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Looks amazing as usual. I do love DC's animated projects

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@Backflip said:

Looks amazing as usual. I do love DC's animated projects

Posted by Olqavtoras

Can't wait to pick this up on Blu-ray!

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Posted by Billy Batson

The animation is amazing.

Posted by thebluedragon07

who got all giggity?!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Man this looks great! Want it sooooo much...

Posted by Bestostero

DC Animated movies are always the best!

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nice, but I'm not too keen on the batman voice acting.

Posted by Lvenger

Marvel may have the movie advantage and it's debatable as to which company produces the best comics but DC have produced far more successful animated cartoons and direct to film DVDs at a better quality than Marvel in my opinion.

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they gotta do the long halloween after this!!!

Posted by batman_begins

yeah, same here with the voice acting conundrum. Granted, it was only one scene, but it's going to take some getting used to. DCAU has done it again. Oct. 18 is looking to be a great day w/ Arkham City and Year One. and the Catwoman short looks fantastic as well!

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I just want to take this opportunity to say FUCK KEVIN SMITH! he ruined the epicness of this scene, and for the first time I'm glad for the reboot because I can pretend that stupid bladder spasm was removed from continuity forever.

I'm still not crazy about Batman's voice actor, but I'm liking the animation a LOT.

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@howlettgrowl said:

they gotta do the long halloween after this!!!

I personally got to reading the dark victory but the interpretation of the scarecrow was best in both books, him and his Rhymes

Posted by msavo

Defiantly getting this for blu-ray, probably wait near Christmas time. DC has really been hitting it hard with their animated movies.

Posted by elayem98

Looks so good. The guy who voices batman who used to be on OC is suprisingly good as bats. voice of falcone sounds weird and doesnt match at all though

Posted by The Poet

that was AMAZING!

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Not totally feeling the Batman voice actor, but everything else is impeccable. DC knows their animated stuff.

Ohmygosh. Just looked at the IMDB. Am absolutely LOVING the voice cast for this one.

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Posted by MrMazz

Good animation typical DC quality but the Bat voice ehhh might take some getting used to

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The man knows how to make an entrance.

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the punisher's better at crashing Mafia dinner parties if you ask me. okay on a more serious note I don't like how their eyes are flesh color instead of white that bothers me to no end on cartoons and his voice is complete rubbish why did they not get Kevin Conroy to voice him.

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I love these DC films. No, they're never perfect, but I still love them.

@MrMazz: Definitely agree with you about the voice. Hopefully the rest will make up for it.

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please tell me he didnt piss his pants in this flick

Posted by stafax

From this moment on.... none of you are safe....

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I wasn't looking forward to this movie, but this scene from the preview looks intense, and the animation is brilliant, so I guess I am looking forward to this movie.

Posted by Rudyftw

Awesome, but some of the voice acting was........ egg.

Yes.... egg.

Posted by WobblySnake

Looks awesome, but everyone else just sounds weird after Kevin Conroy :|

Also, the guy from Under the Red Hood wasnt bad either.

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That was my favourite scene in the comic. Well done

Posted by Eyz

Looking good :)

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Looks good but did DC really need another Batman movie so soon after Under the Red Hood? Everybody knows Batman dominates the world of animated tv and movies, but I feel DC are becoming too reliant on Bats. However, in saying this, I will be watching this movie.

Posted by entropy_aegis

Waits for the Kevin Conroy fanboys to come and start moaning,this is EPIC and it's coming from a guy who does'nt like Year:One at all.The voice is creepy,now THIS is a voice which i can see intimidating criminals.

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I am not a fan of Batman's voice acting :/

Posted by BatUniverse

Man! The words of Batman are the same ones of The Comic! The Scene as well... I can't wait for this!

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Love it, hated the Batman's voice some, but i will get used to it looking at the quality and quatinty of good dc animated movies. Marvel stands no shot against Dc when it comes to animated movies/show.
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Dammit, no headphones... *Searches around*

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gotta have

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DC Comic's animated movies are always perfect.

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is that batman man his old

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Voice is a bit weird, but it's something new!

Posted by Dedpool

I can't wait for this. The next few releases are going to be amazing. I'll be seeing some of this and the full "Catwoman" short at Comic Con next weekend! Next in the pipeline: "Justice League: Doom" based on the JLA storyline "Tower of Babel," then the twop part adaptation of "The Dark Knight Returns," and then "Superman vs the Elite" based on a storyline in Superman. I think we'll get that before "TDKR" though. Anyway for those not in the know here are what the JL and Superman films are based on Tower of Babel: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JLA:_Tower_of_Babel The Elite: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/What%27s_So_Funny_About_Truth,_Justice_%26_the_American_Way%3F