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Posted by the3rdborn

At 1st i hated this idea cause i didn't avoid the Spoilers but after reading Amazing Spider-man #700, Avenging Spider-man # 15.1 and few of Dan Slotts interviews I'm actually very excited for Superior Spider-man.

Posted by iancoderre3

@HollowPrince665: Yeah, I hear so much people saying its rape and stuff. They are taking it wayyyyyyyyy to seriously. And I honestly cannot wait for Superior Spidey!

Posted by ForeverMan

Peter is safe and sound inside some computer or robot somewhere. I'll give Superior a chance, MJ thing does kind of make my skin crawl though..

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I apologize in advance for any spoilers. I tried to use that Spoiler Black but I can't figure it out :/ I'm sorry everyone...

When I first heard of Dan Slott taking away Peter Parker I was really kind of peeved. Peter is a huge character and one that I followed through the years. My stepdad used to buy me comics here and there and I grew up on Spider-man and some(very little) Daredevil. I recently got back into comics through the UCSM series from a friend and read all of Vol1 and started to buy Vol 2. I never read ASM because well...at the time there was like 690 and I was like 'No way'. I bummed 698-700 from him when I learned of this new SSM and this really morbid Freaky Friday tale. It is compelling and it is kind of cool. Yes it isn't Peter Parker as we know it or anything close, but thats what makes it fun. I'm more excited now that I've read 700 and Avenging Spider-man 15.1 than I was previously. 700 and 15.1 acted as an origin story.

Avenging Spider-man 15.1 acted as an origin story for me and I was really impressed. At the end of 700 when he got all of Peter's memories and it showed Otto why he does what he does, I was actually kind of amazed that Otto accepted it. Some may say that the change was too sudden and was almost forced, but I think that it was a nice turning point. In ASM 15.1 we see that yes Otto is finally happy that he took everything from Peter in a very literal sense, but also realizes that though he is smarter and more gifted he always lost to him. I think what we'll see is more of Otto learning that yeah he finally got that cake he order, but it might not be as sweet as he thought.

I'm happy that they are going to back to the MJ relationship, no I don't think its rape and that needs to stop being said. There is a whole lot that SSM has to offer and I think people need to relax and at least by/borrow an issue or two and just give it a try. If anything else read it just to see how Peter Parker comes back by a seemingly flawless and clear cut death by Otto.

So in essence I back this decision 100% and cannot wait to get my hands on Superior Spider-man #1 and reading this new story. I ask for fellow readers to relax and let those who like it, like it. There is no need for animosity nor is there need for death threats. Lets remember that this is all works of fiction that have been around for about 50 years now. Things will change and revert as they have over the 50 years. Who knows....you just might like it ;)

Even if this SSM is going to tank to some, for me I want to read it 1) for the story 2) for the art and 3) When they bring him back, I want to know how and why.

Posted by TheMultiverse

I'm fine with everything that happened, and even what will likely happen in superior except what may happen with MJ. MJ being involved just isn't right, and i'm hoping she'll be cast aside pretty early on.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Not even following it myself to really even give much comment, but will say that people shouldn't think Peter's gonna be done with Spidey forever. Just like you said G-Man, all things eventually return back to the way they were, and Peter Parker is no exception.

Posted by ivolution2k1

i am hoping that peters psyche is still there and will gradually come back it might be fun to watch the doc ock persona wrestle with the parker persona for control

Posted by BoyWander

QUESTION: What page do I go to to see what's happening with Spidey now? Doc ock's or Peter's?

Posted by tobiasPUNK

Nice job Gman! As you said nothing in comic books is ever permanent of course it will revert back to it's old ways but in the mean time lets see where this crazy ride is going. I personally am really excited to read Superior Spider-Man and I think the artwork and new suit look freaking amazing!

Posted by iancoderre3

@BoyWander: Doc Ock's page.

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no, let's not go back. Let this person be the spider-man. It's still partially the same man. Look how it worked out for Betsy Braddock/Kwannon.

Posted by cc1738

It's not working! Why is it not working!?

Posted by knighthood

This ploy didn't make me any more interested in spiderman. Well, at least I hope spidey's regulars will enjoy the switch up for a bit.

Posted by Cavemold

i say 2.5 years. and idont like how they replaced him

Posted by Timotheus316

Just like I do with a second series of a tv show: I will read the 1st issue of Superior (the ending of the cliffhanger) and probably quit. When the news comes around that Pete is back and that issue appears, I'll read the rest of Superior and that issue of Pete's return and continue. Really squirrely about who's in the suit now. Kinda messed up too much; even for me. I'm an open minded guy when it comes to stuff like this but this is too much. I know it will come back around but they coulda picked someone else right?

Either way, I know Dan cares for Pete/Spidey and it will only be a matter of time. After Superior 1 I'll be gone until Pete is back. It's all good.

Posted by Cyborg6971

Ah fanboys, comics greatest resource, and arch nemesis all in one.

You shouldn't have to spell it out to comic fans. They all should know by now that anything is possible. And as far as death threats go, some people need to get out of their parents basement once and awhile.

Posted by Crimsonlord53

2 words Miles Morales.

Posted by HollowPrince665

@Crimsonlord53: hahahahahaha. I personally love MM as spider-man. I'm really digging it. I just think people need to relax and even if this is the new status quo for a while or for good, that doesn't mean send death threats or get angry at readers who do like it. I'm very excited to see where this will lead.





Posted by Dark_Guyver

MJ is about to get raped! I'm surprised some feminist movement isn't all over this.

Posted by x_29

Screw Superior Spiderman

Posted by AlKusanagi

This is why the whole storyline is garbage in the first place. We all know he's going to be back, so why waste everyone's time, and piss off readers to the point you drive them away from the series?

Posted by Mucklefluga

Since this series is bi-monthly i'm gonna go with it'll last 25 issues. It's a nice anniversary type number they'd use.

Posted by G-Man

@Mucklefluga: 50 issues.

Posted by G-Man

@AlKusanagi: That's almost like saying why bother reading any comic book battle when you know the hero is going to win. Batman vs the Court of Owls? Batman's gonna win. Yet it was a great story, in my opinion.

Posted by naylor11

Do you think Peter will return in the Ultimate Universe?

Posted by ComicFan93

The fans of Peter Parker HEAVILY outweigh the fans of this new "Spider-Man". I'll give it a year tops before they bring back Peter Parker as Spider-Man. Even so, it's going to be a very, VERY long year. -.-

Posted by HollowPrince665

@naylor11: Bendis and everyone in the Ultimate Comics side of things have said that Peter's Death will remain permanent. The Ultimate line was a universe where they could do things that they couldn't in the Classic Series. Peter is dead as dead can be in the Ultimate Universe. Sorry, man.

Posted by AranhaMarcial

Honest opinion, the MARVEL're expiring, the primary intention is not to make a good story worthy that will stay in our memories forever, and yes, win $ $ $ $ in the millions! Enough is comic, it is a tremendous lack of creativity.

Accompany the Head of Web, because I'm long time fan, I've seen several twists, and exchange losses of power, I've seen clones and their "new day," ARGH, as did every dumb thing with SPIDER, and forget that the we just want to see the old Peter Parker Nerd, punching some villains and doing well in the end.

But killing and put Peter in his place one VILLAIN? ... Here, we call the appeal! The MARVEL who profiteer from PEOPLE! (And so far this profiting too, with our lack of taste and ingenuity). We stop buying this shit and ready they change everything again and even apologize for the escrito.Como I've said before (AND TELL again, CALL, no I BEG) and we can not and should not buy this shit from inferior man Spider-PAIN in the portfolio only makes MARVEL have pain in consciousness!

Posted by Barkley

still the stupidest story in comic book history....the clone saga was better

Posted by gotwillpower

Gosh, the first page of comments was full of nice, reasonable people. The second..."Screw Superior Spider-man" (x_29).

Come on, SSM #1 hasn't even been released.

Posted by Strider92

@HollowPrince665 said:

I'm happy that they are going to back to the MJ relationship, no I don't think its rape and that needs to stop being said. There is a whole lot that SSM has to offer and I think people need to relax and at least by/borrow an issue or two and just give it a try.

Ermmm it is definitely rape if she does sleep with Spider-man under the impression he is Peter. There is no taking that away from it.

Posted by HollowPrince665

People chill out. Don't bash something until you try it. Hell if you don't want to buy it, fine just download/borrow it from someone and see if maybe you do like it. RELAX IT IS FICTION AND ALL IN GOOD FUN. Peter will be back in a year or so, maybe even more. For now, stop throwing around the hate for something THAT ISN'T EVEN OUT YET! Things like this have happened in the past. Just chill, read it/don't read it. Just for the love of god, chill the hell out. It is not the end of the world.

Posted by comicboy19

I honestly now accpect this change it was a bitch move by doc ock but i accpect it now. i think it will be two years at least before peter parker even returns to the comics and then their will be a a 6 monthe arc where the web of life comes into to play and then everything fall into the hands of peter and otto

Posted by Superbat420

This is why I read dc and not marvel

Posted by donoram

I think this is dumb. They already got rid of Peter in their shit-tastic Ultimate universe. Why get rid of him here too? You know that's the reason people like Spider-Man, right? What the f*** is the point without him?

Spider-Man don't stand for shit. Peter Parker does.

Posted by GeekOfKrypton

Oh! Peter Parker is definitely gonna be back, there is no doubt. I love this tho...I think now they can really show us how powerful the Spider-Man powers really are. I think Doc Ock under this guise will give us a really sinister Spider-Man unraveling the full extent of his powers. We're gonna see how really easy it is for him to dispatch some of his old rogues gallery and hopefully, hopefully they create new villains for him to tackle.

I LOVE THIS ARC! Makes me wanna rethink buying Marvel Books again.


Posted by naylor11

@HollowPrince665: Just saying cause in the video, Gman says that the heroes always come back. So what you said was my point

Posted by GeekOfKrypton

@ForeverMan: Ewwwww! I seriously hope they don;t go that far. I pray MJ finds out or just backs off after feeling that Peter has changed before they do the horizontal boogie.

Posted by HollowPrince665

@naylor11: No worries. I wondered the same thing when Peter died. Bendis and his team said that the death would be permanent. That caused a bit of an uproar and a lot of people dropped the book sadly. I actually like Miles, though :/ All well different strokes for different folks I guess.

Posted by Phaedrusgr

@Barkley: Amen