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I always thought that the robot Otto got in the first issue THE LIVING BRAIN was housing Otto's original brain. It just seems to crazy to me that SSM1 opened up with Otto at Peter's grave and then the same issue gets a robot that is made to house and keep a brain alive. In that issue Max tells Otto "yo what you doing in with this living brain robot???" and Otto goes "look at this!!" and Max is just like "OH MY GOD! This could mean huge things!!!" then we haven't had any kind of mention of this since.

Just to bring up your comment about Venom. How 'amazing' would it be if Venom respawn Anti-Venom to heal Peter's mind.

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I'm sorry but there's this interview with Dan Slott on another website & spoiler alert he said that in issue 25 we find out Peter's ghost is still "alive."

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So, that means Smythe was going to do the same thing. So, an influence over an influence? I think this issue was tackled in the issue when Peter and Ock have an internal battle. There were still remnants of Peter even after that event, where pieces of him fell through the cracks. It is Peter's body and brain. Maybe neurons to the memories have been severed, instead of purged, but are slowly growing back to make the connections.

This actually reminds me of "Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker."

However, if it is like this "under the (alcohol) influence," then Peter has just been this awesome, almost anti-hero genius that always wanted to do these things but his conscience won't allow him to.

If we have both and they intertwine often, I'm going to have to drop them both. Wallet can't handle it.

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Great video, and good theories. I'm personally a fan of Superior and would really like 2 separate books (Amazing & Superior/Superior Team Up) that seems like the ideal solution going forward

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Great job G-man

Personally I hope that they don't kick Miguel.

I like the character, It has a fresh Idea, old but still fresh.

I think they will go with the clone saga, again.

Because when you think about it there has to be a group of people who like Miguel, so if they go with the

clone saga they will have three spider-man characters, Peter Parker, Otto Octavius, and Miguel O hara

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There's two page spread in issue 19 that I thought was a pretty clear visual representation of that thing emerging from the deepest regions of Otto's mind. I was surprised that it was never referenced, but I guess that issue 25 will be when that happens?

I absolutely love Superior Spider-Man and hope to God that it doesn't end. I totally get why people don't like it and desperately want Peter back, but I personally think that it's a fantastic take on the character.

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I always knew that Peter would return when the amazing spider-man 2 comes to the cinema, i mean what other reason did they have to make him biweekly?

I am happy that we are getting peter back ( since he is already dead in the ultimate universe ) but i will miss doc oc :(

It would be cool to have peter & doc oc, but i don't want doc oc to take over spidey 2099 i want him to be there but to be him self as well xD what can I say I love all the spidey's

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If they kill Miguel so Ock can still be Spider-Man that would be such a dick move.

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Pretty cool video G-Man. Personally I just don't like the theory of Doc Ock induced hypnosis. It goes back to when the Red Skull planned to take over Captain America's body. If this theory held true that would mean if the Red Skull had succeeded that Cap was so weak willed that he could be convinced that he was an evil person. I wouldn't be able to accept that result for Steve Rogers and I sure as heck wouldn't be able to buy that Peter Parker's resolve wouldn't be enough to overcome something as simple as a hypnotic zap from an octobot. Personally I would like to see an A+"X" one shot where Dr. Strange and Deadpool (hence the quotes on "X") team-up to retrieve Peter Parker from Comic Book Limbo.

Goblin King is more or less confirmed to be Norman Osborn after last issue. He even referred to himself as the "one true Green Goblin". No one else who has donned the GG mantle would have the gall to stake that claim. Dan Slott's tease about a new Goblin turned out to be Carlie Cooper so let's just accept that Norman's back and crazier than ever. At one point he mentions that he felt he should know who Spider-Man really is. Clearly Mesphisto's magic still has some sway over this reality.

I actually wouldn't mind if they sprinkled some clones back into the Spidey continuity. If not using Ben Reily then at least using his actual clone body. I just wish there was some way that Superior Spidey could continue because I've really been enjoying it. I knew it couldn't last but I didn't want it to end so soon. It's sad to say but I probably won't be jumping back on board Amazing. At least Dan Slott will be doing Silver Surfer which I am stoked for. Thanks for the video.

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Forget Peter, I want Flash back as Venom :/

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@cgoodness: We already know that Flash is joining the guardians. Nothing to worry about

I dunno, I hope they just give Ock a new body. I'd like Miguel to stick around

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I think Superior has been mediocre overall. It has nothing to do with Doc Ock being Spider-Man. I just think Slott is an average writer. His dialogue is really awkward at times and he tends to be way too exposition-filled. The idea of Ock being in control of Peter's body is cool but the execution has left something to be desired for me. I'm happy that Peter will be back but Slott remaining on the title is mildly upsetting to me. Was hoping for a new creative team.

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I really liked Slott's ASM run I think his Superior is pretty solid too. I ripped the Parker ghost in the early issues and the "clunky" way Ock got into Peter's body. I hope he learned from that freaky Friday switch he pulled and has something much better up his sleeve this time around.

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I said that peter disappeared during spider island and the guy doc ock killed in 700 was a clone. he would wake from a coma or get his memory back and come a stop superior spidey. but both would remain heroes.

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i had the clone idea also

i dont want superior to end

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I think Superior Spider-Man will continue one. It makes sense since Venom and Scarlet Spider were cancelled. They don't want too many Spider books out there even though I would still read all of them. I really hope they go with the first theory of Otto taking control over a clone. Although I don't think Peter would like that since it would take the clone's "free will" away.

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@g_manOkay so my theory is!....when SpOck was trying to remember what Peter Parker had done to fix the "Time Travel Door" in the 2 page spread you could clearly see a silhouetted person lifting rubble. That person was the ""Ghost"" of Peter. So im assuming little by little hes been gathering strength and fixing his erased memories in the best way he can. I have a Feeling that during Goblin Nation Spock will try accessing memories again ( or his will power will drop dramatically) and that will be the moment peter will strike and fully take control of his body. Now that being said i believe the New Amazing Spider-Man will be a Peter with a big fraction of memory missing and that would make picking up the pieces harder and a good story will come from it.

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Forget Peter, I want Flash back as Venom :/

If something happens to Spiderman 2099 I'm going to hurt someone.

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I really don't like the art in ASM. Peter looks like a little kid.

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@ultimaxe said:


There's two page spread in issue 19 that I thought was a pretty clear visual representation of that thing emerging from the deepest regions of Otto's mind. I was surprised that it was never referenced, but I guess that issue 25 will be when that happens?

I absolutely love Superior Spider-Man and hope to God that it doesn't end. I totally get why people don't like it and desperately want Peter back, but I personally think that it's a fantastic take on the character.

While not explicit those panels did seem like the strongest indication of the series so far that Peter's true consciousness is still lurking deep down in Superior's mind, despite Otto's best efforts to snuff it out. A shadowy figure raising up from the rubble as Superior desperately runs through Parker's memories as he tries to solve a life-or-death scenario? Seems pretty clear to me. That more than anything else makes me think that Peter will somehow get his body back rather than it finding a new home. How that will come about, and whether it will mark the end of the road for Ock, is up for debate but at least we won't have to wait that long to find out. I'm more than a little curious to see how this generally excellent series will end (if indeed it is ending. Who can say?).

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@alcamin: It's pretty clear it'ending with the series finale. There will be some kind of a twist, but that's all. I have a crazy idea. Peter Parker gets his body back, but spares Otto's "life" leaving him somewhere in his mind, till he finds a permanent solution, a cloned body or something like that.

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I actually like Otto as Spiderman, I like the team and robots and limbs. He is a superior Spiderman

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I can see this happening in so many ways. All I can say is... I'm looking forward to this. And, I kinda liked the Clone Saga. Yeah, it could've been done better but the concept was cool.