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o wow never got the Martian Manhunter thing, but yeah it makes sense.

From what I understand all the characters were based off Charlton or DC Comics, Nite Owl is like Batman with a Clark Kent persona.

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Yes, i must read this...

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I heard of this similiarties before.

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sooooooooo, weird!

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Oh my. I definitely can't be trusted to say anything here.

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I saw Doctor Manhattan as a real life superman then manhunter
He has all these powers and doesn't age that will disconnect him more from humanity then anything
used as a tool for government powers and all his admires he's still alone. thats just how I see it

The Comedian I see as mixture of Dead pool and Joker with out the powers
He sees life as just a joke, No happy endings no matter how you look at it.
People kill each other for everything
So why not join the fun.
A merc with no morals and speaks his mind
along with the twisted view on life.

but again thats just me

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From what I understand they were meant to be the old Charlton characters, but DC didn't want him to for whatever reasons.

Dr. Manhattan = Captain Atom
Nite Owl = Blue Beetle
Rorschach = The Question
Silk Spectre = Phantom Lady

At least this is how I've heard it broken down. I'll have to look into the Charlton connection more.

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how did you make the catwomen costume

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@sythspawn said:
"From what I understand they were meant to be the old Charlton characters... 
Dr. Manhattan = Captain Atom 
Nite Owl = Blue Beetle 
Rorschach = The Question 
Silk Spectre = Phantom Lady..."

Sythspawn is correct.  DC had just aquired the Charlton characters, Alan Moore wanted to use them in this superhero deconstruction story, and DC said no.  So he created a parallel to each character and went from there.  In addition: 
Comedian = Peacemaker. 
Ozymandias = Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt 
I've read elsewhere that Silk Spectre is compared to Nightshade and Black Canary, as well as Phantom Lady, but the gist of most critiques is that the Watchmen were based primarily on the Charlton characters, with a dash of other characters thrown in here and there. 
I can't even tell you how big a deal this was when it came out.  The trade paperback was one of the firsts to make it into bookstores, and it (obviously) paved the way for a lot of things.  Today, it's impact is a given, but when it was new, it's impact was incredible to behold.
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Rorschach is also based on Mr. A...there's a really good documentary on YouTube that was shown over here, called "In Search of Steve Ditko"--Alan Moore talks about it in Parts 4 + 5

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