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Yay! there's a Dalek in the background!

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yeahhhhh, what did happen with the quests? they seem to have fallen off the face of the earth :(

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um... I don't know if I posted on the wrong thread.

I hope my questions get answered soon.

Also: Is it just me or are these videos being uploaded earlier each week?

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Awesome stuff! I need to get a question to you soon G-Man. Keep forgetting...

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I have a vague memory of this, but I remember looking into sending myself my comic in the mail to get it copyrighted and found out that it wouldn't necessarily hold up in court. Maybe I am remembering wrong, but I think that it wont.

I don;t know how it works for writing, but in art submissions the companies will accept submissions with well known characters. Like they wont take a Monkey Boy comic, my own character, but they will take one with Spider-Man (I think even DC will) because he is an already published and legally owned character.

I would love to see a "What are your top covers?" article featured. Give you guys time to pick and whatnot. I too love classic looking cover with stuff like word balloons.

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Heya G-Man! My name is pronounced Sej-Len-Rad. Oh and thanks for answering my questions! :D

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I'd much prefer an Invincible animated series as long as its not too childish, Firebreather wasn't bad so Invincible could be decent.

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This is such a great feature!

Some new quests would be awesome, when I was first getting into comics bout a year ago.. ish... doing the quests on here helped me learn loads, it even kinda helped get me into comics cos I started doing some on screened and then I tried these and then reading all the stuff on the wiki got me really really interested and now I don't need to read the wiki cos I'm reading the comics :)

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Dr. Strangefate? Lol, I've got one of those Amalgam comcis.

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Thanks G man great video.

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The New Cap Marvel looks like crap ! GI Joe vs SHEILD would be an awsome book !!

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This gets better every week

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Great video.

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for a second when you couldn't say that one guys name i was thinking it was gonna be ssj as in super sayian jin :P

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LOVE these Q&A; sessions... One simple question for you. What do you think of Steve Trevor and others being part of Team 7, and how do you think it will effect the different comics (Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman, Justice League & Grifter)?

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@pikahyper: I agree, i know everyone wants there favorite characters to hit the big screen, but sometimes it just isnt possible. I think animated shows if done right and are well written and look cool (not like the green lantern show) can do more than a movie ever can. You don't have to cram origin/romance/ struggle with a villain and resolution all into 2 hours. You could have tons of episodes and who doesnt want that! If invincible were adapted to a cartoon and was a bit more mature like Batman Beyond or Superman TAS i think it would be a hit its such a great story.

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@SavageDragon: agreed, if anything the success of Walking Dead, Firebreather the animated movie and Robert Kirkman's name should give Invincible the Animate Series an automatic green light.

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Personally, I wouldn't want the old spice guy as Luke Cage but that's just me. I think Terry Crews could pull it off easily.

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Here's that trailer he made.

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Michael Jai White...Luke Cage.

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Coming summer 2015: Brad Shoemaker's Justice League

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hhhmmmm,a justice league movie. i dunno, most of dc's movies turned out really REALLY badly. (minus red) And since there making a movie about batman ending his career as a caped crusader,it would be like an avengers movie without iron man,or captain america,or thor.

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I agree with you that I LOVE word balloons on covers. Not every cover needs one mind you, many have been beautifully done with the "just art no words" aesthetic, and many of those covers have become cool posters etc.... (The Power Girl cover where she is just floating and relaxing in the sky comes to mind). But the fact that the big comic publishers won't even usually let cover artists or writers use them if they want to, (because they've deemed them silly or somehow passe or something?), is such a shame! I think its one of the biggest tragedies in the modern comic era. I remember reading or maybe hearing an interview with James Robinson where he talked about using a word balloon on a cover a few years back and how hard it was to get permission to do so.. I see at least one cover a month in my comic collection that really fails as a cover (being too abstract or boring etc) but could have been saved with a well done word balloon or comment. Its a shame and I hope it will come back someday?

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What made you start liking comic books?

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The Justice League movie needs a director that can deliver in sci fi, action, epic, genre films with large ensemble casting:

Justice League- Directed by Peter Jackson, David Yates, or Ridley Scott

The roster needs to be diverse and full of chemistry potential:

Superman- Henry Caville

Batman- ?

Wonder Woman- Bridget Regan

Hal Jordan- Ryan Reynolds or Chris Pine

John Stewart- ?

Barry Allen- Bradley Cooper

Aquaman- Luke Hemsworth

Mera- Elena Santine

Martian Manhunter- ?

Vixen- Zoe Saldana

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I'm diggin' the beard but am not crazy about Jean being back. The favorite covers question could be addressed in segments dealing with particular eras, characters, titles if you wanted to get that picky, etc. That might make it easier to deal with.

@Sammo21: Crews seems a little "old" but I feel you on that.

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GI Joe vs SHIELD now that would make a great book. But considering what tech you see both groups having in comics, movies and cartoons it could go either way. Look at what happened to the Helicarrier in the Avengers film a covert team of Joes could take it out. I could see hidden agents infiltrating the ranks of either group. I doubt it would happen but it shouldn't be too hard to pull off in the comics.

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@G-Man: Cool. Sounds like a good cause.

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I haven't watched the vid, but you know they chose the wrong old spice guy. it should have been terry cruize.