Posted by jakob187

WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!  Barry takes the ring off?!  HOW?  I thought someone had tried to do this before, but it was tethered to the body of the Black Lantern?! 
Either way, gotta grab this and Wonder Woman.  However, I have to say that the BN mini-series stuff haven't been as exciting and crazy as the main series.  Batman ended with a dud, and I still haven't been able to get ahold of Superman #2, although I've read #3 already and...eh.  Titans was really good.

Posted by Blackestnight

Titans was the only mini that was good.   The Blackestnight issue 1 stared so perfectly but then just petered out doing the same thing over and over. I didn't think Batman was a dud, it was interesting to bring deadman into it. And it showed when Batman froze himself, how the black lanterns were not interested at all in killing so much as they were on feeding on emotions and that basically an emotionless being was ignored by them. It also showed that agin breifly with the scarecrow who they couldn't get to color up since he feels nothing and fears only one thing (batman). . That was an important part of the puzzle to show.  The only thing funny in the Superman series was Krypto getting some action. BUt the Titans series was good. The whole twist with Dove as well as a possible infection from a babies bite makes two new twist. Can the living be infected by bites like from zombies? Why? This was supposed to be theblack rings using the dead to amp up emotions out of people and then kill them. How can they convert the living just by biting them? 
I didn't read the wonder woman one I just saw babs review and decided to skip purchasing it. The Flash one however I'm going to get. I wonder what would happen if a ring was grabbed and then zoomed off by the Flash. How far can those roots go? Can the ring continue to animate the body from a distance? If it can can it also charge up from a distance, probably not or it would never attach. 
If Bruce is in the past from the omega beams then whose body was left behind and whose skull was dug up? How did they animate his body in blackest night 5 if Bruce is technically not dead yet. Because they could not animate dead man's body when his spirit wasn't in it.  Not sure if they are going to resolve all these questions or if they just have holes in the story. time will tell.