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That's a sweet little review. I like it. My first comic book ever? Wow, that's a tough one. I guess it's one of the Batman comics but I can't remember which issue it is. That was like years ago. Can I still get my cake :D?

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I got my start in comics with "the death of spiderman!!!" a late 90's issue and well,

comic book movies like spiderman got me to read the comics again.

+ nice art!!!!

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It was Amazing Spider-Man 393. i remember it vividly.I was around 9, 10 when i bought it.

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a comic where Silver Surfer became carnage

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I dont know if its really the first comic I ever got cause I am sure it was a batman comic of some kind BUT the first comic i remember reading was Classic X-Men# 30 I read that book like 100 times and i think thats the main one that got me started on comics.

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Moon Knight #1, It was some time in 1980 I think (wow I am getting old) I just turned 5. Now gimme my cheesecake!!!

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Astonishing Spiderman #8 (UK reprint) been diehard marvel ever since!

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The first comic I remember getting and reading was in elementary school. It was actually a whole TPB. It was the X-men: Asgardian Wars collection. It was X-men, New Mutants, and norse mythology. I'd love to find a copy of that in decent shape in person - not over the internet. I have no idea what happened to my copy.

(It might have been a Sabretooth #1 comic too. I seem to remember the cover being a little shiny. This was somewhere in the 90s.)

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Wolverine issue #120, Jan 1998, I was 11.

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Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #47 Heat part 2 I guess I was 4 at the time, i remember it being really graphic as  Catman, yes Thomas Blake, has a Freddy Kruger like glove that he uses to slaughter young women with. This version of him wasn't accepted into the continuity though, shame, as he's really dark and gritty as he has flashbacks to childhood memories of his mother beating him and locking him in a closet, explaining why scantily-clad women are his prey of choice.
the first comic was Batman #494 part of Knightfall, where the Joker and Scarecrow try to kidnap Commishioner Gordon, little bit of Azrael in the issue and i was like "who's that, and why is Robin called Tim?" ah back when I only knew Dick Grayson as Robin, how young I was.

Its hard to tell which one I got first as they came out a month apart LotDK in July and Knightfall in June, as I remember that the Knightfall one was pretty beat up, but that may be from me being 4 at the time

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Astonishing X-Men Books 1-3

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i got into my cousins old comics when i was 8 and read Uncanny X-men #100 and continued to read all the way through to the Dark Phoenix Saga all night long 

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It was 1993 and I was at a Fred Meyer when I saw Sonic the Hedgehog #1 sitting on the magazine rack. I grabbed it immediately, bought it and BAM! My journey from Archie to Marvel and now DC began. Though before I bought my first comic, my Dad had a massive stash of DC comics (mostly Superman related including "The Death of Superman", some of the harder to find issues of Crisis on Infinite Earths, and some Green Lantern stuff) before that. A stash which is now under my protection (My Dad didn't want his roomate's kid stealing them so he handed the comics over to me for safeguarding).

So...do I get my Cheesecake now?

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How could one forget what got them into comics? The first comic I ever read was my brothers' Death of Superman trade. It was like 1995 and I was just a wee lad so the whole book really had an affect on me. I still give it credit for being what got me so infatuated with all things comic. Before that my only knowledge of superheroes came from TV and movies. So seeing the Man of Steel beaten to a bloody pulp was a life changing experience. Gosh, I still recall my reaction when I saw Doomsday splatter Supergirls' face with a single punch. Total shock. That single panel alone was mind blowing. It also gave me boundless respect for Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, anyone willing to try to stop Doomsday practically hand-to-hand deserves it. Buuuut yeah, Death of Superman was the hook, line and sinker for me as far as reading comics goes. I recommend it to anyone who has yet to read it. 

-Pres Quisling
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Well I just got into the whole comic thing this month, but in 2002 I saw the Teen Titans show. An I really liked it. I then found out it was based on a comic book like this year(i felt stupid), and so I used my B-Day money and got Teen Titans: A Kid's Game, Family Lost, and Beast Boys & Girls. I fell in love with the comic instantly. My birthday was Feb. 7th and I now have read up to issue 61. While reading the Teen Titans' comic I've noticed how awesome Wally West and Bart Allen is. So after I catch up in the Teen Titans comic I'm going to start reading Flash comics. I'm 22 now, and I have no idea where the hell I've been that I've missed all of this!

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My first comic book was Sonic the Hedgehog #36. Though I loved Sonic #42 so much more and it's tattered and broken now, but I look at it sometimes and rejoice. 
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My first comic was Spectuclar Spider-Man #101, but i got into Marvel comics before that when my mum brougth me Spider-Man 2 on the PS1 (even though i didn't what it)  so thanks mum.

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The Dark Phoenix Saga was the first form of comic i ever bought. It was in TPB form but it was the first. It introduced Kitty and Emma to Marvel and they are my favorite

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i dont remember my first comic  because it was waaaaaay too long ago but my dad always had alot of conan comics so it had to be one of them. It was either Conan the barbarian, Conan the King or The savage sword of Conan the barbarian which was a great oversize comic with just black and white art that was awesome. My dad is still upset they dont make more Savage sword comics.

Damn, thinking about those now makes me want to try and find some and see who was drawing and writing them back then.

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Uncanny X-Men, not sure what issue but it was the mid-late 90s.

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The Flash # 207

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Uncanny #211 ( yes I'm Old) Sabretooth VS Psylocke. Hooked from there. Bets has been a Fav since. I'm glad that when I came back to Comics she had been brought back.

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Iron Man: Enter the Manderin #1. It was a six issue mini series. I actually picked it up just last year. I was 19. 
I just remember after reading it and going back to the store trying desperately to find the other five issues in the mess of comics they had.
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i think it was an x-men comic was my first.

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Mine was I guess Batman: the Killing Joke I picked it up and read it when I was about 8 years old. I still love reading it.

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My first issue was actually just last year April 2009 and believe it or no it was Secret Invasion Chronicles number 1.  I got it because it said number 1 on it and thought oh maybe it will be valuable one day.  I read it and I didn't even know some characters like Black Bolt and didn't know much about Dr. Strange either other than seeing him on a spiderman cartoon once. But I read the issue and loved it so much I reads it like 5 times waiting for the next issue to come out. And I got online and started learning. So I got the next issues up to number 5 and was so pissed off to find out they canceled it.  So I got the Graphic Novel. But it didn't have all the things that Invasion Chronicles had.  I even went to my first comic book store which is really far from where I live and asked the nerds in there about it and they told me it was just certain avenger books and mighty avenger books put together. But later I found out they were wrong.  Chronicles had its own added interesting information not in any previous books. 
Anyway from that I got New Avengers and Then Dark Avengers. Then Spiderman 600 and Hulk 600.  And I got , like 4 other Amazing Spidermans before 600 but not American Son I got the ones before that because our local store gets every third one. I started with the new vulture one. Then I got Blackest Night #1 my first DC book and I got the Superman Batman and Titans minis. Then back to Marvel I got Dare Devil after reading the list. I went to my friends house who had EVERY Daredevil comic every made and read them all he had two copies of the important one or re-prints I could read. Spent like 4 days reading all that. I one a contest here on comicvine for a one minute video I made about Dare Devil. As a result a go ta signed picture later which got me reading Xmen. Then to understand New Avengers better I had a buddy of mine give me all of the Civil War books on a flash disk. I stayed up till 3am 3 nights reading all of that. I had actually seen on the news when they killed off Captian America and remembered it.  I read every side issue everything.
From Hulk 600 and Spiderman I kept up with Hulk and Red Hulk and Incredible Hulk in fall of the Hulks and in the avengers side I got the seige stuff. Then I read Batman RIP and loved it. Started getting the normal Batman books.  Got the main Blackest Night bokos one Flash and some GL books but decided though I liked it I was more a Marvel reader. Though I do like Batman and Superman. 
It all started from  a book that got canceled. And I made a room in my house of nothing but marvel stuff. I got the best of marvel books and found a buddy of mine was into comics who has all the wolverine and deadpool stuff so we trade and borrow one anothers comics and read'em. 
I also downloaded all the justice league shows and watched them. And currently I won a subscription to digital comics for marvel from Dr. Pepper so I read Elektra on there, Spiderman, Xmen, and re-read dare devil. I'm liking the punisher more now and Ironman even though he was a dick in civil war. I gotta say Fall of the Hulks was the best there for a while until the last one showing who Rulk was and it was someone I hated.

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Fantastic Four, don`t know which one but it had the Inhumans in....
....in the mid `70s......I am old.

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My first comicbook was blackwidow homecoming :D And I still can`t get enough of this comic.
Then I had a looooot of marvel comics . later I switched to dc and began to read justice league of america . 
later I turned over to topcow and image since buffy season 8 came out .

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Ultimate spider-man vol 1 Power and responsibility was my first trade 
( I don't get the individual issues) 

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The first comics I ever received were a polybagged Marvel 3-Pack, that came in my Easter basket.  The comics in that pack were: Thor #264 (Oct. '77), Captain America and the Falcon #214 (Oct. '77), and Amazing Spider-Man #151 (Dec. '75).  Being five at the time, I read the Spider-Man book first.  The thing I really remember about it was that Kraven the Hunter appears in the end of it.  In the CA/F issue, Cap is temporarily blind, and has to fight an assassin named the Night Flyer, and in Thor, the thundergod is fighting his brother, Loki's plans.  The Destroyer busts through a door at the end, and it (still) looks awesome! 
After that three-pack, the first single issue I ever got was Devil Dinosaur #1, from the spinner rack at the grocery store.  Yes, I now have the Devil Dinosaur hardcover.  It's been a love affair ever since.

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The first comic I ever remember getting was Venom: The Enemy Within #1. I purchased it entirely on a whim. But the first comic I got that got me collecting was Dardevil #313.
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Two comics come to mind:
Marvel Graphic Novel #1 - The Death of Captain Marvel, which I borrowed from my cousin, and
OHOTMU #4, which I bought new at the ripe old age of eleven-and-a-half.

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Im late to the party but the first one I ever bought was the first Issue of Bruce Wayne Returns, I had no idea what was going on, but man do I love that issue

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well, technically it was a graphic novel, but my first comic was the killing joke

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1st 2nd and 3rd after the 3rd one I love dc comics I wish I started collecting before

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Why is the camera aimed at your torso as you speak? Pretty sure we're supposed to be watching your face as you speak not your chest as it moves.