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How exactly do vampires factor into real life issues?

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I liked the X-Men runs in the '90s.  Aside from that, not really.  I like certain characters more than "the X-Men as a whole", particularly Beast and Nightcrawler.

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Four reason's why I love the X-men.   
1. The 1992 X-men cartoon show.  
2. The cool comic book covers that had Colossus  on them from the late 1980's to eariy 1990's from the X-men comics. 
3. The Age of Apocalypse story line from the 1990's X-men comic. 
4. The best super hero team in comic books period.   

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yes for the reasons u stated

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I did not anymore

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Yes the X-Men are my all time favorite comic there are so many x-members and i like the whole story of the human mutant and how even though they are hated and feared by the rest of the world they are still heroes or anti-heroes my favorite have always been Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, and Colossus with the addition of X-23 and Hellion though my all time favorite mutant is Daken and my favorite x-writers are also Kyle and Yost X-force and their run on New Xmen have been my fav series and i started liking the young xmen more ever since
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Even if they've changed, they're still the best group ever.

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@texasdeathmatch said:
" i like the idea of x-men more than the actual thing "
KInda like me and the Beatles.... 
TO answer the question, I stopped liking the X-Men when I was 15, outgrew them... People are allowed to enjoy them, but i think theyre books are kind of juvenile...Especially some of the newer characters
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yes but it is not my favorite.   it is less inspired or creative as the avengers or justice league and can sometimes be offensive.  like it is always about racism and the x-men being rebellious and antipatriotic and all sorts of wierd anti-religious stuff.  i think my biggest problem is how they are not included in the other stuff from the marvel universe.  
not saying i hate it or anything its just rare that there is a really good one.  i prefer some of the solo titles though like wolverine.  he is my favorite x-man.   

New Avengers #4

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I am a long time X-Men fan, pretty much from Inferno onward. The quality of the books has varied over the years. While various creative teams had brought various slants to the titles over the years they have almost always been outsiders
in the marvel universe. While their actions are usually heroic they office get looked at in a negative light. partly due to fears of what the future holds. Everyone has experienced not getting credit for something they have done, either at  work, 
school or elsewhere and can relate to it to a degree. They save the world and all the media can talk about is the threat posed to world security by mutants. They get a raw deal but manage to persevere.  I don't like how Wolverine has 
been pimped out to the marvel universe as the go to rogue hero. He was much better when he and the X-Men primarily operated from the shadows.

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i will be content if the X-Men's members only comprised of Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Shadowcat, Psylocke and Archangel ^_^
and i will be most happy if the villains would be the following: Magneto, Sabretooth, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Rogue and Gambit!
yup! Rogue and Gambit would be unbeatable!

@Sir Duke said:
" How exactly do vampires factor into real life issues? "
good question.
they represent real life issues... what do they represent? underground societies
an example would be the yakuza or the chinese triad -- totally unnoticeable as long as they kept their "activities" in their own discreet way or simply out of plain sight...
how can we compare this to the X-Men's "vampire saga"? 
imagine this: a certain leader of the yakuza declares war over the Japanese government and goes about saying "to hell with discreet" and starts inviting all the members to a show of force instead of keeping a low profile and staying out of plain sight -- that's a perfect representation of Dracula's son Xarus!
the good thing is, it's not gonna happen because underground societies don't murder their fathers and be appointed as leaders in that manner...
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Of course!! Who doesnt???
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 I like the idea of the x-men. I've seen all the moves, however I've never wacthed the cartoons, or read tany of their comics. If it wasn't so complicated right now to jump on, I might... But it looks like I'd have to buy several volumes just to understand what's going on...
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Yes I love them for the reasons Babs said, they deal with lots of social issues and such, and my favorite X-Men? It has to be Storm.

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I was really into the cartoon when I was a kid and I really like X-Men: Evolution, but as far as the comic? Nah. Plus I don't really enjoy reading Marvel comics, I'm a DC girl through and through.

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Too much mumbo-jumbo history now with too many versions of the same character.

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Nope. I used too but now they've become too complex. However I do still think Wolverine and Iceman are awesome. I used to like Storm too, until I got to Comicvine and witnessed all the Storm trolls.
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I used to love the X-Men, back in the day they had individual costumes and dealt with better issues.  Back when the mutant mythos was strong and mutants could pop up anywhere, and there was a real social  discrimination feeling. 
Since M-Day... not anymore.  M-Day killed X-Men for me, and then civil war finished it off. 
So to answer.. I'm a fan of the classic X-Men.

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i liked the x-men alot its up there with batman and the justice league to me i do however feel it changed alot over the yeas for good and bad but yh i defo liked it my fave  was  mystique  :):)
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I always loved the X-Men 
they're how i got my start in comics way back when 
but their fanbos......ugh 
it's sort of turned me off to them 
only because people assume (from a very limited perspective) that because they are so popular, they must be the best 
and you can't argue against fanboys claiming "The X-Men could kick the Justice League's butts!" with any degree of decorum 
so yeah, thanks a lot, fanboys!!! 
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The Uncanny X-Men is the best and the greatest team ever made.
Storm is my favorite!

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I love the X-Men!
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I like the X-Men even though I was late to the party and only know them through their animated or movie ventures mostly and not the many comic series based on them although I'm trying to read the back issues to get caught up somewhat. lol

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I truly love the X-Men. They're the reason I read comics in the first place. So.. yes!

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I loved the cartoon from the 90s and everytime i think about the X-Men i still harken back to those days.  The actor who played Xavier in that series was the best part i think. 
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Of course I like the X-Men, they got me into comics from the start. I dont really like all of the X-Men (Cyclops, even thou I still think they screwed him in X-3) there is always someone in the group that you'll like.

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I love the x-men fav charcter x-23.
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I love the X-Men i only got to see some of the cartoon but my older sister loved em so we found other ways to watch them  they seemed to be very true to how things went in the comics compared to some of ther newer ones
i love how theres different teams for different situations and each have their own way of dealing with it
my favorites would have to be 80s style shatterstar and wolverine

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I love the X-men; Chris Claremont's first reign has always been my favorite era. Unfortunately I have lost interest over the years; which sucks. I do not like all the crossovers and constant change of writers. I miss the days when each book had one team so you could see everyone. It is just so cluttered now. I am not a fan of the recent story lines. 

@Gylan Thomas:  

I totally agree with your last comment.    
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I love X-Men.  There isn't much that is more important to me than diversity.  And the X-Men are diverse, every power and every characters story.   There are so many directions a writer can go.  Maybe we have been hit pretty hard with one book after another and so we get a little sick of them but when the story is done right, for example most recently X-Force Sex and Violence, (I just sighed, seriously, I did) there isn't much better.   
I will keep reading various X characters until my ashes are spread across the wasteland surrounding Mount St. Helens. 
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Yes, X-men is what got me into comics. I will always love them...even through their rough patches.
Storm is definitely my favorite, with Pixie and Northstar.