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After hearing they're not fixing the bugs in origins I'll just wait for arkham 4.

Anyway i heard in march rocksteady is going to release info on the new arkham game

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@themanintheshoe: well in march they're releasing info on there next game and rumored to be arkham 4

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@master_thief: Yea, WB basically came out and said we know the game is messed up but we don't care

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I was interested in this when it was first announced, but I didn't have a way to play it. I'll definitely be picking it up.

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Here is the reason why I never buy handheld consoles.

I wanted to play assassins cree II liberation, it was only a handheld, and then a few months later, bam on PC & Consoles.

Wanted to play batman arkham origins blackgate, didn't have a handheld, and then few months later, bam on PC & Consoles.

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Gonna wait and see if this one is offered for free in the fall or something on PS+. Arkham Origins was really disappointing, and WB's unwillingness to fix a broken game kinda put me off from supporting anymore Arkham Titles from them.
I hope Rocksteady is on the next one.

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What's the point Blackgate was a terrible game and just improving the graphics and sound isn't going to iimprove the gameplay

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God bless a Re-release of a handheld game, before you go on about more console players ya thats true but this was made with handhelds in mind, so if you think its going to be a full blown console experience I have some magic beans to sell you...

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The Joker Again.

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A deluxe edition of a handheld game? WHO DOES THAT? Ugh, and I just got the regular one for Xmas.

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I wish the whole game would have the cut scene look, still looks interesting:)

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Tempted, but not too sure about the whole "2.5D" concept...

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