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Did you post this twice?
Posted by IronSpidy-Rooney

  And there came a day unlike any other  
When Earths mightiest Heroes 
Decided to release a teaser for their film 
And did a shit job at it 

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

oh shit that was nice
Posted by G-Man
@doordoor123: Sorta, not really. First it was an embedded video put in the news. Then a higher quality version was put on our player.
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@G-Man: Alright :)
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Okaaaaaaaaaaaay.................................and? lol

Posted by Comiclove5

This teaser is just a teaser a good one but it won't hold me for 2 years.
Posted by -Eclipse-

That teaser was completely pointless, LOL

Posted by Crymsun

I'm looking forward to the cartoon more than than the movie.. LOL

Posted by Sobe Cin

@ Crymsun..... agreed. 
Did like the trailer- but as much as it was cool to hear Sam Jackson do it, I would have loved it more had Stan Lee done the voice over.
Posted by X-23_2513

Can't wait to see it!
Posted by Weapon-Alpha

So am i right that so far as we know there wont be any other chick heroes besides black widow?

Posted by Moomin123
@IronSpidy-Rooney said:
"  And there came a day unlike any other  When Earths mightiest Heroes Decided to release a teaser for their film And did a shit job at it  "

Lol, just what I thought.
Posted by DannoMan

This movie will only be good if it gets a phenominal script. With so many characters, it may be too difficult to have any further character development.

Posted by Roninidas

I got chiils .
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Well this was disapointing.

Posted by James Lasagnaboy

 Not really much to see here, but awesome nonetheless!

Posted by JuniorMints

Teasers, you tease me good! 

Posted by forthegreatergood

Well, that was a waste of 3 seconds of my life.

Posted by mesosteros

Please let it not be 3D...