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Why don't you read the questions before recording that way you can think of your answers first?

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@MrShway88: I think the man is already so busy he cant spend more time on this haha

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Do you have to say "Welcome home," every time you say CBS because you work for them?

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There's a fish in the peculator.

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i don't think madman would translate well into film.... maybe animation.

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I thought the New 52 confirmed that Stephanie Brown had been Batgirl, but I'm not sure on that. I find it more troublesome that in the short time Barbara was in the chair, post reboot; was Cassie ever Batgirl?

Marvel Now is just seems laughably pointless. It's an overly promoted, superficial face lift that changes little to no actual substance. Just appears they wanted to restart their numbering, but when has that ever actually fixed any problems.

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I think would be Shazam.

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Hehe...he said dig. ^^

Nice video!

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Why do they even follow the 5 years thing. Just because geoff johns wrote something in another book now we all have to have it, another comic story hole than screw up everything. The best comedy on tv is phineas and ferb.

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Arrested Development G-man.... your favourite comedy must be arrested development! Actually just about big bang theory, I read a quote before about that, can't remember where, basically saying that The Big Bang Theory is "blackface for nerds". I love that quote

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eddie murphy would have been a good riddler in a ultimate earth 2 type universe

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Valid point with the new 52 five year limit. I think that definitely shot them all in the foot. I think that the inconsistency of hardcore reboots vs softcore reboots was too inconsistent.

I'd love to see Static come back too!

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@feargalr: I thought you'd be all over that.

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@G-Man: I follow the irish comic news guys on twitter I must have missed this :/ Plus its on in a different city. I really hope I can go, the end of September is super busy for me.

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@feargalr: Now watch you don't go and they announce attendance was one person short in making it a success a yearly thing.

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@G-Man: Right now thats my primary concern!

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You are totally Mr. Fantastic, Reed Richards.

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When will DC Civil War occur? It already happened...Kingdom Come.

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I remember VCRs! :) And I hate it when T.V. shows are canceled after a cliff hanger *cough*Wolverine and the X-Men*cough*!! And speaking of Spectacular Spiderman--even though it was canceled, and I was heartbroken, I was pleasantly surprised and elated to see Greg Weisman go from there to Young Justice. Marvel's lost was DC's gain-BIG time! I think that he, Brandon Vietti, and the rest of the team are doing an extraordinary job!!! I think that Young Justice is the best action cartoon out there (sorry Legend of Korra fans). Anyway, great vid, keep up the good work! :)

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I want to see Shazam in Injustice.

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G-Man, you answered two of my questions this week! Thanks bro :)

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Spectacular Spider-Man is on Netflix, completed for Canada, US, Central America and the Caribbean, I myself saw it with my sister

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@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

When will DC Civil War occur? It already happened...Kingdom Come.

Yeah i was thinking Kingdom Come as well and im sure that that was a huge influence on the Civil War storyline itself; but that was an "Elseworld" thing, so Im not sure if that counts? Dark knight Returns pit Batman vs Superman as well if you want to use any DC storyline - it kinda works. But I would go with Identity Crisis as DCs version of a kind of a Civil War (although in the new 52 maybe that is now an elseworld's thing now too????), it pit the League against themselves; those that mind wiped villains verses those who did not agree with that - and Batman was pretty pissed off at Zatana and the rest that he was mind wiped as well as Superman who must have known it happened but didn't do anything about it. So i could see that going into a bigger thing. i didn't read "Cry for Justice", but that was Green Arrow killing a villain, did anyone side with him? And the very first issues of Batman/Superman World's Finest were called "most wanted" or something like that, and that storyline had a Civil War feel to it (Hawkman and Shazam trying to bring them in, heroes talking sides).

A question for G-man if you want one: "What do you think of Marvel's treatment of Professor X lately (past few years)?" How they use him sparsely and not really a member of the X-men. More of a guest and Illuminati guy but not an X-Men leader. They did that whole coma thing. His poor treatment of Danger from the Danger Room getting him kicked out of the school back in Astonishing X-men. Would you like to see him return (i would). Does he have a presence in some X-men comic i might not be reading?

And personal opinion - since you mention the new Earth 2 JSA, it sucks! Flash's costume design alone left me hating the new 52 for ruining one of my favorite comic brands of all time. And truth be told, as much as i like some stuff James Robinson has done, my least favorite run on the old JSA by far was his final run, it was garbage leading up to the end and I cant believe they let him continue on... The whole Green Lantern city on the moon.... ugh..... I get they wanted some Kingdom Come reference or something there? but reboot this reboot please! Go classic for us! Or make an Earth 4 or something with a classic JSA on it. Ugh.

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This comic was easily one of the best comic books I have ever read, bar none! They really made the race realistic and the story they built around the race added to an already great story. What I mean is, if the story stayed just with the race between the Flash and Superman this comic book would have still been awesome souly based on wanting to find out who is the faster of the two. However, implementing the story that they did around the race and the type of story that it was contributed to one fantastic story. I really wish DC would do a reprisal of this comic book.

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Hey G-Man

I want to start getting into the digital comics thing

BUT I can't find anywhere to download them?

they either seem to be only available on a phone or to stream over the net?

There's no way I am going to pay a lot of money to only be able to stream my comics,that's ridiculous!

I want to download the digital comics in a pdf or something

where can I get these?

Or is the whole comic industry missing the point of digital comics?

streaming is not practical or acceptable for money,you'realready making sacrifices going the digital route


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I think the real lesson here is to not trust DVRs.

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Thanks for answering my questions I too enjoy Big Bang Theory and HIMYM.

Good call on Xavier. It seems like the past 5-10 years Marvel has done their best to keep him out of the picture or vilify him. Have you checked out Avengers vs. X-Men #11? If not, Xavier does play a key part there.

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@feargalr said:

Actually just about big bang theory, I read a quote before about that, can't remember where, basically saying that The Big Bang Theory is "blackface for nerds". I love that quote

That's funny...and somewhat accurate.