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Posted by Kurrent

Good review, mediocre book. I think when writing someone that someone else is writing at the same time you gotta step it up. 

Posted by No_Name_
@Kurrent: DUDE, I'll CUT YOU! (iKID LMAO) remember that thread?
Posted by Alphaproto

The splash page was nice... That's all I have to say.

Posted by Sylar0

Man this issue is so not what I expected I want more from a Batman comic book the issue is good but when will we get a great Batman issue again? love Damian but he's potrayed so kidish and he's so not but hey I  still buy the comics 

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Dick knows who Black Mask is... But I didn't figure it out -__-
lil' help? your guesses? :D

Posted by ComiCCloseup

It does go from one place to the next. thank God for the location box at the top. Glad I'm not the only one who felt the issues have been a bit hard to read lately. Nice review and I do agree that something is there between them

Posted by Kurrent

Black Mask is Alfred

Posted by Joey Ravn
@timrothsays: You may want to go back to a certain recent tie-in miniseries. It is rather obvious by now who Black Mask is, considering that this certain other character acknowledged using what Dick discovers in this issue andjust recently, in said miniseries. Besides, given his questionable mental condition, the theory is not really far-fetched at all.
Gosh, I hate not being able to spoil anything :P
Posted by No_Name_
@Joey Ravn: use the "spoiler" tag! :D
Posted by timrothsays
@Joey Ravn:@Babs: or PM! D:
Posted by sora_thekey

So this issue is in LOST! 
Future, Past, Islands... 
Haven't read this... but I'm thinking of droping this title! 
Too confusing...
Posted by TheHood

I don't read Batman, or any DC title really (I'm not made of money and I just like Marvel better so...) so I'm not trying to correct or even argue any of the points in your review, but I'm looking for a clarification. You said it was confusing unless you read the text boxes? Wouldn't you read those anyway?

Posted by No_Name_
@TheHood: What I meant was that the story didn't really flow. It read erratically and kind of all over the place. I should have clarified!
Posted by Dr. Maxwell

After reading this issue I have a good idea of who Black Mask is, not really surprised. Kinda a let down

Posted by TheHood
@Babs: Okay, I gotcha. Thanks!
Posted by Joey Ravn
@Babs: @timrothsays: It's just that I can't bring myself to spoil anything, not even with spoiler tags :P But OK, check your PM box, timrothsays. I may be able to provide a clue of who I think is behind the Black Mask ;)
Posted by Theodore

I thought it was a decent issue... maybe 3.5-4

Posted by jakob187

Black Mask is Right Said Fred. 
The world is doomed.

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C'moooon... EPIC FAIL was a nice touch..if meant as a sarcastic dig..because really..thats the kinda thing Dick wouldve said (as Robin or Nightwing).. "On your feet soldier" is more Damien &is also a dialogue clone/sendup/omage of Rank "Im the goddamn Batman" Millers Bat-rants to (allstar Robin) Dick ironically enough
I have no idea why everyone knocks Daniels, I think he's great &if ther were an award for most improved artist he'd win it, as for the non linear storytelling I actually prefer a comic not takin 5minutes to flick thru.. 
Now for someone like Babs..I can understand that bein a pain inda ass when u have like a million comics to get thru but I dont think it in anyway affects the overall quality of the story in anyway imho..
My advice watch Pulp Fiction before readin a Daniels piece &it should put u in perfect sync for the read :D

Posted by FoxxFireArt

This is my first experience with the new video player. The indicator seems to say it stopped loading, but the player still continues past the mark.
Given Damian's upbringing. I figure he would speak more like his mother. Probably trying to sound more grown up.
I do disagree that a artist can't also be a writer for the same issue. Maybe that's not some artists strong points, but it's still very possible. My favorite artist, Fred Perry, does everything on his own comics, but the editing. That's writing, pencil, ink, color, and text work. He still puts out a DAMN good comic with a good story.

Posted by Dark Sprite

I like the new ComicVine setup^_^ 
 I am getting this issue, only to see the Barbara/Dick connection. 
Team Dick and Barbara!
Posted by MicahBEvans

Great review.
 How does a girl as hot as that know so much about comics??
 I think I'm in love.
 Will you marry me, Babs?

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I say Black Mask Is Cassandra Cain.

Posted by brewski420

i thought this issue was a good read considering that its written and drawn by the same guy
Posted by brewski420

its the mayor of gotham! look carefully and you will see what i mean
Posted by SigersonLTD

Am I to understand that you believe that Tony Daniel is merely average? Who would you prefer writing Batman? 

Posted by carnivalofsins00

that dark image of Damian in the first pages was my favorite of the entire book.

Posted by Big

Babs reviewing a comic book from a utility closet = Epic Fail.