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Interesting idea, kind of slow moving video.

But the important part, what do super heroes smell like after a night of running around on rooftops and such? Spider-man has fallen into quite a many alleyways and I can only imagine some kind of super soap would be his saving grace. And wouldn't you think that Daredevil would just live in hell with his super smelling?

I hope Superman smells. I'm not a huge fan.
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I know


$$$ in the bank!

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Rorschach smells on acounta the Nostalgia cologne bottle he has!! 

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i tottally agree

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Batman has to be the worst cuz he not only has those tights but also all that armor. It probably gets heavy and he sweats worst. All that rubber aint good for the skin either.
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lmao super sweat

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of course Batman doesn't stink :) 
nice vid :)

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 Babs is the sexiest woman alive. She trumps every other girl ive ever seen.  we should all bow down in her greatness.  I mean seriously WOW. please marry me. she knows so much about comics it scares me. i mean was produced by some comic genius that wanted to make the worlds hottest girl. I think so 

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and you guys should do more videos like this! I was stumbling around in the archives and came across this and it made my morning. So fun!