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I love the route they went with the Riddler here, he's like a nerdy Jigsaw with a rave fetish

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Should we try to get some info about the game at Comic-Con? Any questions for Kevin Conroy or Paul Dini? Let me know.

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Please try to get as much info as possible!

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@cobra88king8 said:

I love the route they went with the Riddler here, he's like a nerdy Jigsaw with a rave fetish

Yeah. If Riddler was in the Nolanverse this is probably what they would gone with, well maybe not the rave stuff. At any rate here's a cooler trailer  
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@G-Man: WIll the Riddler's henchwomen Query and Echo make an appearance in the game? I dig those chicks.
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I can't wait for this game! About three more months! How can I make it!?

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Yes, its killing me to see all the footage over and over. But then again I dont have the proper console to even play it. But I want it! ::waves arms about hard:: 

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.... that was SOOOOOO the sex. why cant this game be here now?

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Hopefully his riddles will actually challenge the player and make you think hard in order to solve the riddles. 
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so excited to get this game

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@hydrabob: Hasn't been done on our video player.

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@G-Man said:

@hydrabob: Hasn't been done on our video player.

O_o is your video player that much better?
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Oh joy. I see he's gone the Jigsaw route. Not only do I have to solve all his riddles, but now I'll have to go through various death traps in order to do so. (Which is awesome) But still, /please/ tell me I get to kick his ass this time. Getting him arrested in the last game after all that trouble just wasn't enough for me.
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@hydrabob: of course. ;)

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@G-Man: lol whatever.
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@hydrabob said:

@G-Man said:

@hydrabob: Hasn't been done on our video player.

O_o is your video player that much better?

Yeah, actually. The version on our player is a higher quality and it appears on the front page, video page, and the forums. Thanks for posting it in our forums, though! :)

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@G-Man said:

Should we try to get some info about the game at Comic-Con? Any questions for Kevin Conroy or Paul Dini? Let me know.

Where should we submit questions? I have some ^_^

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I can't wait for this game and riddler really does seem a lot like Jigsaw from Saw in this game with you having to go through all these death traps to rescue people.

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I'm really looking forward to this game! ....plus i want to play with my explosive gel and sonic battarang again xP

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Wanna hear something about Mr. Freeze part in the game, plz :)
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Neil Patrick Harris?

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Looks so dope!

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I'm looking so forward to this game.

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Was that Neil Patrick Harris?!

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@LB70145 said:
Neil Patrick Harris?
think so... 
looks soo good though
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Pulling off the Riddler as a serious rival is a pretty big challenge.
I just finished off the first game on 360, and they kind of took the easy way out in some cases, particularly the ending battle.  Bane, Croc, giant plants, they're kind of the obvious enemies for a game because you can go with a conventional combat focus.
They put in a lot of work and voice acting to set up the Riddler in the first game. Giving the player time to marinate in the heady spice haze of Riddler reasoning can only help, so I'm hoping that will all really pay off.  I think he's even the only character with interview tapes in the first game that didn't show up on screen at any point.
I wonder how late in the process of building the first game they added the Riddler.  There must have been a point where they knew they were almost certain to get a sequel contract, because they put in that secret room with the Arkham expansion blueprints.  It's possible that all the Riddler material was added as well specifically to help set up the sequel (like, I could see the interview tapes and character sheet unlocks being there from the start and then the Riddler framing and riddles added in the last couple months of production).

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Damn, stop teasing me with this game! I want it already. I've wanted it since that first teaser trailer. It doesn't come out till October. The slow leak of all this cool stuff is cruel.
The Riddler's puzzles from the first game were some of my favorite parts. I loved trying to figure out his riddles. This looks even more amazing.

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Looks interesting. More trailers and screenshots should be given.

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looks so good.  can't wait. 
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I'm glad they're kinda taking the Saw approach.  When I saw the first Saw trailer I remember thinking that he was just a Riddler rip off.

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Loved the Riddler challenges in the original game.
It's nice to be able to finally see him in-game :D

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I think it was the game director or one of the head of the departments, said that he is just a hologram but you eventually get your hands (well Bat's hands :P) around his scrawny neck. Enjoy that you will ;)
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Thank You!!! I was so disappointed in not seeing the Riddler in the first game especially because he's my favorite Batman Villain. His puzzles and riddles were fun though.

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I don't think I could be more excited for this.
 @G-Man: Questions to ask Dini:
1. Are they going to make a third game? Say "Arkham World" perhaps? 
2. And is Paul Dini working on any title in after Arkham City in the "new DC Universe"?

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Is the voice of The Riddler the same guy who did his voice in the Batman: The Animated Series??
It sounds a lot like him..??

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I quite like the new SAW-esque style to the Riddler challenges, give them a bit of an edge. There's some pretty odd hidden messages hidden in that trailer as well that suggest the individual Riddles will play into the overall story in a Portal kind of way. At least that's what I hope happens.
Rocksteady on Twitter linked to an analysis of the trailer that uncovers some of it http://bit.ly/pHLGEQ

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Nice. I Love the Riddler.

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Hello, Batman. I want to play a game.
*Saw Theme*

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This is going to be awesome!!!