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you should make sara do the next week ask and receive

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Well, I guess I read up on Avengers Vs. The X-Men. I saw it on the shelves of the comic book store I go to and was interested. Is this story a reboot? I feel like they've had the two groups clash before. Outside of Civil War I mean. I know in CW they fought on their moral sides but I mean as Avengers and The X-Men.

Posted by Mega_spidey01

hey G-man which villian would rather see for the amazing spider-man sequel mysterio or scorpion?

if u had to choose who's your favorite avengers villian & why ?

Posted by windcaster

I was wondering who do you think is the most underrated Avenger of all time? 

Posted by tjx_penn

does sana takeda have a art book?

and is there a release date for superman earth one #2

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Just some FYI, Tony. BAKUMAN is a story about people creating a manga. I haven't read it myself, but I hear some pretty good things. I really think you'd enjoy ONE PIECE. That has an incredibly mixture of comedy and drama. You certainly wouldn't have to worry about that ending anytime soon. It's been running since 1997,

I've also recommended FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST to Corey. You can watch the FMA: BROTHERHOOD anime on HULU and YouTube officially and for free. After the first episode, FMA: B follows the manga canon. I remember Tom Pinchuk enjoyed it a lot and wrote reviews for all the episodes. The first FMA anime didn't really follow the manga.

I actually love video game art books. You get such an amazing insight to the design work of so many aspects. From characters, to tools, to weapons, and environments. I have the art book for FINAL FANTASY IX and it's great.

Enjoy your well deserved vacation. You will be missed while you're gone.

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Some people ask too many questions.

Disassembled was great apart from that's the LAST TIME WE SAW JACK OF HEARTS pretty much. Why's he not back yet?

I like classic Spider-Man and the Symbiote suit, but my favourite has to be the Iron Spider costume.

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@darkrider said:

you should make sara do the next week ask and receive

I would watch that. I'm also so glad this has become a regular feature.

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Thank you for answering my questions, G-Man! :) Never thought you'd do all of them!

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Have a Great Vacation Tony! Comic related? or just a break?

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AWESOME! Thanks for answering my question.

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@Webjaker: Total vacation. It's gonna be hard not to work. But there will be plenty of distractions to keep me busy and off the computer.

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i think your meant batman 10.

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I'll post a blog about the the art books I own but some will have to be omitted for being too racy.

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Great Vid!

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@tjx_penn: i think its Halloween

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LOL at the Lib Dem fan

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Thanks for answering my questions, G-Man. Have a great vacation!

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I have a question: do you believe Lincoln march when he claims to be Bruce Wayne's younger brother. Also, how do you think they'll add classic villains( like faora and zod) into the new 52. And one more thing, what your thoughts on Warner bros. recent announcement of superhero movies that they're planning to make(Wonder woman, green arrow, aquaman, flash, shazam etc.)

Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope

Hey G-Man, dunno if you answer at the comments, but I have two questions about stuff.

The first off, what do you think of Marvel supposedly canceling the Red Hulk series after Jeff Parker's Mayan Rule?

And the 2nd, do you suppose that the events of upcoming Avengers 28 titled Red Hulk's Last Stand lead to the decision to end the Red Hulk run universally and that Rulk himself may be out of the Avengers team as a result of it?

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Excellent last question with the Thanos or Darkseid bit. Truthfully I can never pick between the two myself.

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Great article. I too believe the Teen Titans were really hot in the 80s, thanks to Wolfman and Perez.

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@G-Man: Hey G-Man. I dunno if you answer questions from the comments, but I have just one for your next video.

I've run into a lot of people who're very against the New 52 recently and they always seem to be dwelling on what was lost rather than seeing what's been gained. Honestly, yeah, there are some things I'm going to be missing from the the pre-Flashpoint DCU, but that doesn't mean that I still am not loving the New 52. So, my basic question is, are you still liking the New 52 and think it was worth it? If so, what would you say to people who are constantly downing it?

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do you think the amazing spider-man game will be awesome?I sure do