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kewl vid

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Hey! Finally got my question answered!

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You could write an article, or just a transcript, and make a video to embed in it. A little more work, sure, but best of both worlds.

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Scout, what about him taking the mantel?

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Batman doesn't look right with a beard.....especially if he puts the cowl on.....

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mr fuzzy nuts LMAO

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Originally though, before the reboot, Jason did wear the pants and pixie boots instead of leggings. So technically isn't that two Robins who have worn that outfit?

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@karbacca: How long ago did you ask?

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@Lvenger: No. The question was in relation to the New 52.

@UrbanChill: It's fuzzy nuts with a 'z.'

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@G-Man: Ah my bad.

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They should have put Cassandra Cain, Wally West and Stephanie Brown and Donna Troy in Justice League International. I think it would be have been great (I did like the series though) and it may have lasted longer!

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darkseid fghts more dirty than thanos??!! never!!!

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It's sad that the one guy was asking what comic (one comic) to put $5.00 into. They ought to find a way to put comics out a a price point where kids could walk away with a handful of them with nothing more than what they usually get for an allowance.

When I was a youngster, $5 would get me 5 comics, so I was able to keep up with the new comics DC was coming out with post-Crisis. It was easy to keep up with stuff like Justice League, Suicide Squad, Who's Who and Captain Atom because the comics were affordable. I don't think kids get $25.00 allowance each week (!?) so how are they going to walk away from the bookstore/comic store with enough comics per week to maintain their fandom (and support the titles).

Even if they made a cheapo line or printed them on lousy paper - the publishers are going to find someday that kids don't read comics anymore!!! (I didn't really mind getting comics on newsprint back in the old days..they were at most 75 cents/$1 back then). Or maybe they could go entirely digital for a lower price point (even though that would be a very sad thing, too).

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@greengrover: I was just talking on Twitter about Marvel Digital Unlimited. It's actually $4.99 a month/$59.98 a year. So in a sense, you do get a ton of comics for $5. You won't get the brand new stuff but there's a ton of books to read. I really wish DC would do this too (yes, I subscribe to the Marvel deal).

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ZZ Top Batman?

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I will ask you something one day, G-Man...one day. When I think of something clever enough lol. ;p

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Darnit! Now i have to wait till next week for my question!!

He is getting closer though.

Hey Gman! keep making them 30min. vidios! please!!

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Strange - I watch every video and wish there were more. My reading time is reserved for comics. I love watching videos while I eat.

And Chiwetel Ejiofor as Black Panther is perfect - especially since he has Whedon ties in Serenity

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Thanks once again for answering my question.

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What questions were asked? I can never see these, so I never know if one of my questions was asked. If one was, please let me know.

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Hey G - Man how can I ask questions in ComicVine????

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@Webjaker said:

Strange - I watch every video and wish there were more. My reading time is reserved for comics. I love watching videos while I eat.

Lol I just have & always do the same.

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@Spartan101 said:

darkseid fghts more dirty than thanos??!! never!!!


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If you don't have a passport, but have a photo ID and a copy of your birth certificate or Social Security card, Canada will usually let you in… the hard part is if the US will let you come BACK.

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Nah, Djimon Honsou is the ideal candidate to play T'Challa I say. Great stuff here.

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Ask and you shall receive...sad face. LOL. You looked really tired, it makes me worried, dear G (;

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Another great video. Love the bits of humor interspersed as well.

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I never really noticed how prevalent the "between the legs shot" was in media until now. In fact I recently bought some seasons of Chuck for cheap and that shot is used for season 2.

I'm sure if I looked over my DVD and comic collection I'd find more examples of it.

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.......I would love to see a Batman possessed story in the vein of "Batman kills the DC Universe". We would get to see Batman kill (OMG!) and show that he doesn't have to have superpowers to be the apex predator.

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Anson Mount from that cowboy show on AMC, he would be awesome as Batman in the Justice League movie.

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Black Panther for president! lmao

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Okay kiddos...

"The Human Fly" was a REAL person who performed all kinds of stunts in the '70s... like hanging onto the front of a jet plane from takeoff to landing. It was very corny and staged... but, Marvel gave him a shot for an issue or two.

They should have sued him for trying to act like Spider-man... you know... "spider and fly" stuff.

He must of been one hell of a shuckster in his time... but, he fell off the radar REALLY fast!

One of those things in the '70s that sucked.

And, I was there to witness all the SUCK!

(And, the occasional good things.)

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A human fly film where he flies around poop battling dung beetles. Brilliant.

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I do have to disgree a little. Jon romita jr CLEARLY only has a job because he dad worked for marvel. Yes I do draw better than him. Rob catches plenty of slack. If I ever win the lottery I am going to commision Jim Lee to redraw all of Extinction agenda. It is one of my favorite stories of all time. It was drawn by three people Jim lee, Rob liefield, an your mamma. Jim's parts of course awesome. This was back when he really really drew some great stuff. Now it is kinda phoned in. Rob's part was impressively bad, and the last guy was so bad that I can't remember who drew it.

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Wait. Where has it been said that Tim Drake was never Robin???

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Na-na na-na na-na


Na-na na-na na-na


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That ending with starfire really got me, nearly died. Great video

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@G-Man: that Gorillaz statue behind you is awesome!!!

I want it!

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I'd like to see sentry back now that Alpha is around and is stronger then Sentry.

Sense Tim started out as Red Robin they could always have Wally show up under a new name like Red Flash. However Wally is introduced I really hope they some how introduce a history with Wally and the other original side kicks like Roy, Dick, and Garth. It makes me sad that their relationships are gone.

Then they could have a cool issue of something where it Red Hood, Red Robin, Red Arrow, and Red Flash doing something cool together :P

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@Slugg22: Haha that made me laugh.

Anyone here knows which story that picture is from?

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Darkseid has had mercy before or has just been too lazy and has a pretty high tolerance level for a super villain. I'd say Thanos would win. He can play way dirtier than Darkseid.

Thanos is not truly evil, he's far beyond it. :D