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I love all these videos!!!

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I like Kaine so much, I really don't want to see Ben Reilly make a come back. The current Scarlet Spider is still a great title that is always on my pull-list.

LOL! Tony you're hilarious. No Poop Particles, huh?... and now I want to make a superhero who was created by radioactive Poop Particles. Ha! or maybe affected by Pym's Poop-Particles.

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Could have Blade Kills the Marvel (Vampire) Universe

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You're right that comics shouldn't be influenced by the movies. Only wish someone had told that to Ann Nocenti before she wrote her abhorrent Catwoman origin.

The AVENGERS VS X-MEN story has never been appealing to be because you are basically watching a story of the Avengers attacking a repressed minority. Doesn't make them look that heroic. Cyclops' pre-posessed actions didn't seem off to me. He's a leader trying to prevent the mutant race from being wiped out in a world that hates them. They now number in the hundreds and no mutant has been born since Hope.

Why no Cassandra Cain in the Earth 2? It's not as if DC is doing anything with her. It could be they have some plan for her, but it could also be that they just aren't using her. They haven't even used her since she walked away from the cowl. That was long before Blackest Night or Flashpoint. She just had that brief appearance after Bruce's return in RED ROBIN.

They've corrupted heroes in the past and always pulled back on it in the most pathetic way possible. Tony Stark became such a fascist in CIVIL WAR, but they pulled back on that with that ridiculous brain reboot that just happened to take him back just before he became such a douche bag and be removed from responsibility for his actions.

KINGDOM HEARTS is an action-RPG. It isn't turn based. Technically since Disney now owns Marvel. A Marvel world wouldn't be completely out of the question in that game.

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Is it just me or is this particular video loading incredibly slowly?

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On the topic of poop particles... if you're unfortunate enough to smell a fart during the day, does that mean you're inhaling poop particles?

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@_jackbauer: I believe when you smell something, you're actually inhaling molecules from the object. So...

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I think I like reading Fox Fires super in depth response to every thread on this website than I do the articles themselves (no offense) he just has so much burning nerd passion in him a lot of us are missing these days. I feel so inspired to read a comic book when I see him post, here or anime vice.

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Classic Spirit was awesome. Never read the new stuff, but the movie was utter rubbish.

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Just what I needed this morning.

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What was the question asked that led to the Tick picture?

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you should watch this video :-/

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Even better, place your toothbrush in a plastic toothbrush case. They sell these at your Walmart and Dollar Stores. I use 'em, good investment for a buck or two.

: You pronounced Hank Pym correctly. :0)


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Wasn't Sleepwalker in Avengers Academy or one of those post Civil War 52 States Initiative comics?

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Apollo as in Midnighter husband

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LOL...thanks for the toothbrush tips! :D

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yea superman can most def break adamantium lol

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Hey G-man, vandinejd_1991 here. First of all you miss pronounced the avatar name. It's VAN like the vehicle DINE like a diner and just the letters J and D, only said all at once. That's just my last name and first and middle initials only all in one word. Second, I had changed the questions because someone else had already asked what Marvel NOW meant before you got to me so I changed the second question to:

2)…In the Ultimate Universe we have Captain America being elected president. This year is an election year and so I was just wondering if Captain America were a real person what party would he align with? What do you think his stand would be on the issues? Would you vote for him to be President?

and then I added a question

3) Do you think Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be as good or better than the 1st. Which movie are you most looking forward too?

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I bought two seasons of The Tick cartoon last year and my life is better for it.

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Hey G-man, Kingdom Hearts is actually very fluid in terms of combat. I agree with you on classic RPGs though. With the exception of the pokemon games, I can't play them. I started Chrono Trigger years ago and never beat it, despite my friends telling me to play some more of it. The combat just isn't very exciting to me.

Kingdom hearts however is more akin to combat in a action game. It still has the PRG menus for attacks, but you do them on the fly.

This is footage of the first boss battle from the first game, if you wanted to see an example of the combat. The series is pretty fun if you are interested. I got stuck on bosses in both games and never finished them. I have friends who beat them and loved the heck outta them.

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Great stuff! :)

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some of the superman movies messed up and young justice

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Wow G-Man, you seemed more energetic than usual which is fine with us, of course. Gotta love these vids. XD

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As a fangirl, a little disappointed he skipped over the Apollo/Icon question :p Though it is still a tricky one, do you go with the Wildstorm version, or the New 52 version, (which we really haven't seen enough of to judge one way or the other.), or hey, maybe they meant the Apollo in Wonder Woman, the actual god... he's cool too, for a bad guy. But they probably meant Apollo of Authority/Stormwatch since he's a flying brick like Icon. I don't know enough about Icon to say, though. And he has the same problem, since he's also an import from another universe. And we don't even know if he's still around. (or do we? I would assume if he had shown up it would have been in Static Shock, and didn't read past issue 1 of that)

As an aside, I am not sure how people expect G-Man to know the answers to some of these questions, like when missing characters will show up, or whatever. Like, you would think people thought he was psychic or something.

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I would like to know what trades would be best to read for The Hulk? Seeing the dynamic between the different personalities or showcasing legendary feats of his abilities would be great.

Also a long time ago I read a Hulk story where Professor Hulk was besieged by many of his enemies at once. I believe the mentioning of his dead wife turned him into Savage Hulk who then beat them all close to death. Do you know of this storyline? In a trade maybe or stand alone issue?