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I used to REALLY love the X-Men I have like 300 comics from the old days.  But now I'm kind of over it.  I still pick one up from time to time; but I usually feel like been there done that.  I like Jean Grey from the old days and Archangel.

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I like the older stuff more than the newer stuff

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I loved Whedon and Cassidy's Astonishing then i stopped reading caus Kittys my favorite
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I'm losing interest more ad more in the X-stuff.
The concept is great but the series has lost it's way. The idea's just aren't there anymore in my opinion. 

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I'm only fan of Wolverine.

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oh boy second, what i like about the X-men is that there are thousands of mutants out in that world and that means there are thousands of types of mutant abilities, and all of these mutants are brought togther by this one man.

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8 for 8 and yeah.

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I love the X-Men hate the movies and wish they'd stop dying every other comic.
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I used to love the cartoon series when I was a child but as I grew older and started getting into comicbooks, I started to dislike them more and more. I don't know if this is because it was an almost completely different image compared to the one I'd grown up with or if I just didn't like the way the characters were portrayed. 
Either way, I just can't read Xmen comics without a little part of me wishing I was just watching the cartoon again.

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I love the x-men.
I think X-men are the best thing to come out of marvel.
Truth be told, i never liked the x-men and never tried reading an x-book until messiah complex. And i fell in love. 
@Gylan Thomas: ... (to everything you ever write)

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Despite the fact that Nightcrawler is my all-time favorite superhero, I'm not a fan the X-Men in general. Their storylines tend to be complicated, ridiculous and downright weird, and most of the characters can't seem to decide if they're heroes, villains, or bickering middle school kids.

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not a fan of the general idea of mutants, i think its lazy writing. hit puberty ur voice changes and all of a sudden you can shoot lazers from your eyes, no thanks. but i dont mind the x-men

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Sadly... eh. 

I Like the Concept of the X-men, but every time i pick up an issue i feel completely lost, and half the time I'm probably staring blindly into an Extreamely huge event and assuming it's just filler.
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I love the X-men.. They introduced me to comics, basically.. And the characters just own.

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@doordoor123 said: 
@Gylan Thomas: ... (to everything you ever write) "
Now that's just rude.
Here I am bein' nice and leavin' you alone since you cryed because I talked to you and now you go and pull get all up in my face?
I'm hurt by your childish behaviour. Really.  I have fellin' too you know?
Good thing I'm seein' you mother later. She always makes me feel better.
The concept behind X-men's great but it's the writers are losing their way.
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@Gylan Thomas:  lol wow. burn.
anyhow. i was out of line and im sorry. 
I just dont like people who have something bad to say about everything :/
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love comics movies people my fav superhero group
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I loved the X-Men for a few decades, not sure how I'm going to feel with the whole vampire direction. 
You're right about their struggles with real problems being the strength of the books, especially discrimination. That's shaped most of their best story arcs.

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Yes to me one of the best things about the X-Men is just the vast number of them out there but that each one comes with his or her own story and not just a bunch of blank characters (not to say some aren't) but in general n I'm not ashamed to say I'm a huge fan of Wolverine and i don't care bout all his over use he's still Wolverine

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    Oh boy do I love the X-Men, not only is it one of the cartoons I watched as a kid, It is also the comic book that got me in to, Not only the Marvel Universe, but the whole Comic World out there.
  Do I love all the comics that come out no, I don't.
   However I do truly enjoy reading every x-men comic that does come out.  What I love about the X-Men, is that their Mythos is so large, it just keeps me interested.  They are like my Pantheon of Greek mythology.  It all started with the Original 5, and the Professor X, and they expanded they faced enemies, they die, they come back. And their legacy just continues to expand.
 I will continue to Enjoy the X-Men for year and years to come. =)
HIP HIP HOORAY for the X-Men

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LOVE X-men I'd explain y but Babs Said it all. Favorite cartoon as a kid and the issues of discrimination and genocide and they're need/want to fit in to the rest of the world I've been reading X-men since i first learned how and will be til I'm to old and senile. Also my favorite relationship in all of pop culture whether its movies, comics, books, ect. was Scott a Jean. i felt betrayed when Scott cheated, i cried when Jean died, i felt hopeful when she helped Scott move on with Emma. and i can't wait fir Jean to come back and have a clos e friendship with Scott while she dates... the shrot dude i used to like until Marvel Overuse of him killed him for me kida like batman in the last brutally honest Vid.... k i'm done you can go puke now

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pfft...Emma Frost....enuff said

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yes. always have always will

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I used to like the X-men. Growing up X-men evolution was one of my favorite shows. The only team I enjoy reading now is X-Force. I was a way bigger fan when Professor X was still in charge. I also get annoyed by how overused some characters are like Wolverine and Storm. I wish Wolverine made a decision where to play his part n stick with it. There's nothing wrong with guest appearances and in that light, Storm is now married to my favorite superhero: T'Challa. She belongs with him. Another reason why I'm less interested in the X-men is because a lot of my favorite characters like Spike lost their powers in Mday.

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I LOVE the X-Men! I was introduced to comics because of the cartoon, so I've pretty much grown up with the X-Men, and I agree woth Babs, the stories are usually real-life based, and relatable. I really like many of the characters, and many of my faves are mostly X-Men. Jean Grey, Rogue, Psylocke, I mean, there's more but those are pretty much my faves! haha

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I love the x-men, I really love X-force, its cool to see the deadly mutants cut loose. go Warren!
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I just started reading X-men around the time Astonishing happened. I liked Astonishing and the other titles originally but now that they're in Utopia it just seems depressing. I liked Ultimate though.

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X-Men are hit or miss. Their greatest strength is the abundance of characters they have to choose from to fit whatever direction the story needs. This also increases the chance of there being an X-Man you can relate with. This may also be their greatest weakness because there are so many characters rotating that it can be hard to develop or focus on characters or concepts at times. I am a fan, have bought lots of the X titles over the years. Right now I am digging X-Force.  But when it goes bad it goes really bad to the point that you do not know who is on what team at the time or why they are there. When it is good it is awesome.

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I will always have a place in my heart for the X-Men as it was the series that got me into comics in the first place.  Like a lot of you, I also watched the cartoon as a kid though several years ago, I kind of just stopped reading any of the X-books.  I don't really know why but just recently I started getting back into them and have enjoyed a lot of what I have read, aside from the overuse of some of the mainstays, like Wolverine. 
Also, love the Indians shirt, Babs!

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I'm TRYING to get back into X-Men. Somewhere after House of M I just lost interest in the mainstream X-men and switched to the Ultimate version. Like with the mainstream version, I lost interest in the middle with the Ultimate version and came back right around they showed the ultimate version of Apocalypse and Ultimatum. 
Second Coming helped a little but I haven't read the new X-men with the vampires yet.  My problem with X-men is that they're so many different titles. So after Second Coming, I'm really going to try starting with the one with the vampires.

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I don't like the X-Men. My reason for that is because I don't really like antiheroes. My reasons for that are complicated and verbose, and I don't want to explain it. 

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I used to LOVE the X-Men. Hell, Dazzler is still in my top 3 favorite heroes of all time.
However ... all of the deaths recently has really turned me off of them. I mean really, do we NEED to see someone die every second issue? Some really great characters have been murdered recently: Selene, Diamond Lil, Nightcrawler ... just to name a few.

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I still love the 90s animated stuff, I watched that along with any other superhero cartoon pretty avidly as a kid. I like the X-Men, I really like what I've read of my dad's X-Men collection, which is mostly Claremont-80s stuff. The bit I know of 90s X-Men comes from arcs of the animated series. At a certain point it got really hard just to figure out who every mutant was because there's just so many of them, and I've had a general disinterest in buying any of the current titles. Though I really like what I've read of Whedon's Astonishing run... 
 I got interested when Kitty was coming back to life, as she's my favorite X-person, but that fizzled away into Second Coming, and I don't really want to deal with a giant X-Men crossover. (Deal with paying for it, I mean) But I enjoy checking in on what's happening via all the Uncsripted reviews and such. I was really bummed after hearing Nightcrawler died, him and his awesome onomatopoeia. =/  
Though I guess he'll be back eventually...        
But anyway, yeah, I like the X-Men. I'm just not in a hurry to try and pick up new material, especially not giant crossover events. 

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I was introduced to the Marvel Universe through the X-Men! 
Always have been a fan, always will!
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I'm fan, but it kinda comes down to the characters and the writers. The right characters under the writer authors and its awesome and the wrong characters under the wrong author not so much
Yost and Kyle are masters of their craft in my humble opinion, and their creation, X-23, is one of my top 5 favorite X characters the other being: Hellion, Wolverine, X-Man and Daken.

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I like them over all the other super teams. I just recently got into reading the books from the 80s.

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@grufaine: Thats true but all of Marvel and DC are suffering from crossover overload.
Brightest Day, Blackest Night, Dark Reign, Secret Invasion, Mr Holland Opuses' Revenge...
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@Ice Princess said:
" I used to LOVE the X-Men. Hell, Dazzler is still in my top 3 favorite heroes of all time. However ... all of the deaths recently has really turned me off of them. I mean really, do we NEED to see someone die every second issue? Some really great characters have been murdered recently: Selene, Diamond Lil, Nightcrawler ... just to name a few. "
And the ones that haven't been murdered, have been slaughtered by terrible creative teams. It's seriously becoming a struggle to still enjoy the sole reason for why I even read comics. Change is inevitable, especially when someone new takes over a book, but there's been a consistent trend of terrible happening and I need it Changed. Let Obama write the X-Men.
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Statistically one in four characters in my top 100 favorite list (technically 101, as Cloak and Dagger are listed as one spot) is either very much related to the X-universe or is a mutant outside of it (e.g. Molly Hayes). 

Made into a spoiler to conserve space.

I love the X-men but I don't think I'm going to like the whole "Zombie" thing.

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I <3 X-Men.

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The first comic book I ever read was an X-men Comic so I was always and X-men fan. The best X-man in my opinion is shadowcat. 

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Oh, totally.  
It's not that I have a general dislike of crossovers, more that I'd need more of a jumping on point to get me interested, and don't want to dedicate myself to a 13-issue story-arc to start with. It might just be a not-having-a-lot-of-money for it thing, though.   
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Listen up everyone! The X-Men are the best group of superheroes ever. If you think other wise then your f'ing re-tarted, I mean look at it this way the X-Men have had 4 tv series and so far a total of 4 movies for the marvel franchise. But on the other hand, the direction they are going in is questionable.

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Hey Babs would you like too see Bruce return as the Batman or would rather see Dick continue to be Batman? Also i am a fan of the X-men too. Did you X-Men Evolution? If so what did you think about it?

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" Did you see X-men Evolution?" i meant to ask.

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the x-men are probably the best team in comics. now sometimes i don't like particular arcs or particular writers. but i do love the team. fave x-men? kitty pryde, rogue, dazzler, rachel summers, nightcrawler, gambit, kinda digging pixie now. least fave probably wolvie because he is so overused. other least favorite would be maggott, cecilia reyes, bishop... best x writer. chris claremont hands down. especially his older stuff. least favorite would be fraction.
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They've seen much better days, but still I enjoy the stories.

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I am abso-frickin-lutely an X-Fan. X-Men is my favorite team, comic book, whatever. X-Men FTW! Late 70s all through the 80s is the best period for the X-Men, I think. Nightcrawler, Colossus, Beast...all favorites. I really really dislike Jean Grey (just because she's dead and alive over and over again), Cyclops (because some idiot writer decided boy scouts were overrated and he needed to be 'edgy'), and Emma Frost because she should still be a frickin' villain! In case you didn't notice that's the whole triangle...soo yeah. They should just move to Antarctica and have a threesome and get out of everyone else's life.