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more realistic? they have superman taking nightwing into orbit and smacked down to earth.... and if you have enough life bar you can still play after that!

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@JohnnyWalker: Appearance, not necessarily gameplay. Model builds.

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Yeah I don't see DC pursuing the "alternate earths" thing outside of Earth-2 yet...at least not until we see just what Grant Morrison will cover in Multiversity.

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I hope this one ends up on youtube, and I hope that the one before this one does too, I can't watch them otherwise.

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@ArtisticNeedham: I still don't understand why you can't watch them. No one else seems to have that problem that I'm aware of. Have you tried another browser? What one are you using?

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great vid as always!!

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Great Video, they should all be this long G man.

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I have that problem too gman. I use an android web phone. I used to be able to see videos till about 3-4 months ago. I dont want to be a bother though.
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Why can't I watch this video? I can usually watch these kinds of videos. This is especially bad seeing as you've taken the time to answer one of my questions!

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@JohnnyWalker said:

more realistic? they have superman taking nightwing into orbit and smacked down to earth.... and if you have enough life bar you can still play after that!

Realistic STYLE!!!!!!!!!

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Also gman, why did you confuse us with a completely random earth 2 tv series picture when you're talking about James' Earth 2?

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These were the universes I was talking about. Are these so similar that people would get confused?

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Great vid as always!

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Video doesn't work for me :(

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omg this episode was way way to long.

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huh...the video won't play =/

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Can't wait to finally read the Stephanie Brown books so I can start hating DC with everyone else. I've got Vol 2 and 3 of her Batgirl run, but the first volume (Rising) is pretty much impossible to find. Super weird considering those trades only came out a year or two ago.

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@Falconer: It's a conspiracy! DC doesn't want you to read them. Actually I have no idea. Maybe they're just high in demand and didn't have as high a print run as some of the other higher tier characters.

Posted by Falconer

@G-Man: Haha! Yeah, that's probably what's up. But Vol 1 seems like the least printed one of them all. There were a couple copies of Vol 2 (The Flood) in my local stores, and one Vol 3 (The Lesson). But even Amazon has new Vol 3 copies, and Things from Another World has Vol 2. The only place I've seen Vol 1 is on ebay, and people are selling those at double the cover price (40 bucks).

Also, weird side note. For a couple months there was a hardcover of Vol 3 at my closest store. Unfortunately, it was gone by the time I decided to get these books. I've found no references online to the Stephanie Brown books ever having hardcovers. Who ever got that book might have made away with a real gem.

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but didn't we all saw Kid Flash wearing Tim's old Robin costume?

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Wouldnt it be great if like next year when they creat another wave, to replace comics that are doing bad,If DC announced a Earth 3 in which the heroes Donna Troy Casandra Cane and Wally West were trapped and somehow knew they were not suppose to be born on that Earth then found a way to get back to earth one? That's what I think about when everyone asks where they are anyways.

@G-Man: I think its a silly that your concern is that Superman is going to be pretty. I'm so freaking happy superman has the potential to be better!

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Do you know what DC are gonna do with Cassandra Cain the Batgirl who succeeded Barbra Gordon.

Posted by G-Man

@thebluedragon07: It was mentioned...last summer, I believe, that Grant Morrison had plans for her in BATMAN INCORPORATED. Still no sign of her.

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Why do you put questions in your video's if they're to difficult for you to answer. And also nice video its just when you don't answer questions fully or just can't and say why when i get confused.

And on a better note

where is my CASSANDRA.


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The real question is...where's AMBUSH BUG and when will he come back to wreck havoc around the continuity?!? XD

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Water World isn't as bad as all the idiots make out, it's by no means great, but it is watchable and it's at least an original idea, from what I can tell.

I knew when you said stupid powers you'd bring up Molecule Man, ha.

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Awesome vid G-Man! Thanks for taking the time to address my questions.

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I still don't understand why we can't have the good Marvel shows. I loved Spectacular Spider-man and AEMH. Now we've got neither and end up with the Ultimate versions. Why is Marvel so keen on Ultimatizing everything. You started with black Nick Fury and now they won't stop.

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Forget Stephenie, I want to find out about Cass!

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ok unrelated but Tom Pinchuk's a total hunk..