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*Sees front page image still*

Wait. What.

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Great stuff! :)

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I enjoy these videos, hearing your opinions and answering questions, I just can't get over how heavily edited they are, it'd be a lot more genuine if you just let it roll :). Also they're a bit short, I wouldn't be against something longer than 15 minutes, even an hour, it'd certainly help get through more questions.

Still, I enjoyed it, keep it up.

Posted by D_Knight

lol he forgot green lantern live action movie

Posted by deadpool25mm

Another great "ask and you shall receive" video!

@D_Knight said:

lol he forgot green lantern live action movie

we are all trying to forget it lol.

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Funny i Like DC better. But i read more Marvel. hummm

Posted by LordRequiem

You 'da man, G-man!

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I have ALWAYS been a DC guy ...until the New 52 made me try out MARVEL and I realized that Im actually a Marvel guy. Love Batman and Manapuls Flash, but mainly read M-Titles

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Looking GOOD!

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I wish there was more of a religious feel with some characters. Faith motivates and if anyone would need motivation its the superheroes.

Posted by thespideyguy

Kick Ass is the most realistic superhero.

Posted by SavageDragon

As a Savage Dragon mega fan since 1997 I can say Erik Larsen has consistently done great work on his iconic book. The Savage World story arcs, The Mars attacks arc, and the Mr. Glum takes over the world shift were and are some of the best of the entire series. I have 177 out of 180 issues in my collection and 97% of them are awesome reads if you dig the characters. For the past year the book has really shifted towards Malcolm Dragon (Dragon's son) and Angel (his Daughter) as the leads in his book, much to my annoyance. But thats how things go when you have a book for so long and that ages in real time you have to keep things fresh for the audience. Personally I hope Malcolm dies and Dragon becomes the lead again, but thats just my opinion. All in all I buy it every month (Sometimes Eric is late on the book) but when its out without fail I grab it and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Looking back I seriously cant believe were about a year and a half away from issue 200!! Its so awesome. Long live the Dragon.

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Very informative stuff about storing comics. I keep them in the long boxes in the garage, mainly because there simply isn't any room to keep them at home with my family. It's so much work to try to find buyers for my books. So I doubt that I'll sell enough to make a major difference in my bank account. But maybe it'll be easier to deal with if I get my daughter to help me out.
Although I'm not a huge fan of the New 52, my favorite book is Batman. There was no need for DC to reboot once again. Just tell great stories and that will attract readers.

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awesome interview! thanks!