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Not anymore.

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i love the x-men. 
super interesting characters and fiction that goes beyond HEY THERE'S A BAD GUY LET'S GO GIT 'IM

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Yes, I like the X-men, they have had their highs and lows but I have always liked them. All of them... Even their spin-offs. All the way from Cyclops up to whatever new Dupe Madrox might be producing this very moment! Unlike how I feel about the Avengers where there are certain characters that I just simply despise... :D

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1 reason, no gamma radiation. Ohh a spider bit me now I have CRAZY powers. Spider-mans tight too though, not hatin'.

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@aztek the lost said:
" I loved the X-Men once, they are part of the reason I got into comics...and I've read some back-issue minis and such but when I last tried to get into the current stuff it was the celebratory #500 for Uncanny...one of the worst comics I've ever read...I'd like to think it was a bad creative team rather then me and the X-Men have grown apart but I don't know. With all these arcs, trying to jump back in again doesn't seem like an enjoyable task. "
And that same creative team is still around, lowering enjoyment levels for everyone.
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... i havent liked any of the new teams since the Maggot/ Marrow/ Cannonball/Havok crew.  That was back when half the x-titles tied into each other directly, allowing for story progression weekly instead om monthly and bi-monthly. Once they all broke off and died, i just sort of lost interest. i always thought they would be the new class/team and take over, while the old timers would pull a Wolverine and sorta drift in and out of Xaviers Mansion. but instead they had the best of them skip off into other x-teams that never really even made contact with the x-men. that xinda killed all the x's for me.

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I love x-force and kind of like the other books. 
Favourite character is Elixir at the moment as I see good potential in an omega level mutant who used to be a mutant hater and can kill or heal.

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I first found out about the X-Men from the animated series in the 90s. I love this cartoon. But the concept of the X-Men, I think, is a bit outdated. They need to reinvent themselves and step on to the next level. If it was a comic with its own continuity, separate from the rest of the Marvel Universe, I would be ok with it. But fighting against discrimination in a universe where we have mutates, aliens, gods, robots etc fight crime and being loved by people, it's a bit weird to me. Don't get me wrong, I still like them but they must move on. So, that is my opinion.

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I am not a huge fan of the X-Event Staff... I mean the X-Men.  I used to be.  When I was a kid (in the 70's and 80's) I thought Cyclops was awesome, Iceman was cool (couldn't resist), Storm was an enigma, Colossus had steel in his backbone even when he wasn't armored up, Wolverine was noble, Kurt was fun but deep, and Kitty was the touchstone - she had sort of an outsider's view, but was still an X-Man.  I really got into the X-books when New Mutants came out, and I picked up New Mutants because I was into New Teen Titans, and this was another book about teen heroes.  So I was buying the X-books when Storm became leader of the Morlocks, and when she lost her powers.  For the Mutant Massacre, the Fall of the Mutants, and all the way through X-Cutioner's Song.  I kind of lost interest at that point.
Time travel stories have to be done well, and with Cable, Fitzroy, Bishop (who has nothing to do with my screenname), and whoever else was time-hopping just then, it got to be a really cluttered mess.  I kind of think Wolverine's been a less interesting character since they told his origin (and I don't really like it that his claws were bone, underneath the adamantium - they were originally drawn flat, like knife blades, and morphed into something rounded, over time.  I could accept that inconsistency, until they said there were bones underneath.  Now it makes the original artist seem like an idiot, and that's not the case either. Ugh).  Excalibur was kind of a fun series, but it took some favorite characters out of the loop for the X-stories.  When they got into X-Force and X-Factor, and then started juggling the line-ups, I thought it made the books hard to follow, and that was about where I stopped (probably a year-and-a-half or two into X-Factor). 
Now, House of M was an interesting story, and I've liked the idea of some of the stories since then.  I haven't had a chance to read them yet (and it'll probably be awhile) but they seem interesting.  I'm still not enthusiastic about the characters anymore.  I think X-character design and naming started downhill with Strong Guy, and hit an all-time low with Doop.  It betrays the creators' hesitation to create something cool for Marvel (or DC), since creator owned became a viable option with Image and Dark Horse.  Going by the books they've put out, I'd say X-23 is the most popular "new" X-character to come out in the last ten years, and she's a Wolverine knock-off, so not exactly original.  Props to Marvel though, for developing a new generation of characters (even though the old generation does't actually get old).

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I grew up on 90s X-Men & still love 90s X-Men. I also love 80s X-Men. I felt 2000s & on there was a sudden decline in quality & the old stuff just doesn't appeal to me much. I kind of see X-Men as a dramatic fantasy with many unique characters & infinite potential to keep creating more (mutants with new powers & different origin tales & motivations). The only thing is there are so many characters & there isn't much of a balance especially when some are overexposed. It's also too confusing to keep up with story-wise & it seems like characters die too often for dramatic effect on the reader. I like the political & racial themes, they give the series substance, & when mixed with fantasy makes it great, but lately just don't care anymore. X-Men is more like a popularity contest now.

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I think the x.men are just selfish

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I have ALWAYS admired the X-Men; some classics never die.... 
After all, they are 1 of the pioneers of "teams" and "alliances"
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Actually I really like the concept of the X-men, still ever now and again the writers mess up but that shouldn't stop you form reading, so of those are kinda funny. Now I'm enjoying Second Coming and the curse of the mutants. For me the biggest prob with the marvel mutants is art wise. When you have to pick up other comics because of a event, they should get better artists or probably better colorist in these day and ages people can work real miracles with photoshop...

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Yes, yes I do.  
IMO, best thing to come out of Marvel.

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I love the X-Men too, they're by far my favourite Marvel team and I too got into them because of the cartoon like yourself, babs. I also mentioned about X-Men dealing with real life crisis such as discrimination and genocide for an essay I did for my degree in animation. My favourite X-Men run is the one with Mike Carey and Chris Bachalo and Ramos (Man - I wish they'd bring Bachalo back =/ ). And my favourite X-Characters are Wolverine, Cable, Cannonball, Gambit and Rouge. =]

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I will always be a fan of the x-men but i will say that i greatly prefered them in the 90's when compared to today.
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I used to watch the X-Men cartoon too, every saturday morning.  I would wake up so early and was so excited to see every episode.
I also got into the comics, like X-Force by Liefield and especially by Jim Lee and later Romita Jr. (although that might have been an anniversary issue.)
Never did it really sink in what the X-men were actually about, even though the cartoon stressed it and said it flat out.  Maybe once the cartoon started I got it more, but they all had costumes and fought mutants in costumes.  So maybe I didn't really look past the superheroness.
But somewhere down the line I got it.  That they are humans just born differently.  Hated because they were born differently.  Wasn't their choice, and didn't determin what type of person they were.  There were good mutants and bad.
I liked that they were sort of the evolution of humans.  And i loved that Stan Lee says he came up with the idea because he didn't want to make up another origin so he just had them born with the powers.
Because that makes it sound like a great story came from lazyness.
I like them because they are complex too, Magneto, their enemy, is also a really good guy sometimes and has many layers.  You can understand and sometimes root for him.  I love , like you mentioned, that they deal with real issues like bigotry and hate crimes.
I always wanted to see a live action X-Men tv series done in the style of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville, and Heroes.  They have powers, they are evolved humans, but maybe not have costumes in this version.
From a creative standpoint the X-Men was such a great idea, very unique, perfect even.
So yes, I like the X-Men is what I am trying to say.

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Love the characters. Loved the comics back when Chris Claremont wrote them the first time. Haven't read Whedon's stories though...

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yes, definately! [: 
I love all the different personalities that are in the X-Men and their cool powers.

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the x-men are one of the best set of characters which marvel has to offer, for almost 50 years they've been having awesome story lines and cartoons..ever since the movie they have been glammed up abit but thats cause people are taking more of a interest to them who werent comic book readers

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X-Men got me into the comic craze before I thought that all comics were like Disney Comics. How wrong I was. Even now I pick X-Men over any other series. As for favorite characters Emma Frost hands down. Only woman who can pull of a stripper outfit and make it classy. 

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My favourite characters are ...
Jean Grey, I think she was and still is the heart of the X-Men, she's caring, supportive, sexy but can also be tough and strong whenever she desires.

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Meh. Their chunk of the Marvel U is too convoluted for me.

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most likely somone already said something like this but i havent read the other post yet.  
I do like the X-men but i do not like the over use of characters. The x-men has probably more characters then any other comic series out there and only uses a few core characters and very rarely follows up with one when they just up and dissapear from the series for a year or more.......i know this is vague and i should give examples but i have to go to work now.
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yep ove the x-men the ar the est ever. the grate thing about them is that they do deal with real issues that are happaning in the real world. the large number of them and wolverine.    
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I'm mostly a reader of the old, Claremont/Byrne/Cockrum stories, and I have to say that they're great. I haven't picked up an X-Men title for a few years now (but if I could buy one more series, it would be an X-Men one). I do like the X-Men, and so what if others don't? It's entirely my opinion.

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yep ove the x-men the ar the est ever. the grate thing about them is that they do deal with real issues that are happaning in the real world. the large number of them and wolverine.    
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I love the xmen they are one of the first comics to begin to teach people how racism was destroying us, yes they had some questionable descions but they did more good the bad. They whole mutant concept really touch's the core of the human stigma. Yes the movies are horrible but I think the comics are great and I can relate to them better the I can relate to any other comics.    

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I like SOME of the X-Men, but they hardly ever tell stories that are fun. It's always "death of some character I like" this, or "a character I like is acting like a jerk" that.  
Bottom line, I don't enjoy reading X-Men titles anymore.
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I love the X-Men; my first comic book was Uncanny X-Men # 270 (X-tinction Agenda), translated to portuguese (and I have bought it in english recently); they are astonishing, uncanny, amazing, sure they have some story arcs that don´t have a grip, but overall I think they are the best in comics. I HOPE Wanda´s hex is fixed and a Heroic Age is born for the X-Men too.

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Hey Babs what do you think about female characters (depiction, treatment, characterization, etc) ?

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i love them. 

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I'm a huge fan of the X-men. I felt that it lost its way a little bit (after Onslaught) and that recently with Scott taking charge (finally...) it's coming into its own. I'm not excited about the vampire story coming up but I'm enjoying Second Coming! But I do feel that the art and story lines should be crisper. I mean, the fact that every few comics Hope is either a woman, a young girl, a woman again is really bugging me.

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no, their powers are just too ridiculous for a mutation.

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i like most of the x-men except cyclops and emma frost the variety of charaters in the x-men i think is amazing

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Depends on the writer and the story. 
But the principle is something I like. The eternal analogy between the X-men and minorities is something that hits close to home for me. So..Yeah..I like the X-men.

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I love the x-men!, I even watched the x-men animated series! :D 

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They are ok.  Just like any comic book (Except Batman and Deadpool which are always bad) they go through periods of being good, being bad and being ok.  The last story arc I have to say was good.  Who knows what the future holds for Xmen.
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X-men got me into comics back in the early 90's but i'll probably never pick up another x-book again. I read up until about the 6th issue of astonishing but things just started getting ridiculous. No more prof x leading the team, no more x mansion, and now what used to be one of the most unique titles is joining up with the most popular trend out there today. Vampires. Really when i heard about the whole vampire thing that was the end for me. Seems like the writers are trying to keep up with the trends instead of writing a good story. I like many miss the good old days, hell i even really enjoyed grant morrison's run on the series but since my fall out with x-men its lead me to great titles like cap and thor that i'd never even given a chance.
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I got into the x-verse through the New Mutants around the time of fall of the mutants, although the X-title I enjoyed the most was X-Factor when Louise Simonson and Whilce Portacio were working on it (and then even more when PAD and Larry Stroman took over). The X-Men itself has never been a favourite title for me, although the first 6 issues of Astonishing X-Men were heaven.
I'm almost ashamed to say that now, my favourite character is X-23, but really only when Kyle and Yost handle her. Kyle and Yost can write the hell out of any x-book though.

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While I have collected X-men for the better part of two decades, I have not really enjoyed it for year and years. Honestly, aside from Whedon's and the first half of Morrison's run (conversely the end of Morrison's run may be a low point for the series)  I cannot think of a really memorable storyline from the 2000's. Sure there were a few good moments, but nothing I think of as classic, or a great moment in Marvel history. For a supposed flagship title that is sad. 
Here is the formula for the last decade plus of X-men. Bring in new writer. New writer introduces some new bad-ass villain that they spend a lot of time convincing us is really really bad. X-men defeat said villain, writer leave and we never see those characters again. Rinse, repeat.  
Honestly this book needs a reboot or just a simplification. It really needs a Geoff Johns like Rebirth series where they do not ret-con, but just streamline continuity. If it were me there would be two books. One with the original five and another with the core of the Giant X-men team (Wolverine, Storm, Colussus) along with some newer characters (Rogue, Gambit, Cable etc).

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I don't like the Xmen.
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I liked the book years ago. now ther are way too many mutants i just don't like. and i am tired of Wolverine being everyplace. 
I really like Pixie i don't care about anyone else enough to read the book.
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It's funny.   I used to not like them for the longest time.   But suddenly, during the Heroic Age, I actually started to like them.  I don't know why, I guess it has something with the Avengers suddenly being everywhere and seemingly be in direct control over everything.  Cause let's be honest, the X-Men are going through some crappy stuff right now.

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I like the X-Men in general, what i'm not liking lately is that there are to many, i'd like to see a core team and just a core team
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The X-Men are the best.

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YES! huge fan, even love the new stuff!  I absoulutly loved second coming.

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I like the core team, I don't like the nobodies constantly thrust on us. I don't like Wolverine either.