Posted by Mr. Wilson

Black Panther is decent, but I do anticipate who the Black Panther is.

Posted by Media_Master

Art looks like Jim Lees

But I know it isn't.

Posted by ken lashley

Jim Lee..really?..l have never heard that before when someone talks about my art...but l guess it's better than..'dude you suck''...

Posted by themaskedhero

Morlun is an immortal being who can drain lifeforce through physical touch, but he gets much more out of it if the person kind of symbolizes an animal. Which begs the question of why he doesn't just go kill Doc Ock or Rhino. And the best part about him is that once he's made physical contact with someone, he'll always be able to find you. Really a Hunter/Prey theme with him.

If he's really going to be coming after Black Panther, this could get interesting.
Posted by kingdalek

WTF T'Challa has a jet, coooooooooooool.

Posted by Blackestnight

im going to gobble up these back issues or read them on digital comics if they're on marvel