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Posted by Drayco90

The X-Men Origins: Wolverine Deadpool action figure- I love me some Deadpool, and one that can chill with Darth Vader and Sean Connery? Sign me up!

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I still have my 8-year old Superman costume (or I hope I do). 
It was so pretty since I was the only one that had them real red boots that my mommy sawed for me, while all the other kids wore sneakers.
Posted by conor_merriman

I really want this book!!
Adam Hughes is my fav comic book artist, even though sometimes his women are a bit, well, you know!
No, he is incredible, and I am so jealous you got to meet him!!!

Posted by Mainline

I love the story with that picture and love that image for the reason you nailed... a lot of artists have a style which might tend to make all characters of one gender look the same (needing costumes to distinguish between them), but that spread really captures their attitudes and personalities without putting them overtly in their costumes. 
I don't know what my favorite piece of memorabilia is overall, but a recent favorite one was also from NYCC... Mark Waid signing my hardcover of Birthright and doing a crest sketch inside. 
The piece of "memorabilia" that I have with me the most often is a silver Superman crest belt buckle that my girlfriend got me for our first anniversary.

Posted by hpwaz

Adam Hughes is my favorite comic artist, and I love Cover Run. I can't believe you have it autographed! I read that book all the time.
Posted by cbishop

I am just barely hearing music when this plays, but no voice audio.

Posted by Tweeker

I still have my Ninja Turtles costume from when I was a little kid, does that count? lol Probably not.

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My Doctor Doom statue is all I ever needed.  He safeguards my computer desk.  
Posted by FoxxFireArt

Great video, Babs.
I remember him telling you the whole story behind that picture. I believe it was at the Comic Con of last year. Even him telling you that in image of the Women of DC. He saying how when Selina got the message that everyone was to wear white. She went through her closet trying to find the blackest dress possible.
I follow Adam Hughes on deviantArt. You always get great insight to what he's working on there.

My comic memorabilia collection that I have.

 Sherlock Ninja
I have an autographed copy of Fred Perry's Sherlock Ninja comic. I even wrote a review on Comic Vine for that.
I also have the original artwork from a page of Fred Perry's Gold Digger. You can see all the un-erased pencil lines and the white out marks from mistakes. I got that for pre-ordering his Gold Brick V collector book.

I'm not much for figures, but I do have a figure of Abbey Chase from Danger Girls and Aki Ross from the Final Fantasy movie.
Posted by spider-man 2996

My statues,action figures and a Spider-man costume I had when I was 5

Posted by sora_thekey
 SDCC Badge
 Hybrid Bastards
I have three things...  
  • This year's San Diego Comic Con Badge (left)
  • A sketch that Peter Nguyen gave me after our Draw-Off at Long Beach Comic Con 
  • My autographed copy of Hybrid Bastards (right)
I got my comic memorabilia all because of Comic Vine, so Thank You!!!
Posted by Silkcuts

1st off I am UBER jealous you got a personalized one from the man himself.  Like you I adore AH!'s art, I even commented once on one of Liberty's Lists that he needs more Adam Hughes covers.  
Everything thing you a said about the book and him was spot on.  The man is awesome.  I picked up to AH! art books this year, that one you mentioned and Slay Boy sketch book... I would post a picture of the cover, but I am too lazy to edit out the nipple.
Here are some of my fave stuff I loaded to the vine at least once already.  There is more I may post later:

 My signed and sketched by Francis Manapul - Superboy: Boy of Steel

 Warlord of Mars cover from of you guys at Comicvine

 Absolute New Frontier Hal sketch and personalized by Darwyn Cooke

 Interior sketch from Cameron Stewart

 Interior view with flash on

 cover of sketch book

 I was at the Toronto launch party and have the exclusive print

 Jeff Lemire's Lost Dogs, the interior has a sketch as well, but I haven't taken a picture of it

 More Manapul

 More Manapul

It was nice to her Sara be so "Brutally Honest" about how awesome and important art is to comic.  May be my fave video clip this year. 
Posted by Vitality

INVINCIBLE trade paperbacks...the only comics I own.
Posted by M.S. Feather

Can't believe you got an autographed copy as a gift from the man himself, Babs!  Very cool.
My favorite comic memorabilia happens to be an art book as well (well, two of them actually).  Monkey Punch's Cuties and The Classic Pin-Up Art of Jack Cole.  Two very sexy pin-up books from my two favorite comic artists of all time.
Mine aren't autographed unfortunately as one man lives in Japan and the other was produced posthumously but they're both first print hardcover editions and that's good enough for me. ^^

Posted by comicbikerscott

i got some memorbelle
Posted by ReverseNegative

I've got a Batarang.

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my favorite is my Spider-girl graphic novel signed by Tom Defalco signed with my name and a little note

Posted by mpgeist

I love Cover Run and the Catwoman statue based on Mr Hughes' art is aces too.  I don't have anything signed though, not many comic conventions in Idaho.

Posted by EGoD

My stuff isn't necessarily comic book, but more movie, I have the posters from X-3 and I have a couple of the actual movie posters from either X-1 or 2, I forget, they are rolled up in a tube, I also have 2 sets of the buttons and dog tags from X-2.  I replaced the ends on the chains of my ceiling fan with the X dog tags.  Where I used to work had a Greyhound and aside from all the movie reels coming in with the posters and standees and such I'd get some of the promo stuff and free tickets, lol that's the only thing I miss about that place.
Posted by Master_Of_Evil

mine would probably be my Lantern Rings, and my DC Vs Marvel Trading card set

Posted by weapon154

Superman: Earth 1 Graphic Novel, it was fantastic.

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I have a plastic Captain America shield, and some other stuff,
but my favorite things are drawings and signings I have gotten at different Comic Cons over the years.  I have a drawing of  The Tick by  Ryan Ottley , I have drawings by Bruce Timm, and many many others, all in frames... I just haven't hung them on my wall.  I have a book full of drawings by artists at the Cons too, as well as stories that go along with them, like I asked Bruce Timm to draw me a character he wanted to put on the JLU cartoon but that he wasn't allowed to.  So he drew me the  Spectre .  I also asked him about a job and if he could check out my portfolio.  I met Kevin Smith, had him sign a Kevin Smith Inaction Figure, and I asked him about the Clerk's animated movie because I secretly wanted to ask for a job.  I met comedian and comic writer  Brian Posehn , and showed him my portfolio and he seemed to like it.
So my favorite stuff, besides gifts my friends and family have bought me, would be those things I had drawn and signed at the Cons.

A portrait of Me, as a Simpsons character (my favorite show) by
Simpsons artist Phil Ortiz.

Another portrait of myself by Tim Sale in his style
Posted by longbowhunter

I got this last year for X-Mas. I damn near shit in my Batman PJs.
Posted by EisforExtinction

As far as use goes I'd have to say the Lantern Corps buttons. I have them on everything.

Posted by chalkshark

My Green Lantern Power Battery replicas are definite favorites.

Posted by Dr3w_Tim0

Here is some of mine: 


Batman and the Joke signed by Tim Sale  

Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

I am an enigma... 
I orginally like Teen Titans....then it was all things of Static, Icon, Milestone comics, Amethyst - Princess of Gemworld, Jack Kirby, Jim Lee, Frank Miller's DAREDEVIL, Kevin Smith's GREEN HORNET and it's spinoff KATO.... 
I likw a lot of things....

Posted by Amegashita
@Silkcuts:  Wowwe, that's a heck of a lot of stuff.  So much history in just a few short pictures. >.>  How lucky you are my friend.
Posted by Ultimate JSA

i have all the lantern corps rings and the flash rings along with solo, warpath, cardiac, and black suit spiderman heroclix they are awsome looking as for comic books 





Thunderbolts #150

a 96 pg comic with a new thunderbolts story with an older story

Posted by Decept-O

@Babs: Excellent job of describing Adam Hughes' work when, to me, he is so phenomenal with all he does, I find him virtually indescribable.   I am so envious ( in a good way ) that you got that Cover Run book, free, you met him  AND you got the book autographed!   
Holy Ravioli.  
Oh I see plenty of awesome swag already being posted.   Sweet! 
Posted by Dark Walker

Adam Hughes is awesome I love his work.  He let the people who I used to do artwork with on custom TCG cards use his Baroness artwork.
I have a signed line art of my favorite G.I.Joe Character by Tim Seeley and a signed issue of Hunt For Cobra Commander by Mike O'Sullivan.

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wow i want that book. 
Edit: need to find camera and need to take picture before to answer this q.

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Mine is my Punisher statue that I got when I was in Florida this summer.Also my Runaways vol 1 Hardcover and Batwoman: Elegy trade. 
But those 2 would be cooler if I had an autograph of Brian K. Vaugh,Adrian Alphona,Greg Rucka or J.H. Williams III on them.
Posted by U R Sofa King We Todd Did

mjolnir . I had seen it around so often: on the web, in my comic shop, comic conventions, etc. One year I decided I wanted one and would buy it at the Baltimore Comic-Con. So I scrapped together $300 and next thing you know I'm lugging home 5 pounds of hammer in my duffel bag.

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@EisforExtinction said:

" As far as use goes I'd have to say the Lantern Corps buttons. I have them on everything.

me too I have most of them!

 Leather-Bound w/ Place Marker : )
Posted by JairamGanpat
@U R Sofa King We Todd Did:  
your name.... is awesome
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Among some of my favorite pieces of comic memorabilia are: 

* a Superman Returns Logo Silver Pin. I obtained it after a movie screening hosted by the director Bryan Singer in San Diego Comic-Con 2005.
  * a DC Direct Battle Damaged Arkham Batman Collector's Action Figure (Limited Edition). I bought it in San Diego Comic-Con 2010.
 * my Comic Book T-Shirts, and baseball caps, including characters like: Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Spider-Man, Marvel Civil War, Captain America, Daredevil, X-Men and Marvel Superheroes.  They've been presents from my family, relatives or friends.
* a lot of action figures or merchandise (posters, VHS or DVD movies and TV Series, toys, clothes, buttons, 
 comic books, books, etc.).  

 My Secret Base
Posted by danhimself

I guess my favorites would be 2 quick sketches that I won at a local comic con...one is a Vapirella done by Rudy Nebres and a Superman done by Michael Turner...I think the Superman might be my favorite of the two since all of the artists at the time were using black markers for their quick sketches but Turner used a blue marker for the Superman sketch and it just looks really cool in blue....I'll have to see if I can take some pictures later to put up

Posted by TheAntiVillain

Darkest Night/ Brightest Day 9 Lantern Rings
Baterang/Psych Profiles from Arkham Asylum bundle
Deadpool Plushie

Posted by U R Sofa King We Todd Did
@JairamGanpat said:
" @U R Sofa King We Todd Did:  your name.... is awesome "
thanks, my only problem with it is it takes way too long to type in
Posted by Fantasgasmic

I once won a little bust of Angel in his old school look from my local comics shop (before it closed down) on free comic book day a few years back. Other than that, I don't have much "memorabilia"

Posted by carnivalofsins00

that book is beautiful. i need it.

Posted by Silkcuts
@Amegashita said:
" @Silkcuts:  Wowwe, that's a heck of a lot of stuff.  So much history in just a few short pictures. >.>  How lucky you are my friend. "
I love the culture.... What can I say.  Thanks.
Posted by JerMighty

I love superman.

Posted by chipsnopotatoes

I have this book! Thanks for featuring Adam Hughes in this video, Babs. I love his work and I love him for sticking up for Selina at the lowest point in her history (when her book got cancelled).
He really elevates cheesecake to an art. And I mean that as a compliment. He may draw really curvy women in a variety of cheesecake poses, but I've never seen one that I've found offensive because you're right, the personalities. It's more about celebrating them than anything else: Catwoman's seductive playfulness , Wonder Woman's strength, etc. I really appreciate the thought he puts into it.
I hope to see him drawing Selina again one of these days.

Posted by greenenvy
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Posted by BradBrains

i love adam hughes. also now i know the name of that book! 
i have a morrigan statue thats the closest thing to comic book memorabilia i have

Posted by 244

I have this:

Magik by M. W. Kaluta

It was hard to look for it and cost me like about fifty dollars but it was worth it.
Posted by GraveSp

The Comedian Variant and Batman Beyond Action figures.  Also it may not count but a CGCed Johnny the Homicidial Maniac number 1 signed.  And I got some green arrow/ Grendel books matt wagner signed.

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