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Posted by Sexy Merc

Geoff Johns.

Posted by Taylors005

i love the idea of the old stories.. i just dont like it enough to add them to my lists

Posted by the_nightwalker

who gives a shit?
a character is a character, whenever they came from as long as they organically fit into the story is fine. 
if its' their own title and you don't like it just don't read it.
i know you're just trying to spark conversation but this topic seems like scraping the bottom of the barrel.
and no, it's not an interesting topic.

Posted by Bossjugg
T.H.U.N.D.E.R agents might be my first step into these silver age books. I don't know it seems kind of cool jumping into a comic with characters you have no idea are about and are not part of the mainstream
Posted by rello91

cool vid, good topic, it always cool to bring back classics i've never read them and might read them

Posted by Asymmetrical

It's just you :D

Posted by geraldthesloth
@Sexy Merc said:
" Geoff Johns. "
Posted by Donovan Montgomery

I missed the fact that Doc Savage met Batman, enjoyed the FCBD Green Hornet and would love to be able to pick them up.  Was looking forward to ther Marves Project, unfortnunaly I'll have to go back and get them bac issues.  As for the Silver Age JL, I enjoyed the stories from that time period, so if that series really does reflect that time, UI would love to pick those up as well. 
 As you can probably tell I haven't read any of these :( but would love to.
Stupid money >:(
Posted by Spacey

I always liked the silver age. It's adorable.

Edited by Zghost

I like the old time kinda feel as its reminds me where the comics kinda came from.  Im only 27 so I never got to read the old fashion books so its nice to see some of them like green hornet and the original human torch, who is one of my favorite characters ever with his fight for humanity bred for war and limited lifespan.   
I def think knowing your roots helps you in the future and by looking at some of these books you can help others think of new ways to create. / 
P.S.  Why does the collection of Marvel projects in hardcover cost soooo much >_<  sorry had to vent a little bout that

Posted by GraphicCasualFreak

SIlver Age? Wasn't that like 1960s?  There aren't very many people who were reading comics back then reading them now.  I hated First Wave not for the story or characters but for the art.  Green Hornet came back because of the movie.  I like most of the original characters in Marvel and DC but that's because they are the icons that this industry was built on.  Not so much Green Hornet or Spirit but certainly Superman, Batman, Namor, Spider-man, etc... I think a lot of people feel that way.  I certainly don't think that the publishers have an age broadening agenda.  Grandma isn't going to read comics, no matter who's in them.  Even if it's Matlock.  That's my 2 cents.

Posted by Bishna

I think that publishers are trying to push these types of books to test the market to see if readers still even care about The Whizzer or whatever. It seems to me that because the big two recently had big anniversaries they have gone through their back catalog of characters and opened them up to writers and artists to see if they could make anything out of it. Also, read the marvels project, I really liked it. 

Posted by No_Name_
@aztek the lost said:
" It's just you :D "
Posted by James Lasagnaboy

 I'm a very young comic reader, so I have to say, I'm not all there for all these reboots of old series. I love picking up the actual old storylines at conventions and any other time I get a chance, but I'm not really interested in the revamps. Though I did like the Marvels project... I think stuff like this works better on golden age comics. The silver age was so simplistic, almost everything was told in it's duration.   
Huh... Well, I still love the modern comics, but for the original super-stories, I think it's best left to limited series and the classics.

Posted by Duo_forbidden

I don't mind reading the older comics once in a while. I think a lot of the stories back then were really cool. I also find some of the older superheroes that most people never heard of interesting as well.

Edited by MysterioMaximus

I'd much rather read new stories told in the old continuity and they're primarily all I touch so far as modern superhero releases. I'm an old timer at heart. I don't know...they're just the more iconic versions. They're usually in their most recognizable costume or appearance, the version of the caricature that endured the longest derivative of time, they're true to the roots and just beginning to evolve, and it's fun to get a history lesson in the mix. I was raised on comics that were before my time and I think it's very important that we don't let them fade into obscurity or lesser validity than those of today's books. Too often they're written off as cheesy or dated, perhaps in some ways they are, when really the intellectual storytelling of the present was just derived from what's always been there and played with since the Golden or Silver Age inceptions of these characters and their themes. The origins of characters are what truly define them and what they've now evolved into, nearly all of which stemmed out of the way back yesteryear. And for that I think they should be respected and appreciated...though sadly aren't by most kids today. I mean...when introducing someone to a character, you don't say "Go read the latest issue on the stands," you fundamentally recite or point them to the origin. It sets the pathway for what will come, tells you everything you'll need to know for the foundation of what this character is and will be to form, educates you, albeit for most decades and decades worth of stories. I think that speaks volumes to how intellectually enduring the old school books were, which some really miss. They're no less important to the characters history or publication, even though many of those stories have been edited out of current continuity, and play a crucial role in what they are now. And for that, I find them fascinating and much... personally...better than today's superhero stuff. And I think because of all this, they're really worthy of an insane amount of admiration, whether you read Silver and Golden Age or not. They deserve it because, after all, without them we wouldn't have what we have today.
It's really why I wish Comic Vine would get a retro comics reviewer...*cough*...who me? Ooooh *blush*...you're too kind! =P

Posted by kito87

 I started reading the current Green Hornet and Legion Series, my mom was a huge fan of Green Hornet when she was younger and I heard they started a new series. That series I feel got a "fresh start" with what I thought was a good twist. As for legion it is a good book, I think, even though the first legion story I read was Legion of the Three Worlds. As for the other books none of them really sparked my interest.

Posted by EnSabahNurX

Well im interested in the "originals" and am curious about their stories since i myself started reading comics very late and missed their reign. 

Posted by IesuNoel

I only recently returned to the world of comic books with Spider-man Noir and X-Force Sex and Violence. 
I try to look into the history of the other comic books, like looking into Superman through all of the ages where he used to fight crooks and criminals but I feel like I can't relate much to the older stories and I just start getting confused reading the old age new stuff and the current age new stuff... see, I'm confused even now!

Edited by Darkmount1

If kids are still reading comics, then these stories are a way to introduce them to how those characters go their start. Do kids still read comics, anyway?  Look at what DC and Marvel did in the mid-70's and early 80's with The Invaders and The All-Star Squadron, respectively.
I happen to like the DC Universe Legacies series, its prospects are really looking good. From what I can tell about #4, it's a Post-COIE retelling of Justice League of America volume 1, #21-22, the very first team-up of the JLA and JSA. I also want to pick up the Marvels Project and Marvels at some point.  
I myself plan to use this kind of storytelling in my fanfic. It has this premise: you know how in old DC continuity, that during WWII, most superheroes couldn't enter Germany because Hitler posessed the Spear of Destiny? Well, I'll expand on that. When the US entered the war, Roosevelt gathered every mystery man and woman together when he learned of the Spear being in Hitler's possesion. He first joined the JSA together with the other DC wartime heroes to form the All-Star Squadron, and assigned them to be the protectors of the home front. To counter the Spear, he then organizes the Invaders, who can withstand the Spear's power, to have them be the mystery men of the front lines. This would be a great way for characters like Captain America and Uncle Sam to interact.

Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar

I just started reading but I still have a general understanding of the more well known characters so I am more compelled to pick up the newer stories like Brightest Day, thanks to the glowing reviews you guys have been giving them.

Posted by Icon
@Sexy Merc said:
" Geoff Johns. "
Basically yeah. 
Posted by chrisburgess99

 I am reading First Wave and The DCU Legacies books.  First Wave is set more to modernizing The Golden Age characters like Doc Savage and The Spirit and The DCU Legacies is an interrpretation of encompassing the decades and writing as a cohessive story arc. The Golden Age and Silver Age characters can be brought to a younger audience and be brought up to date. The comics were written in a much simpler manner than today and todays writers can build up the characters and make them deeper and more complex. I was introduced to all the characters of the DCU through the old Who's Who encyclopedias and decided which character interested me and could pick up a comic for .75 and decid 
if that was a team or character book I wanted to collect.

Posted by PaxCM

My uncle own's a lot of the SUPER old Batman Comics and those where the first comics I read. In his will I have to pick between a '67 For Mustang and them... my brother get's what ever one I don't choose and I know he isn't really into comics... So I'm leaning twords the Batman comics. 
At the end of the day even know I'm 21 I think I am going to go out of my way to pick up "Batman: FIrst Wave"

Edited by turoksonofstone

This is mostly done to retain copyrights and trademarks in my opinion. The next issue project by Image was cool though I have not seen it all. I love the actual Golden Age books and hate the Silver Age DC stuff in particular. The Marvels Project was Awesome and I am in love with The Twelve. Awesome topic. Respect.

Edited by Captain13

I usually stay away from the Silver Age throw back books. The group dynamics are usually old news, and I have a difficult time accepting that the heroes are in the middle of any real drama. I think people buy those books mostly out of nostalgia, but I'm not old enough to feel nostalgic. Yes, some of them may be well written, but they don't usually feature characters I care about. I've seen Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman a zillion times. I want to see more early John Stewart, more Dr. Light, more Fire and Ice, more of the Question, and other lesser developed characters. Most of the characters I care about weren't around in the Silver Age or they were pretty different at the time.
 Geoff Johns seems to be pushing Silver Age characters pretty hard. Yes, the stuff he has done is well written, but Blackest Night didn't need Hal Jordan. Hal could have stayed dead, and the main GL could have been Kyle, John, or Guy in the same position. The current Flash run could have used Wally and the story would pretty much have been the same. I think the reason he's pushing Silver Age heroes now is so that the eventual movie franchises of these characters can be simplified. At the end of the day, it's all business.
EDIT: I won't be picking up the Legion reboot since it's characters feel very different from the mid-2000s Legion I used to read when I first started reading comics. I'm pretty sure that was a reboot too. Does Legion get rebooted every 5 years?

Posted by wecantgetaway

I'm not extremely old, but some of the first comics I got into were silver age and altogether older series. I think just like any other art form (music, photography, writing), it's good to enjoy all the various stages and not just what is "in" or modern.

Posted by Weapon ONE

Even though Green Hornet is a older character I enjoy him now that he seems somewhat modernized. I also am a huge Captain America fan but only like current Steve Rogers and not a re done "classic version" of him.

Edited by grufaine

The Marvels Project was one that I really wanted to pick up but didn't just for lack-of-money reasons.  I think when you really get absorbed into the comic book universes, you usually get a big interest in its history and everything about it. Or at least I do, because I obsess over things, but I think that might be a general comic-geek quality. For me I'm more into the Marvel universe, though I've started to get more into DC recently.   
Anyway, as far as bringing back the Golden and Silver ages, the history of the comics is the history of that universe. And when they revamp it it's a way of both making it cohesive with today and glorifying it a little more. I think the best example of a story like that is actually Marvels by Kurt Buseick and Alex Ross. It does a very good job of looking at iconic characters/stories/times in  the Marvel universe and making it look like how someone would actually talk about their own observing of history if they lived through WWII and the 60s with all these superheroes and mutants popping up.    
It's definitely for people who are either familiar to the older stories/history, or at least want to be introduced to them without going having to read old-comic-book dialog, though. (Though Legion is probably more about just giving them new adventures and is aimed towards people who are Legion fans? I dunno)  
I'm a younger reader, but I've always had pretty easy access to older comics since my dad is an older reader.

Posted by Jade1977

So what if they are? It's a hell of a lot better than the crap they were publishing in the 90s and early 00s.
Posted by Justize

Babs, you're creeping me out with the setting around you. I'm getting flash backs of grade school and teachers yelling at me. Lol. I never liked the DC Silver Age, they seemed like flat characters. The Modern Age is much more fun.

Posted by ComicMan24

It's true that the last years there is an attempt by the writers to return in the Golden-Silver Age with books like the ones you mentioned (btw another example of this could be the Dynamite books which recently featured the return of a lot of characters from this age) or with the return of characters like Barry Allen and Aquaman. I have mixed feelings about it. While it's not bad I don't like that newer characters like Wally West are put aside in order to show the older ones.

Posted by GraveSp

First wave is okay.  Doc Savage kinda is winning me back.  The Spirit is pretty cool.  Green Hornet rules.  But yeah the older age books are pretty good for a more pulpy noir or neo noir stories.  

Posted by zombietag
@Jade1977: love 90s comics!!
Posted by dr.x
Posted by lorex

I have no problem with characters that may have not used in a while being brought into mainstream continuity. What bugs me is having a side story (mini or otherwise) that is never going to have any affect on the mainline continuity. I know some people yammer on and on about the Golden and Silver age of comics being the be all and end all of comic books. I do not subscribe to that opinion. Don't get me wrong some of the older gritty stuff before the comic code authority came along is not bad, but for the most part I cannot stand golden age characters. I suppose they are a reflection of a simpler time but a lot of it sucked. There are of course exceptions but I guess I am a product of my times but I prefer comics in the here and now.

Posted by Devilnight

nice video babs. 
I have to say, I like the idea of bring classic characters such as Green Hornet and now The Phantom bring them into this generation, with brand new adventure stories I am reading the current Green Hornet series, and begin to read new Phantom, 
I am enjoyed the Green Hornet comics, and i looking forward to some more classic characters into this generation
Edited by cbishop

Hey, Babs, I think they are definitely pushing the Golden & Silver Age characters and stories.  Despite what some of these younger posters are saying, there is a large readership out there with 30+ years of comics under their belts.  I'm one of 'em.  I see a lot of guys my age in the comic shops I go to, and I do think that these new stories are aimed at us, so that we'll grab them out of nostalgia. 
We're the guys that pushed the comebacks for Hal and Barry, and probably the current Legion.  We are operating on 30+ years of comic nostalgia, and those Silver Age guys are where most of that nostalgia lies.   Personally, I didn't push for those comebacks, but I do think it's guys in my age group who did.  It's nostalgic to see the old stories redone, but with DC especially, this is somewhere between the fourth and sixth time, and that makes another retread a little disheartening.  I'd rather see more reprints available, of the actual Golden/Silver Age material, and see new stories in the modern comics.  Basically, I think DC is trying to recapture that Gold/Silver Age feel, by remaking the current characters into yesteryear's characters.  That's fun, but ultimately doomed (as much as I love DC). 
Marvel, on the other hand, isn't so much retreading (although they did regress Spider-Man's history significantly) as they are mining their old, unused characters for new material.  I think that's great, but for me, something about it feels a little off.  Maybe the characters they're picking have been gone too long?  Marvel is doing a great job of reprinting their older material, with their Classic line of trades (New Mutants Classic, Power Pack Classic, Omega the Unknown Classic, etc.).  That's more what I want to see - reprints of the actual stories that gave me the nostalgia.  DC's doing it some, with their DC Comics Classics Library line, but it's too far and few between - I want more! 
Overall, I'd rather see old characters mined for present day stories, rather than the old stories being retold.  Oh, and an aside: I like re-reading the old material, because it's a little bit lighter in tone, and there's a definite end to it - either a story ending, or a series cancellation*.  That's a huge relief from these mega-events, that have an 8 issue mini-series, with six support minis of 4 issues each, plus individual tie-ins, in the regular titles.  Sheesh.  There's only but so much money in the wallet. 
*I highly recommend DC's Huntress: Dark Knight Daughter and Sword of the Atom for great Silver Age material.

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Geoff Johns' master plan is to bring back the silver age. I've been saying that for months now.

Posted by Joey Ravn

 DC Universe: Legends has been a consistently good book. It's pretty interesting, it's a sort of meta-history of the DC Universe, touching all the important periods of its life. It doesn't really explain the current continuity, but rather gives the history of the publisher itself. I sincerely recommend it to anyone who's interested in DC as a company.  
Also, I find it extremely weird that nobody mentioned Grant Morrison. Geoff Johns but not him? Really? Morrison's by far my favorite comic book writer, but I admit he's sometimes as trippy as the Silver Age itself... 
PS: That Green Hornet from the video is Darwyn Cooke's, isn't he? He looks exactly like a Spirit with green clothes and domino mask...

Posted by ComiCCloseup

I'm not particularly interested in these types myself but sometimes it's kinda cool to see where your favorites now started from.
Posted by Lvenger

I'm a younger reader and I'm interested in both old silver age comics (my uncle has a massive collection and has given some to me) and modern age comics. However, when it comes to my monthly read, I always go for current issues, not because silver age based comics e.g Doc Savage, DC Universe Leagacies aren't good but because I want to keep up with what is currently going on in comics. It is good though to see comic companies paying their respects to the stories of the Golden/Silver Age of comic books.

Posted by Eyz

I guess it will depends on the current authors. Most of them grew up on the Silver Age...and some day, new authors will be inspired by today's books, etc..

Posted by RoloYoghurt

Great Video

Posted by MichaeltheFly

I think the staff has talked about this subject before but about a small portion of it, whether you prefer old characters revamped or new characters. I think I prefer both, I mean I have enjoyed the Marvels Project, a good art, a good story, plus it gave me a chance to see characters from the past. Marvel and DC have revamped characters more times that I can cont and not necessarily old and small characters, Superman, Batman, Captain America and the list goes on and on. Marvel, DC and Dynamite are trying to do what they did in the past and that is bring back good characters, what would have happen if Marvel didn't bring back Captain America. I think to me these comics represent a opportunity for these lost characters, to show us what they are made off.

Posted by hpwaz

 I don't think the Legion should be included. That's not really a flashback-type comic, because it's a reboot.
Posted by chalkshark

I think you're being too simplistic here. You have to look at what's happening in the industry, as a whole, as it tends to inform these kinds of trends. DC's Legacy book is a celebration of the company's 75 years of publishing history. While the issue you singled out takes place in the Silver Age, the issues prior to it dealt with the Golden Age, & future issues will continue to move the timeline forward until we reach the present.  Dynamite has done their level best to lay claim to a number of intellectual properties that still have, to a degree, name recognition with the comic buying audience. Never underestimate the power of name recognition. I've never read a book about Zorro in my entire life, but I know who he is, what he does, what he's about. I'm more likely to gravitate to something familiar then a book featuring an entirely unknown property. Alex Ross & Dynamite's success in resurrecting a host of obscure Golden Age characters has no doubt also influenced other company's interests in trying to cash in on the trend, while it's still hot.  Comics is still a business, & it's in the business of making money. If something looks like it's selling , then you're going to see a lot of it in the marketplace. The reversion of the Legion of Super-Heroes  to it's Silver Age roots has more to do with one writer's love of that era than any desire on the company's part to reach out to the old fan base. For what it's worth, I don't care about where a character originated from or how much mileage they've accumulated. All I want when I sit down to read a comic book is a good story. 

Posted by Kamen Rider Kajiki

I'm pretty sure i'm younger then you are and i mostly grew up with silver/bronze age comics because they where cheaper and easy to get. So much so that some of the newer comics bored me (to quote Linkara ''90's comics suck!'') but over the years i did follow some newer comics like Green Lantern and Spider-man. But now i'm in quite a money problem and i'm being very selective about buying comics, soi quit most of them and began buying older ones again.
It is cool to see DC and Marvel go back to the older times and i do look forward to seeing some characters getting more attention and even though i don't have the money to regularly buy comics any more i will try to pick up some trad pasprt backs of these new silver age comics. ^^

Posted by sora_thekey

I agree with you Sara...
I am grateful for Golden Age and Silver Age books because if there weren't I wouldn't have the really cool books I enjoy in the present, but I wouldn't be specifically interested in reading those stories. 
The books in my time are targeted for me while those are targeted to people who have been reading comics for far longer...
I am very well interested in origin stories, but the writing and art style is not my cup of tea, that's why we have Comic Vine, so we can catch up on the past stories so we can read the present ones.

Posted by DEGRAAF

i wouldnt say they are pushing the silver and golden age stories but are 100% pushing the Silver and Golden aged characters
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