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Thanks G-Man

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Batman's lost weight

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G-Man is so G, he's almost H.

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That's all well and good for big comic book characters but what about the B and C listers? Those guys die and we don't see them for like 5-6 years

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@Jonny_Anonymous: Doctor Guerrero died in THE FLASH #3. It's been over a year. I'm fighting to get him back.

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Great vid, Tony! Thanks for posting! :)

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@G-Man said:

@Jonny_Anonymous: Doctor Guerrero died in THE FLASH #3. It's been over a year. I'm fighting to get him back.

I seen that, I liked the facebook pic :p

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Do It. I love the videos.

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Does anyone know in which video/webcast G-Man answered the questions on page 17?

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@cdeoleo: Page 20 was in Episode 2 of the new podcast. Last week was page 19, episode 25...so Episode 23?

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Thanks for answering my question In an awesome way Tony! :)

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I REALLY like this new way of answering questions

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When a character dies, they should stay dead. A new character should rise to take their place. This helps keep stories fresher as you then get interaction between a new character and a rogues gallery they have never faced. Comics are meant to be a creative medium. Try to live up to this ideal.

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So true, G-Man. Can't please everyone in comics.

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I hope Raven doesn't die....   ._. 

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Popular Character: Hey guys

Teammates: Dude, your dead

PC: What? No, just went to Whitecastle

T: We saw you die. Ripped apart by the Kraken

PC: You know how it is when you get that urge for those tiny burgers

T: We buried what was left of your hand. There was like fifty variant covers for that issue.

PC: Nope wasn't me. Want some fries?

T: Are they salted?

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Ultimate Spiderman was one of the highest grossing comics Marvel had in years. Then they kill him and half the Ultimate verse. Then replace him with a Ethnic Minority background character. Yet 616 Spidey gets killed and comes right back.

Darn right I'm whining.

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Yeah, I agree to many deaths, makes the comic book cheap. It's suppose to be an escape and fantasy away from the real life.

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I miss Elongated Man, but I think it is wrong to bring him back.

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@Jonny_Anonymous: LOL

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My favorite death was for one character I really didn't want to die. Blue Beetle. The aftermath and its impact on Booster Gold was for my money the most heartbreaking in comics.

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Great video, G-Man. Well-said. I'd have to add: voice your concerns to the creative teams, respectfully of course. Your feedback and money can make a difference.

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Not going to lie, not having Richard Rider around is kind of bumming me out.

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Aww man. Now I feel bad for complaining about the Human Torch coming back. Thank you for putting it into perspective for me in this video. I'll try to be a bit more open-minded about comic book deaths in the future. Hopefully now people will put this tired question to rest and you can answer more important questions going forward. At the very least if the topic comes up again you can just direct them to this video. I like the format of answering all the simple questions on the podcast and the played-out ones on smaller videos like this. Keep up the great work.

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Im sorry any meaningful death gets subverted when said character is resurrected a few months later. Comic book deaths can be done in a way to satisfy the majority. People complain about characters staying dead because others get brought back so often. I like how the Ultimateverse continued the Spiderman issue by having a replacement. I know a lot of people that didn't like Mile Morales at first but grew to love him. A major character can stay dead as long as they have a suitable replacement. I mentioned this before where Bruce Wayne was believed dead, but others were there to take his place. Many of the major heroes have some sidekick lingering around waiting for a time to shine. I think comics would evolve differently if they stopped recycling ideas and step into uncharted territories. I mean a good story is a good story. Let Superboy finally become Superman and let Clark retire (don't see him dying very easily) Let Dick Grayson resume the Batman mantle, I felt he was doing good. You have all those students at the Jean Grey school begging to replace Storm, Wolverine, Rogue, Beast and other Xmen who have been around since mutants were first introduced by Marvel. Let Skaar and Lyra be the new Hulks and go around fixing all the gamma travesties done by Bruce and his enemies. What I trying to say is superheroes are a symbol and don't have to be tied to just one individual. Blue Beetle is a prime example of a hero's title living on after the man behind the mask has died. Heroes and villains can be removed permanently if it is written in the right way.

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@CitizenJP said:

G-Man is so G, he's almost H.


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Bring back Sentry !

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You know, one day Batman or Superman are going to die for real and then no one will take it seriously...