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Posted by hydro 300

Awesome issue!

Posted by ReverseNegative


Posted by rmanthorp

Very excited for the future of Batman! I love these style videos!

Posted by Dr. Maxwell

I was going to right a giant review of The Bat-Epic but I feel as if I dont need to now, but I still may do so

Posted by Skogen

Awesome video.

Posted by johnny_spam

It took me a while to realize Darkseid set the chain of events that even led to Batman in the first place. 
It's Cameron Stewart, Chris Burnham and Frazer Irving. I think Burnham did the Gordon in a dress scene. 
With two Batmen operating suspicion is thrown off Bruce.  
Norm is right real world issues probably won't affect the storyline. 

Posted by DarkChris

Great video!

Posted by yellowstar128

OMG it was awesome but I'm still a little fuzzy on some of the Dr. Hurt stuff.  Can we get the actual list of what to read? It seems like EVERYTHING is part of this.
Batman RIP 
Final Crisis 
Return of Bruce Wayne 1-6
Battle for the Cowl 1-3
Black Casebook 
Road Home (8 one-shots)
Batman (701 and 702, more?) 
Batman and Robin (All?) 
Red Robin (?) 
Vanishing Point (kind of?) 

What else? I know there's more. Can anyone fill in those blanks.

Edited by Lovenuggets

so Wait..do I have to BUY all those comics that Yellow just posted? thats A lot of money...sigh...I might as well not read anything batman or read comics at all if I have to start from the beginning...frustrating. 

Posted by G-Man
@Lovenuggets: I would imagine you'd be able to jump in with what's coming up. But you'll want to pick up most of those, at least little by little. There's been some great stories told.
Edited by FoxxFireArt

Bruce Wayne revealing that he funds Batman to the world gives me a terrible chill down my spine. The whole press conference reeks of Spider-man and Brand New Day. I know the differences, but it's relatively the same.  A hero is publicly linking himself to his secret identity.
I liked it better when Batman was returned to being an urban myth that Gotham wasn't 100% sure was real. With Morrison gone from writing, I seriously hope there is a plan for all of this. It could all blow up into an ungodly mess.
The whole time travel bit with Darkseid sounds to be one convoluted mess. Even the way it was implemented. The whole idea that Bruce was made into this time traveling bomb. One, why did it have to be him and not some zealot of Darkseid? Two, why would it have to be in modern times for the detonation? Finally, the whole drama of time being put at risk was undermined by the release of the Road Home books. We now know nothing comes of that. It's as if you whisper a secret to someone, then shout the answer to everyone at the table.
I'm still of the mind that there should only be one Batman since there is only one Batman. I'm still trying to figure out what became of Cassandra Cain.

Edited by Adnan

hmm...I've read some of the earlier stuff (batman RIP, final crisis, and some other stuff) but I'm waiting for some of the more recent comics to be collected before reading up on this. I've heard a lot of spoilers from others IRL and on the net though. A really awesome video. I was a little sceptical before, but now I'm definitely picking this stuff up when I can :)

Posted by Duo_forbidden

WOW. After looking at this, I never thought about the future of Batman in that way. This also makes me want to reread all the Batman books related to Bruce Wayne's "death" and return. Awesome video!

Posted by Duo_forbidden
@FoxxFireArt said:
. I'm still trying to figure out what became of Cassandra Cain. "
I'm thinking she's going to appear in the next Red Robin issue. The summary did say that a surprise guest star would be showing up.
Posted by Lovenuggets
@G-Man:  I'll take me some time to grab certain issues...like they said before about low funds..lol I currently am in that situation, don't get me wrong I'll grab my issues when I can but going that far back..WOW ..scratching me head!..but I'll try! 
Posted by johnny_spam
@yellowstar128: Before those was Batman and Son and Batman The Black Glove they set up RIP. 
@FoxxFireArt: Batman stopped being a urban legend in War Games he is also a known member of the JLA and has been seen in the public since he is not an urban legend anymore.
Posted by Son_of_Magnus

I hate where this is going 

Posted by f0rk
@G-Man: I think myself and many others would appreciate a detailed article breaking down the read order for all this stuff, including the trades. I am interested in it but it's confusing when so when arcs include black in the title. 
Posted by noj
@FoxxFireArt: About Batman as an Urban Myth, I think its been a long time since anyone in Gotham thought Batman was just an Urban Myth. There have been pictures of him in the paper, people sell merchandise of him, heck he is even publicly acknowledged in in the Justice League. Batman was only an urban legend in like his first five years on the job, and I doubt anyone would deny him.  
Oh, and I personally don't think Batman being turned into Darkseid's weapon was really some grand master plan. I think he pretty much thought it up on the fly when he was being confronted by him to be a contingency plan. If Darkseid ended up winning he would just disarm hi when he returned, and if he lost, it was a way for him to get back at all his enemies.
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Posted by MuadDiab

This puts a new aspect on Damien being Batman in the future. He could even be Batman while Terry McGuiness is.......

Posted by FoxxFireArt
When you look at all the people who got a Road Home book. It makes you wonder why she didn't deserve one.
Posted by daredevil21134

No Jason Todd no interest
Posted by MuadDiab
@daredevil21134: Isn't he in Arkham or something? Arrested and turned ginger in Batman and Robin 6
Edited by Omega-Man

I don't like this idea at all this comic sucks, really it does it brings too many questions with no answers after this there will be another Crisis as I don't see it lasting. One thing is for sure Why does Darkseid give a crap about Batman? it makes no sense in Darkseid's character run he's never shown interest in him before so why now?
This comic over hypes Batman as a character it's like everyone hasn't thought about any other DC hero but just hype Batman...why?  
And why would darkseid make Batman his weapon? thers thousands more powerful than he is and smarter than he is so why batman of all people? 
 And no I am not a batman hater in fact I'm a big batman fan but this just over hypes him and it makes Darkseid look bad.

Posted by MuadDiab
@yellowstar128: Batman and Son, Black Glove and Ressurection of Ra's Al Ghul
Posted by spiderguylll

Dick Grayson is STAYING as Batman? HELL YEAH

Posted by SamAndMax

the end of batman and robin 16 just confirms that grant morrison is one big flaming bag of dicks

Posted by Mr. Mercury

Oh cool I might start reading Batman

Posted by yellowstar128
@Lovenuggets: Totally worth it though it's an epic story. It's what got me into comics. :)
Posted by norman
@Omega-Man :  darkseid chose batman because of bruce wayne's incredible ability to survive in any hostile environment. as i understand it, the omega sanction was a spur of the moment action cast onto batman at the end of final crisis when bruce confronts darkseid. it turned bruce into a time bomb, accumulating energy as he was thrust through different eras. this will be resolved in return of bruce wayne #6. it is paradoxical in a sense because bruce's actions in ROBW #2 are what lead to the curse on the wayne family, which is speculated to have created the evil thomas wayne/simon hurt. 
morrison's greatness isn't in the complexity of the story -- when unraveled, the plot is pretty straightforward. his gift is in story telling. the final confrontation between hurt and batman has been years in the making, and it really feels like every piece of the puzzle was important and masterfully unfolded in front of us. plus, as we talked about in the video, we particularly love that the repercussions of this run are lasting--the conclusion isn't just a reset button as it is in many other books.
Posted by AMS

Darkseid still hasn't got over Bruce getting one over him in Superman/Batman lol. 
Looking forward to reading the Great Darkness Saga in a new light now after Final Crisis and this just proving how machiavellian and deadly big D really is.
Edited by Lovenuggets
@yellowstar128 said:

" @Lovenuggets: Totally worth it though it's an epic story. It's what got me into comics. :) "

is there anyway you or someone can put a list right here in the comments on the issues that I need to buy and read..so i can catch up because when Batman Inc comes out I'll buy the previous  batman comics but wont read Batman Inc until I'm updated...thats the plan I wanna do.
Posted by difficlus
@daredevil21134 said:
" No Jason Todd no interest "
lol come on men, this new thing with batman is awesome!! great time to be a batman fan...
Posted by yellowstar128
@MuadDiab: What about Batman Reborn? That's part of this too right?
Posted by Mbecks14

ugh so much to readddd i want to follow it all. I'll probably just read the Batman and Robin trades, and then pick up Batman Inc

Posted by johnny_spam
@yellowstar128: If Grant Morrison's name is not on it then it's not part of the story.
Posted by antiterra
@FoxxFireArt said:

"I'm still trying to figure out what became of Cassandra Cain. "

Bruce Wayne - The Road Home: Batgirl hints heavily at her impending return. I can't wait to see what Bruce's "plan" was for her. She's one of my all-time favourite DC characters, so the sooner she comes back, the happier I'll be.

Posted by Mainline

This was an awesome mini-podcast almost... I look forward to listening to the podcast proper later this weekend. 
I'm glad the New X-Men was brought up, because just as Morrison brought lasting change to that franchise, it definitely feels like lasting landmark change is being made here... it's both scary and exciting.  It's awesome to have that feeling of consequence or movement despite this being a medium where The Spectre, Mephisto, or Reed/Tony/Stephen can and do rewrite reality to remove public identities. 
Awesome that the public library was mentioned, seriously.  I bet a good half of B&N / Borders success comes from people who've forgotten how to use their public library! 
Finally, I think it's great that if you take bits of the conversation out of context and you totally like crazy people (ex: "his sense of survival allowed him to carry omega energy through time in order to destroy the universe")... but that I know exactly what you're talking about and it makes sense to me. ;-) 
To paraphrase the Weekend Warriors: "I worry that comics are for kids and a silly childish medium... but then I see a hyper intelligent gorilla with a battle spoon and a sniper rifle shoot Lex Luthor out of a helicopter and I am comforted... I've made all the right decisions in life."
Have a great weekend.

Posted by yellowstar128
@johnny spam: So is that a yes to the parts of Batman Reborn by Grant Morrison and a no to the rest of it? Or a no to all of it?
Posted by daredevil21134
@MuadDiab said:
" @daredevil21134: Isn't he in Arkham or something? Arrested and turned ginger in Batman and Robin 6 "

Yeah I'd like to forget that story ever happened
Posted by turoksonofstone

Great Storyline. The Batman INC. concept seems like a weak, ugly thing though...

Posted by daredevil21134
@difficlus said:
" @daredevil21134 said:
" No Jason Todd no interest "
lol come on men, this new thing with batman is awesome!! great time to be a batman fan... "

You might be right
Posted by daredevil21134
@turoksonofstone said:
"Great Storyline. The Batman INC. concept seems like a weak, ugly thing though... "

I hate it
Posted by 5ive

Im starting to think that they are telling too much. Some characters need that mystery. Wolverine was a victim of telling too much. 

Posted by ShirEPanjshir

I really loved the entire story. Everything ties together, everything has a huge impact. I even like the idea of having two Batmen running around. Because I wouldn't have wanted Dick to go back to being Nightwing, and of course Bruce Wayne is supposed to be Batman, and this Insider persona doesn't suit him that much.
I'm still not entirely convinced about the whole Batman inc. stuff.. 
I 'll surely give it all a try and see how things go. But my monthly budget won't be that happy about it. Following too many darn series starting this/next moth!

Posted by .o0Johnny0o.

Loved Joker's idea for his next joke at the end of #16, I hope the characters given a little time then comes back with his results. I agree Dick can't go back to Nightwing now, which is a shame because I always liked the get-up.
On a Comic Vine related note, I really would love to see more videos like this with spoilers and all discussions between people who probably know a lot more than I do.  I know you're probably already pushed for time but this format you just showed me really appeals!
On a side note, did anyone else notice that all three had dark hair and dark eyes? They could be their very own Bat-family!  Bat-Inc sign up sheets are in the lobby.

Posted by chris.england8

Read in this order:  
The Black Casebook
Batman and Son 
The Black Glove 
Batman R.I.P. 
Batman #701-702 
Final Crisis 
Battle for the Cowl 
Batman and Robin #1-12 
The Return of Bruce Wayne 
Batman and Robin #13-16
Posted by Theodore

I like many of the bat books.

Posted by the_nightwalker

babs looks like she was being held hostage....

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