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I liked the art.

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Good review, as ever, and good to see Dick start to really become a Batman and not just Nightwing in daddy's clothes.
My big question going into ... heck, not even 2010, but 2011 is, after Bruce re-claws his way through the timeline and the JLA going through what I imagine will be another reshuffling post-Cry For Justice, where will that leave the erstwhile O.G. Teen Titans (again)? 'Cause I like the idea of Dick, Donna, Vic and Kory in the League, but I don't think that's going to stick.

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That is a stunning image of Batman and Commissioner Gordon. It's pretty cool to bring a classic villain of Dick Grayson back to haunt him now that he's Batman. Though I think it would be more interesting if the Reaper was after Dick. When it comes to the current run with Batman. I'm far more interested to see what happens with Dick after Bruce finally returns. After Dick has really made an effort to change how he does things, what does he do when he's not Batman? This will be far more interesting then the tale going on with Captain America.
I believe this is the second review in a row that you have done on a comic with a rather minimalist cover that includes a mostly solid white background.
By the by, my favorite comic artist, Fred Perry, does all his own writing, drawing, color, and text work. Still produces great art with a fun story. Just thought I'd toss that in.

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694? damn it I've missed 693 already. need to catch back up with this. Ive really been liking Dick as batman, Damian as Robin and Tim as Red Robin. 
P.S. I couldn't help but watch your fringe crawl across your face repeatedly in this video lol

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I haven't read it... but I did read one before and yes there seems to be a lot of stuff going on with the charactars that gets me confused, but it's still a good story though
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I liked this issue a lot and oddly enough, I liked the art more in this than I did in R.I.P..

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I still can't believe TD is on this book. BFTC, he cleary could care less about Batman by saying Bruce underestimated the psychological effect on Gotham. He should in no way be writing this book, heck, his so called "art" which is just soem of the most notrotious art to have ever rendered the pages of a comic. if Judd Winick and Mark Bagley were doing this, this would be one of the best books on the comic racks, with Daniel on it, it's a joke.

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@A Boy Named Art: 
Agree dude, I didn't agree when Dick took the cape & cowl (still disagree) but at least this issue make him looks more appropriate to be Batman
Tim or Damian is waaaaaaaaaaay better
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Nice review, Babs. I also love how their bringing back old villains to fight Dick & Damian.

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good review

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@burr787 said:
" I liked this issue a lot and oddly enough, I liked the art more in this than I did in R.I.P.. "
Really? How come? I personally found the art in R.I.P. to be considerably better since Daniel didn't have to pull double duty writing, and penciling. 
Anyone else feel the same way burr787 did?
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Batman #693. Was the issue Dick kissed Helena, Just to point it out. Also good review   

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u're beautiful ^_^

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Yeah, the art is great.

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@Babs said:
" @burr787 said:
" I liked this issue a lot and oddly enough, I liked the art more in this than I did in R.I.P.. "
Really? How come? I personally found the art in R.I.P. to be considerably better since Daniel didn't have to pull double duty writing, and penciling. 
Not sure, I just read R.I.P. over the weekend and found the art somewhat lacking IMO. I think that the reason I found this better was because Dick was in costume for the entire issue. I don't really like how Daniel draws people for some reason and Bruce was out of costume for a good chunk of R.I.P., so maybe that has something to do with it.
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Tony Daniel. SOLD.  
I LOVED "Battle for the Cowl" so I'm going to be picking this up, regardless of the slightly less quality in Tony's art.  
I'm also enjoying the change in Dick's persona. However I am worried how this will effect the character once Bruce has returned.  
Will Dick stay dark and broody OR will we see a return the light hearted circus kid when/if he retakes the Nightwing mantle?    
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I really like this arc so far!   
I feel like, sometimes, in comic book land, the writer tries to rush the story.  They try to make it as action packed as they possibly can, and as a result, all the pieces don't quite fall into place and it leaves the story quite contrite, in my opinion.  I feel like Daniel is trusting the reader to be patient and just let the pieces fall into place.  And in turn, the reader has to trust the writer to connect all the dots, so to speak.  You see the pieces start to fit together a bit in this book, what with the maps that Selina stole and the girl Katrina, all the villains coming out of the woodwork... We know about the drug-cocktail, now, and I bet we find out about the gas masks from Damian soon... I guess I'm just really excited to see how this all ends! 
And I think the art is absolutely stunning.  I love the way TD commits to full scenes.  It's beautiful. 
Good review, Babs.  I agreed with nearly everything.    

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NIghtwing upgraded from diet batman to cherry batman.

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Ok, it's pretty clear that we all know that Bruce will return, and the only question is, when. A better question might be, having gone through the ordeal, is he going to want the cape and cowl back right away? What if, when he gets back, he decides Dick is doing a great job? I would prefer they not fight over the costume, instead, Dick offers to return it, and Bruce says, "Wait a minute..." 

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Can't get enough of the art!!

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Hmmmm... 1:59 - 2:04 ........ What WAS that..?

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we hear in #696 that the black mask is intellectual and has recently come into money, those are our clues... i got a funny feeling that the black mask is none other than....   
Doctor Arkham!!!