know based on seeing covers that has them seeing their black lantern self in their reflection id think represents not a return of the black lanterns but my theory has concern about that theres a chance that "Nekron's" influence still lingers in the shadows despite his destruction

Posted by doordoor123

Im really tired of PEOPLE COMPLAINING about Brightest Day. Geoff Johns said most of the major developments would happen during issue 7 and beyond. Youre asking huge questions that the writer dont want to reveal right away. They are trying to set up questions to be answered. Each of these characters that were brought back have a purpose. Each story is being set up, so relax. Once we get to the answering im sure itll get better. If you arent interested, drop the book and stop complaining. Youll want to pick it up later when Brightest Day gets better.  
Posted by oiHooliganismoi

ummm thats why secret avengers and thanos imperative  are the best thing at the moment cause this is doo doo

Edited by Sentinel of Magic

From the beginning it was said that not all of the characters who came back would be in the 27 issue main Brightest Day book.  
Also, it is only on the 7th issue. Do you want to now the ending this early in the series?

Edited by johnny_spam

I don't think people are transitioning well to the new comic book format all comics now are written under the assumption it will later be read together huge story beats take longer to develop especially  for the weekly series everyone seems to forget they move at a slower speed it has a end result but people forget that now when everything in our society is so fast. 

Posted by inferiorego

Read today's issue! All your questions will be answered!

Posted by Lombaszko

I'm fine with the plot moving slowly along.  There are some major developments in this weeks issue, we find out for what purpose they all came back.  I'm glad there have been 7 issues before this one because it has gotten me familiar with the characters.  I'm starting to care more about characters like Firestorm where as in the first couple issues, I didn't care at all.

Posted by the_nightwalker
@MTHarman: you haven't read after the first issue how can you possibly think you can judge how well this series is going?
It is slowgoing, but i think it is picking up #6 was real good.
Posted by Nick-SV(ril)
@inferiorego said:

Read today's issue! All your questions will be answered!

Man, you really are a teaser, aren't you? Haha. Picking it up tomorrow. Can't wait.
Posted by @nathanisthebest

I LOVE Brightest Day. I enjoy the Lost-like tone. And for those complaining about pacing, it still moves faster than a Bendis comic. Snap.

Posted by lostlantern13
@inferiorego said:

Read today's issue! All your questions will be answered!

This this this this times 1000. Geoff Johns lived up to his word and issue 7 has some big time reveals.
Posted by inferiorego
@Nick-SV(ril) said:
" @inferiorego said:

Read today's issue! All your questions will be answered!

Man, you really are a teaser, aren't you? Haha. Picking it up tomorrow. Can't wait. "
This issue revitalized the whole mini-series for me
Posted by Mainline
@inferiorego said:

Read today's issue! All your questions will be answered!

Haha, more like: "Read today's issue... it solicits the next half dozen issues!" 
I've never read something that's so shamelessly a non-story and prophecy dependent... which would be fine if we didn't already have solicitations, but when the story itself is not much more than a preview of things to come it's really testing a reader's patience to buy the on-going.  Why am I paying to be told what is to come? 
The best thing to come out of this is the complete irrelevance of the Flash characters to Brightest Day.  Thawne's mission explicitly accomplished!  Digger... throws... a boomerang.  My goodness, the sheer anticipation, my heart's all aflutter. 
Having no bearing on any of the events in Flash, I can go back to ignoring this until it comes out in trade. 
The MacGuffin of the Entity is pretty absurd too, when the one being defined by life is dying!!  What.  The.  Heck.  Immortality is common place in the DCU and somehow a timeless entity who has never expired before nor have been replaced before according to GL lore now is? 
Fine.  Accepting all that... why in the world is his tone so simultaneously conversational and obtuse?  If he's going to be a distant mysterious being who speaks in sentence fragments, fine, but then don't have him use colloquialisms like "get your head out of books".  If he is going to be so obvious- granting visions and saying stuff like that- why be mysterious at all and just lay everything out clearly? 
It's not convincing writing.  It just feels like Johns portioning out the story piecemeal.
Posted by Fhiz

Bad timing 
Brightest Day 7 just answered pretty much all of that.

Posted by dr.x

oh no they are coming take you a way babs . as far as the brightest gose it is running a little slow it's need to pick up just a bit .
Posted by sora_thekey

I've only read three issues for Brightest Day... and all I can say from that is that this story line seems to be focusing on re-establishing these returned characters into the DC Universe... and in the case of the new Aqualad... establishing new characters...
In other words Brightest Day seems to be just a seg-way into the DCU's new Status Quo...

Posted by The Cyan Lantern

 Sorry Babs, but I think you may have spoken too soon.

                                                         GREAT ISSUE!!!

Posted by Iron Fist Angel

I have been waiting for years for Aquaman to come back but this is hardly the return I envisioned. At least the covers have been fantastic, lol.

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.
@Babs: HA HA Deadman Aliveman not sure why that made me giggle! 
I agree with you Babs, I am following this out of a newly sparked interest in the Lanterns, but it is very slow to get moving it feels a bit like we are being pushed to pay for issues that are really not giving us what we want! But I am finding the same with the BOP series right now, I hate being dragged through crappy issues just to get to the juice of a story.
Posted by vegeta

cant wait
Posted by TheRedFear

No more negative nancies....you sir...are my hero.
Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I actually stopped getting this comic, not because I thought the story was bad or the art was bad,
but maybe because, like you said, it hadn't really gone anywhere.  Maybe thats why.  I thought, am I picking this up because I actually like it or is it just because I am curious where its going.  So I dropped it, will probably pick up the trade once its all done.
Its fun and interesting, but I don't know if its worth it when I have to pick and choose which comics I can get.

Posted by tensor

this is the good thing about this comic, it keeps you thinking, just hopes when the big battle starts, it will be good, but i am guessing the reason why these guys are back, is dc wanted them back an killing them was a bad choice, so now they can bring them back, an make the dc universe happy again,i just can't wait for the final battle an i want to know who the enemy is going to be must be someone mad powerful

Posted by Gylan Thomas

I don't mind the slow pace.
Makes a nice change from most stories these days.

Posted by luckynitro007

i loved brightest day when it came out but it just seems the story is getting nowhere. best thing that came out of brightest dat was Generation Lost. 
Edited by CaptObtuse

Well, here's the thing about being a "Negative Nancy".  I'm buying and paying for the bi-weekly issues.  I spent as much on issues 1-6 as I will on issue 7.  It's fine for there to be a climax or a big reveal in issue 7, but I should be getting equivalent entertainment or at least a good story out of the first 6 issues - not just a drawn out set up.  It's okay to pace things more leisurely in a graphic novel, but to pace things in single issues with the trade paperback collection in mind is a cheat for the reader.  If you watch a drama on TV, there's an arc and a small climax or cliffhanger before every commercial break.  A well-written comic has a little of that at the end of every page to compel you to turn the page.  There's been a distinct lack of that in this series.  There hasn't even been much of a narrative.  Just a series of vignettes.  I'll pick up issue 7, and it will probably blow my mind like it has those of the others.  But if I'm spending my hard earned - well, unemployment money at this point - on a comic, I have a right to be negative if it doesn't deliver.

Posted by joawmeens

From the title, I was hoping to see Jerry Seinfeld's tired act make fun of comics.  Oh well.
Posted by Jslab425

Brightest Day picks up exactly where it should following the Blackest Night and it is taking well deserved time to put the lives of the 5 heroes it is focusing on back into persepctive.  While Blackest Night was a shock-a-minute thriller, Brightest Day is a slowly unfolding drama.  I am loving it and am quite sure that when it is over, a new foundation will have been build for the DCU at large.

Posted by No_Name_

Sorry if I came across as complaining, I didn't think I was, considering I've consistently given the books high review ratings and clearly demonstrated I have been enjoying the story thus far. I was merely speculating. :)

Posted by Jslab425
@Babs:  You were just raising valid concerns as a comic critic should.  I def want to hear what you and G-man have to say after reading #7 !
Posted by danhimself

I think the problem that everyone fails to realize is that this isn't a team book it's more of an anthology book focusing on several completely different plot lines and each issue only has a few pages to continue each story line....issue 7 was released today and they completely revealed each character's reason for being brought back...I think from here on the pace will increase greatly

Posted by luckynitro007
your review was dead on. i think the story is getting away from its roots.
Posted by No_Name_
@Jslab425 said:
" @Babs:  You were just raising valid concerns as a comic critic should.  I def want to hear what you and G-man have to say after reading #7 ! "
I'm opening it up right meow! :D
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