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Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

I liked the first episode, I'll check this one out.

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I enjoyed the first episode a lot, and Batman is my second favorite hero, so I will definitely watch this.

Posted by batmannflash

I'm watching this one. The 1st episode was not bad

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I don't know about anyone else, while I'm not big on the why Batman looks in this series, Bruce Wayne and everyone else look pretty great. Don't see what the big fuss is about how the show looks.

Posted by knightofthechronicle

Liked the inclusion of Alfred being Tatsu's God father. Hope I can remember to watch this episode Saturday.

Posted by cbishop

Wow. Alfred got a total redesign. Just the curiosity of how they redesigned the characters should keep this show alive for awhile.

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Watched the first episode, can't wait for the second. if I'm honest I'm losing patience with Avengers assemble.

Posted by blkson

I liked the first ep and can't wait for the next. Although I wish DC would give Bats a rest.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

I do like the art design they chose. I just question if Bruce would be so bold as to show off his detective skills as Bruce.

She has an interesting name. Her surname sounds Japanese, and Tatsu is the Japanese word for a Chinese dragon.

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People are being waaaaaay to critical of this show. This show is going to be as awesome as GL:TAS.

Posted by Trevel8182

Good first episode excited for this.

Posted by Mangakid1995

Missed the first episode but not too crazy about the the character dynamic I'm seeing here. I know they're drawing on Earth One for Alfred's MI6 background and I'm fine with that even though I never read the story I like that they're trying to make Alfred more relevant in the current Bat mythos. but Katana is a personal favorite character of mine and I'm not too crazy about them tweaking her back story to fit in with Alfred's, this by no means kills the show for me ill still try and check it out.

Also am I the only one who feels making Katana Batmans defacto sidekick in this series would kinda cheapen Robins roll in the Bat family if he does get brought in to this show?

Posted by MuyJingo

People are being waaaaaay to critical of this show. This show is going to be as awesome as GL:TAS.

Please don't say that. GL:TAS was disappointing, purely a kids show with no depth. Hoping for something more with this.

Posted by Onemoreposter

Its really not bad. Something about the facial animations doesn't jive with me. Also, the voice acting for Bruce is pretty damn rough to get through. I'll watch this episode though. Overall, I enjoyed the first ep.

Posted by Breadspread

Interesting deduction... I'm pumped for this.

Posted by Shadowsnake89

I already like this show. I liked The Batman too but after they began guest starring other heroes I felt the show began to suffer. I'll definitely check this out if they continue to impress.

Posted by MartianManhunterIsBetterThanCyborg

I'm watching this one. The 1st episode was not bad

Posted by AntWillClark

It wasn't bad!!!! I liked the first episode ...the voice for bruce/ batman is very hard to come by.... especially after Kevin Conroy ....but Anthony Ruivivar works

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That part with Bruce pretty much spilling her beans was so Batmany.

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I can't stand how alfred looks and Batman cowl ears look not so good it's like batman beyond ears other than that I like it.