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Posted by NightFang

Can't wait too watch this episode tonight.

Posted by Eyz

Finally! Supes! Lex! Lois! AWESOME!!

Posted by AFArtist1973

That looks just like the Supermobile from Superfriends, just the colors are Lex's...  Check it out on Google!

Posted by clumsyninja

ZING....Who knew Lex was a comedian...

Posted by J1ml33

too bad it`s not clancy brown ( but I will watch it anyways :D) this luthor reminds me of the all star superman lex luthor as written by Grant Morrison ( well before he went to death row )but over all still enjoyable .
( but I really wish it was clancy brown :D ) 
and it would be nice to have Christopher walken doing a voice over for one these cartoons (say a doom patrol one if DC ever decides to do a decent one and have say Mr walken do the voice of the brain , then I would be very happy ,but for now I will simply just enjoy the little things in life like Batman : the brave and the bold ) !

Posted by ntb1124

haha, she is all disappointed when it was Bats catching her instead of Supes!

Posted by Crimson Thunder

lex is kinda to big