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This issue was really .... surprising for me lol

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My personal explanation over Dick not wanting to let Tim put his parents in is that when it comes to a Batman story with Grant Morrison the real canon is anything with his name no other books really matter.  What I recommend for Batman and Robin and The Return of Bruce Wayne this summer is to only read Grant Morrison penned issues.

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Great issue.

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Great review, the roads around my way are looking much better now Im looking forward to going to pick this up, along with rest of my pull list today :)

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this issue was great! Im still confused about the body and Darksied and all, i think im gonna have to re read RIP and FInal Crisis

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Cool review, the last issue blew chunks and I was thinking about drooping Batman and Robin, till I saw this review. 

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I was waiting for a review of this issue for a while now. Good to see it up. It had a little too many spoilers in it though. 
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@HaloKing343: Question is, did I spoil things or just insinuate about certain things...
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@G-Man said:
" @HaloKing343: Question is, did I spoil things or just insinuate about certain things... "

Dunno. Haven't read it yet. I have it. I bought it, but I haven't read it yet. I'm slow.
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@HaloKing343: You know I don't usually like posting spoilers. One image might've been a little spoilery but I felt I had to show it. Other stuff, I tried being vague. If I did spoil for you (or anyone) I apologize. Part of my reasoning also was I filmed this Friday but knew I wouldn't post until today. I figured people would've already talked about everything that happened.  And don't apologize for being slow at reading the issue. There's so many books that I still haven't read (since we get so many). 
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Good issue, waaaaaaaay better than the last, still not a big fan of the art.
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Awesome issue, the cliffhangers are awesome, gaaah can't wait till the 24th

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I'm glad Batman was really crazy coming out of the pit- WW was in a Lazarus pit in Trinity and she was a freaking Psycho coming out.

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What if they don't destroy the psycho batman from the lazurs pit and later on in april the real bruce wayne comes with his own body and then we have a 3 batmen battle Dick, Bruce, and Psycho Batman 

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I really dug this issue, but I'm more excited for the next one as there's a lot I'm anticipating already.  

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i  liked last issue. I like all of the Batman and Robin comics becuase they have a lighter tone than all the otehr bat comics. Its kinda like B&R is the only one that acknowledges that Dick is still being his own batman and not a Bruce copy.
 Dick likes to be out in the open, and the Brit characters are more flamboyant than Dark and scary like Gotham's. imo, last issue was very reflective of the English setting and Dick's style.

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The reveal raises so many questions in terms of everything that went down in Final Crisis and Blackest Night, along with the "Return of Bruce Wayne" arc. Perhaps another Battle for the Cowl?

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Red Robin is my favorite Batman title

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i liked it!
really wish i got to pick up Red Robin. I've been loving Batman and Robin though (except for Phillip Tan)

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Good review.
Well, looks like my theory about that Bruce body they found was spot on. To think Dick exposed his own hypocrisy only for it to turn out like this.

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i wish gm only wrote batman !!!!

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Good review didn't tink you spoiled anthing really.I don't understand why you thought the previous issue was such a train wreck though.
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This is some funny isht.. when since did "supermans word" count for squat in Bat-Universe? he means well & all &yes he has a "high IQ" but his creative deductive & logical brain is about the size of a T-Rex's.... the body he scanned  was a clones.. (I said this two issues earlier) easy mistake to make u say.? No coz thats a mistake Bruce would NEVER have made with Clark... more to come very soon..

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From Cameron Stewart's Blog: "Ah, this is the page with the infamous lettering error that confounded so many people and made them think it was one of Grant's more experimental works. As you can see the page was laid out with the characters oriented consistently from left to right, but after I'd completed the final artwork I was asked to reverse panel 3 because the dialogue (which is written after the art is complete) required Batwoman on the left. I did make the change but somewhere along the way the original art file was used by mistake, and thousands of readers scratched their heads in puzzlement."

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i dont think the art is awful at all - i would call it average. I would definately like it it frank quitely started doing the actual panel art and not just cover.

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i dont think the art is awful at all - i would call it average. I would definately like it it frank quitely started doing the actual panel art and not just cover.


I love the art
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@G-Man:  They really need to start editing these issues better, I mean come on this is Batman and Robin

 I know you mentioned this mistake in your Batman and Robin #7 review

 This is from #8 and after re reading this panel a few times confused, I realized this caption should be coming from dick not this other Batman
Thats two mistakes in a row
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@HaloKing343: totally agree, I think it looks great and is perfect for the Batman & Robin series.
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@Theodore said:
" @HaloKing343: totally agree, I think it looks great and is perfect for the Batman & Robin series."

People seem to be trashing it a lot. I don't know what the fuss is. I think it looks great.
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Hmmm....I found it interesting that Batwoman's spine was injured like that. Obviously, it'll be fixed pretty soon, so I'm wondering if this is Morrison taking shots at the whole Barbara Gordon thing.
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solid book. glad a friend convinced me to read this.
not unexpected. the more profile a book and its talent become, the higher peoples expectations
for it to be perfect become.

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How come Babs didn't review this wit ya?

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great issue but the reveal could be seen coming a mile away........I still enjoyed it though it didn't WOW me

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Holy  sh#t I can't wait to get my hand on this comic
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I was a bit let down.  I know I can't try and bring logic and reasoning to comic book land, but, the whole thing just seemed a bit too convenient for me.  
I also just hate Dick's characterization in this title.  At least in the other Bat Books he's still a bit like he was pre-Cowl.  This is just, wrong.  Bruce Wayne at his craziest, wrong.
I don't mind the art and I'm sticking with the series, but, as a reader I'm resentful of the fact that Grant Morrison isn't keeping up with the other titles.  It just seems equal parts lazy and greedy for him to ignore other titles and arcs.  
Not only that, but you have Chris Yost who seems to be bending over backwards trying to make his title fit continuity, like when in one of the earlier issues, he mentions how he hopes he see's Kon in heaven, but then Bam!  Kon show's up in Paris with Tim in Adventure Comics.   And then he doesn't get to write their reunion, so he fits one into his comic later, to compensate and have it make a bit of sense.
It's not to say I'm not enjoying the comic, I am, for the most part, but I'm still frusterated, I guess.
And I'll stop sulking now.

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@Tyler Starke:  Wow! I didn't even catch that mistake, there are some serious problems in the editing department... they should hire me! I'm a great editor!
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Man, I'm so pissed that my car had to go and die, as it means my extra money is going towards fixing that rather than picking up some new comics! 
GRRR!!!  Good review, G-Man.

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so it is a Batman clone... who called it?

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@Yung ANcient One: I think anyone that read R.I.P. could've called it. Now I wonder when we'll find out why there was a clone.
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I'm looking forward to reading this arch as i'm a big Bat woman fan of late and i really enjoyed the first six issues of Batman and Robin. What does bug me is the TERRIBLE   dialogue from Knight and Squire. British/English people DO NOT speak like that. Sure I say "bloody" "mate" and sometimes even "Well hard" but not randomly in every sodding sentence. The odd "oh bloody hell" or "that was a bloody nightmare" or "you alright mate?" is fine but seriously, the way these characters are written is so cringe-worthy it distracts me from the story.  Look at the way MI13 was written and you'll see how it SHOULD be done.

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@G-Man: Having finally gotten to read this...as well as see the #9 preview that is out there now, which basically spoils what you aren't trying to spoil here...yeah... 
Also, is this really Blackest Night related...or is that just some "har har" thing from Morrison?  Because if it IS Blackest Night-related in the same way as the other Blackest Night-related story arcs have been (Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, etc)... 
 Frankly, this is all getting just a bit too confusing.  I think the editing has been pretty poor in #7 and #8, and even with the craziness of this issue, Morrison is making it really tough to follow and actually give a crap about for me.  I'm almost ready to drop it, but then again, I have to be willing to give it some more chances, as I would assume that Morrison working within some form of guidelines on this series while having also done Batman R.I.P. and the upcoming return of Bruce Wayne that he'll be writing... 
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The story-line didn't bother me so much, it's Cameron Stewart's art. I can't stand it. It's way too cartoony, I want Frank Quitely back.