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Posted by inferiorego

I'm so sick of Mass Effect 2 ads.... I just want to tear them out...

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If I have a Xbox 360 do I have a social obligation to get Mass Effect2 and COD MOD 2?

Posted by Adam683

It sucks cos Mass Effect is being advertised but its not out for a few months over in the UK, this is why i prefer Trades to single issues, also the ads have no relivance to me over in UK because they are all american companys,
Posted by grifter78

LOL!  You tell 'em Babs!
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Yeah the adds are annoying but it's like tv the single issues are like a tv show that is heavily advertising a new car or show and every commercial is dedicated to that same product. A DVD season of that show is like a trade paperback you don't have to worry about that stuff it just comes with the territory of being a fan of anything.  
Still I don't know how much blame should go to DC it's not like it more advertisements than story it's not like they shortened the story. What would be really annoying would be if there were ten pages of info and old material that would suck. Like a major comic company owned by Disney.
Posted by mrrpm01

DC=Direct Cash, you pay they play.lol

Posted by Justize

I brought that same issue, Babs and you know what I did? Ignored them! Don't let them get to you!

Posted by NightFang

I hate ads!

Posted by John_Martone

Hilarious... would be the word I use to describe this video.

Posted by FLStyle

I would've stopped playing/reading in protest, I just couldn't put up with it, great video!

Posted by Asymmetrical

hahahaha! burning comics, ripping out pages, what's next?

Posted by John_Martone
@aztek the lost said:
" hahahaha! burning comics, ripping out pages, what's next? "
I tried to stop her. She overpowered me with her fearsome muscles.
Posted by No_Name_
@aztek the lost said:
" hahahaha! burning comics, ripping out pages, what's next? "
Posted by KingBlackagar

Ad's are why I buy comics in trades.
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You need to buy ME2 for the ads to disappear! 
On a more serious note, write a letter of complaint! Better yet, send this video to Casey Hudson!

Posted by Bio Guyver

Even Mass Effect's coolness reaches to the deepest corners of your favorite comics.

Posted by Asymmetrical
@John_Martone said:
" @aztek the lost said:
" hahahaha! burning comics, ripping out pages, what's next? "
I tried to stop her. She overpowered me with her fearsome muscles. "
did you try throwing stuff at her? you know, keep a safe distance so her massive muscles can't come into play
Posted by JackAs

MS2 is doing well it seems.

Posted by Gregomasta

hahahhaha, are you bat enough!  buy it now please!  great batman ad.

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@reaper2923 said:

" If I have a Xbox 360 do I have a social obligation to get Mass Effect2 and COD MOD 2? "

No you don't dude its your decision. Theses are good games but like I said its your choice.
I love Mass Effect but this is just getting annoying.Mass Effect stop being in my favorite comics DAMN!!!
Posted by Nova`Prime`

That was actually a pretty funny video. And hate to brake it to ya Babs, if you paid for the comic you paid for the ads.

Posted by FoxxFireArt
 Gold Digger #112
I'll have you all know that my favorite comic series Gold Digger is relatively ad free. It's just page after page of highly skilled and beautiful art work with very little disrupting the story.
Normally, in this series ads are regulated to the front-inside and back covers. Normally they are only advertising other products sold by Antarctic Press.
I understand the frustration. Can't say I'm pleased about seeing any book, comic or otherwise, being ripped. That was my biggest issue about the removing of DC Blackest Night covers for Deadpool variants. Why just the covers?
Posted by JillPantozzi

That was very cute guys. You should have left the comic on the couch next to him so he could pause the game and read it. :)
I'm so oblivious to the ads normally I just fly right pass them. Something in my brain just knows and turns the page without me even looking at it. I did stop and look at the ME2 ads  because they were visually different but after my brain logged them the first time, I haven't noticed them since.

Posted by Bruce Vain

That shit is annoying.
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Your point was made very clear, with humor too! 
Ads to suck the life out of a comic, if anything comics should show ads for other comics. 

Posted by Illuminist


Posted by sora_thekey
Wow for a Comic Book Reader you do terrorize Comics a lot.... I mean ads.... 
Didn't you rip a page of the story?
Posted by MrMiracle77

I found the Mass Effect 2 ads relatively subdued.  If you want to see a real nightmare, go back to some late 90s comics and look for the technicolor barf that was used for anti-drug ads.

Posted by iloverobots

I miss the "Say NO To Drugs" ads, a lot better than the car ads if you ask me (or spidey undies) I feel like companies don't know who is reading their comics anymore.

Posted by MyNinjaPenguin
@reaper2923 said:
" If I have a Xbox 360 do I have a social obligation to get Mass Effect2 and COD MOD 2? "
You have an obligation to yourself to get both Mass Effect games. Trust me on this.
Posted by Illyana Rasputin

I just read the latest Dr. Voodoo # 4, and there are seven advertisements total. Four of which are related to current or upcoming titles for Marvel. One on the inner front cover, one ten pages later, one two-page ad four pages later, and the remaining ads comprise the last three pages. That's nothing compared what Sara just skimmed through. As an advertiser, I would be fearful that people would be annoyed.

Posted by The Sadhu

Ads are the greatest creation in the world! If it were not for them then I wouldn't have bought those x-ray glasses and my George Foreman Grill!
Posted by JackAs

I wouldn't be ordering pizza had it not for ads. hmmm pizza

Posted by Slayeric

I saw the adds. They made me want to go play Mass Effect 2. Because the add reminded me that I love ME2. (such rich characters and fiction!) I didn't mind them. Does that make me a bad comic fan?

Posted by drawme

You ripped the issue? Because of the ads?

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

I bloody wish games had ads spread out through them, then maybe my boy would stop wanting to play em all the time 

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

They probably get a rather large sum of money for running those ads

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.
@Emperor Gonzo Noir: its DC people just want a chance to hate on em ;p ;p
Posted by Precise
@.Mistress Redhead.: They do have ads in games, for example coca cola posters attached to walls in a shooting game :p
Posted by .Mistress Redhead.
@Precise: very true but they dont interrupt the game! lol
Posted by Precise
@.Mistress Redhead.: True :p I wouldn't care though I hardly ever play games lol
Posted by Tiwi

Brad looks so uninterested it's funny

Posted by k4tzm4n

lol.  You would imagine with all of the cash they rake in through ads they would be able to drop the price of a comic just a little bit...
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

both the duplicity and the counter-productivity of this gave me giggle.

Posted by They Killed Cap!

This is why I like trades.
Posted by Scarecrow4

Babs I agree with you 100% but if I could go a step further in my anger I'd like to state PLEASE STOP PUTTING DOUBLE FEATURES IN MY COMICS!!!  I don't want a story that's only five pages long because you are pushing crap that I don't was and never will want and yet I'm forced to pay more for it!  Can I have the rip my comic in half option please!  For gods sake!

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

Great video Babs! Your best work

Posted by neogreo

That's why I get trades.

Posted by EisforExtinction

Shoemaker is NOT amused!

Posted by StrongProtector

Why would you destroy the comic?! We got the point! I hope it gets a proper burial.  Anyway, I love comics and video games equally so whenever they come together I'm happy. All ads in comic books should be devoted to video games. Also, anytime I hear the Adam West Batman theme, it makes me happy. Well done as always. 

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