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Posted by sora_thekey

I have to say that the animation is looking better and better....
Posted by crazed_h3ro
@sora_thekey: yeah it is ^_^
This clip is Awesome.Wolverine is the best at what he does,and what he does isn't very nice LOL  XD
Posted by Kid_Zombie

I havent been watching these but been watching the trailers and clips and i must say that looks the best yet! The voice acting usally gets to me, but everything from the animation and the voice acting seemed top notch in this clip, very cool.

Posted by bg spawn

this clip was so awesome!!!

Posted by Illyana Rasputin

I love motion comics. I think they are the future. Just add 3-D, and you have a franchise.
Posted by Media_Master

Wolverine is doing what he does best in this clip!

Posted by THEBlaqueBasterd

Mother &%^$&£$*%&%*$*$$*$&&%^^%^%^%^%^%%%%%%%%%%...ing IMUNITY?????