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Always enjoy these

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Very interesting lo de Wolverine's claws :)

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Thanks for answering ;)

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Regarding the 3 Min. Experts. I still remember how badly it went for Sara when she did that video asking people at a convention to explain Wonder Woman's origin. Not even the woman dressed up as Wonder Woman could answer that. That was pretty bad. I never really read WW, and I could explain her origin.

I don't know about someone else writing the new HE-MAN series. That's kind of James' thing, but I can't really complain since I'm not reading it.

I can promise that if you and Sara make video content. I will watch and comment on it to show my support and appreciation for the work put into it. I wish you both made longer segments like Giant Bomb that I can play and listen to while I write and draw. It's just too bad time is holding you guys back from trying out that commentary suggestion I PMed you guys about. I bet those would be popular content.

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The Other: Evolve or Die is my favourite Spidey saga. These videos are wildly entertaining. LOVE MYSTERIO and this extended edition!

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Damn you're really close to answering my question on the Comicvine thread! Ah well I'll have to wait till next week for my answer.

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Thanks for answering my question G-Man ! XD

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:) Thats a old drawing of mine... Was quite a surprise seeing that on top the comicvine website... :D

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@RalfvdH: Love that picture. Felt it was totally appropriate to bring back. Thanks again!!

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Great stuff.


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These vids are great.

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Thanks for answering, what a legitimate answer.

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Very informative, G-Man! THanks again.

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Um…but there was already a Hulk movie. Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton, anyone? I can't believe you forgot that G-Man

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I really love that dude, i would love to just kick it and chill out with g man at least once lol

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@Zeeguy91: We're talking about a Hulk movie moving forward. I recently watched the Norton Hulk movie with my daughter and mentioned it on the podcast. But looking ahead, there's no Hulk movie planned before 2015.

@BigPromise: Thanks. Perhaps someday at a con.

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Thanks for answering my question.

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Man, I'd love to have a coffee with this guy. Bet'cha we could just talk for like hours.

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awesome. I love the idea of having shorts before or after the movies. The point of introducing characters to new audiences and also It would mean more bang for your buck for those movies ticket and bluerays. Pixar has been doing it for years.

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Firstly, THANK YOU - loved the Extra long segment - Next, I love all your videos - make them and we watch them.

Your idea about the 10min mini-marvel movies is perfect (though I can see issues with the actors) - But look how good Jane's Punisher short turned out

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What is that melancholic nice beat starting around 21 minutes? I've heard it used in CV videos before.

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Will this be posted on youtube? I can't see it otherwise.

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An iron fist movie would totally work.

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Great video! :)

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I thought another Hulk movie had been tentatively planned, but I guess I am wrong thinking that bit. Hulk actually has some decent enemies in his rogue's gallery as well. It'd be great to see another Hulk movie and She-Hulk movie as well.

Regarding the 10 minute shorts on DVD, that is a good idea. Yet, maybe Marvel Studios could think of doing a double-feature or even triple-feature type thing by showcasing 2 or 3 characters in ONE movie, and then perhaps having them meet at the end? Like Black Panther, Luke Cage and Iron Fist all in one movie but segmented? I don't know. If you use that idea Marvel Studios, I'd like credit or a chance to write the movie. Ha!!

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Good answer to the Batman question at the end!

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Yay, thanks for answering my question G-man!

I really wish Marvel would give Red She-hulk a unique name. She has a series coming in October though, so it looks like she won't be getting a new name any time soon.

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about the 10 minutes idea and the problem with changing the actors from the 10 minutes film to the mayor film, like in iron man 1 to iron man 2 they changed the actor that played rodhey and people seemed to accept it and that was form one mayor movie to another.

i really dont speak english so i am sorry if nobody understand what i wrote

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G-Man is legit.

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@G-Man: I am SO GLAD you called Scott Lobdell out on his crazy bullsh*t. I know that new52 reset some and hazed up the rest of the previous continuity, but to think he'd be ignoring the superior Scott (Snyder)'s established continuity from 11 months ago is just nuts.

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@FoxxFireArt said:

I still remember how badly it went for Sara when she did that video asking people at a convention to explain Wonder Woman's origin. Not even the woman dressed up as Wonder Woman could answer that. That was pretty bad.

Dude. You can't even imagine my disappointment. It was heartbreaking.

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Like many people I'm glad you at least spoke out against Lobdell's decision to retcon the whole idea of Drake being a Robin. I'm a fan of his, but when I heard that I literally almost fell outta my chair in shock at what was said. There's a fine line before trying new things and just being outright ridiculous when a reboot comes, and if Lobdell is synonymous with this whole New 52 mode of revamp, then it makes me worried for how long this current new regime in the DCU will last.

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Do not, I repeat do not make Superman able to take on Darksied by himself again. It defeats the purpose of the Justice League if Superman can put down the biggest baddest threat there is, singlehandedly. If anything, make Apokolips more of a threat, and show Darksied's cunning, ruthless side.

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There are too many goddamn Robins.

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@Babs said:

@FoxxFireArt said:

I still remember how badly it went for Sara when she did that video asking people at a convention to explain Wonder Woman's origin. Not even the woman dressed up as Wonder Woman could answer that. That was pretty bad.

Dude. You can't even imagine my disappointment. It was heartbreaking.

Actually I can, the fact I met a guy dressed as Green Lantern at the C4 comic con and he did not know the oath....or any part of it. it just goes to show that there are people who act like they are fans but do not care about the character themselves.

: In terms of Keith Giffen doing the writing for issue 2 due in september for He-man im not really a fan of it either. im holding low expectations for it but who knows, he might surprise us.

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@Trodorne: Does the fact that this makes me disappointed make me an elitist? Because I don't think so.

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@Babs: Nor am I suggesting that. I just think its disappointing that I get a strange look from the guy because i ask him to recite the oath for a video. I go to these conventions with the expectation im meeting people who are on the same nerd/geek level as I am. I think that might be asking for much, because I have to realize with the general media in which comic characters are being introduced to people that others would only get into a genre based not on the same media in which i know of the character. eg:Spider-man (comic) vs Spider-man (movie).

maybe im the elitist in my attitude, I don't know. but I always love (despite my disappointment) the fans coming out to support what they like.

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We're watching G-MAN! Keep the good stuff coming. BTW- there is a big difference between collecting comics and figures and hoarding. One is a cool hobby the other is a mental disorder. LATER!

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Thanks for answering my question regarding Backlash. It seems many of us are wanting the 3-min Expert segment to return. Backlash would be cool, but Team 7 would also be cool with their new series arriving. Thanks again. Appreciate the work.

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Intermission... I'll watch the rest later... Off to see TDKR (woohoohoohoo).

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@G-Man: Simple solution to the costuming problem for Red LAMP & Capt. Crusader:

"Do you know how hard it is to get in and out of spandex? Forget that! Street clothes from now on."

...and the story continues.

So when will that next episode be, again? ;)

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Definitely enjoyed the longer segment. Thanks for dong these, G-Man. The 10 minute pilot movie for more obscure characters was a good idea. It would also give some unknown/lesser knowns a chance to get some more experience/exposure.

@CitizenJP: I had to respond like this: *does hand motions* Too legit to quit. I apologize for that.

@The Sadhu: Yeah, definitely. That made me laugh out loud. Also, I really like that series I believe you're named after. I came across it by chance in the back issues section of my LCS and fell in love with it.

@Fantasgasmic: I had no idea about this until I read your comment and then heard Tony's blurb about it in the video.

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hey G-Man, can you send me the forum link? i cant seem to find it

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Thanks for the vids

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I cannot watch this, will this ever be post on youtube? I hope so. What questions were asked?

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That was great fun as ever, cheers Tony. One thing though, any chance of turning down the music - it was so loud this time as to be foreground music. Mind, I'd prefer none at all, the feature is fascinating, do we really need another layer of interest? If youchaps reckon 'yes', my vote goes to some nice Mel Torme, or Sondheim. Anything but this Moog-tastic Eighties stuff!