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great video.

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A couple weeks ago I told a couple of my friends about Talon. They had no idea who he was or what it was about so I told them the a bit about the book and they said it sounds cool. One of them said they check it out.

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Tony (@g_man), you definitely answered this question right. I think indie is the best way to go and we have much help now with kickstarter, comic conventions, and advertising on youtube or other sites. I also feel indie is much better because you have so much control on what you want to do with the characters. That's the main problem with big publishers. Because they will tell you what you can and cannot do with the character. I am currently writing a potential TV show/comic book series right now on my own. I'm writing the scripts as both a comic book and a TV show so that I'm one or both outlets get in there for exposure. I haven't kickstart this project yet. But once I'm done writing a full 1st season I will definitely send the project to a kickstarter and I have put some thought for you, Tony and other comic vine staff to read it someday and tell me what you think.

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Invincible!! everyone read that book. Chew. everyone read that well not everyone there is a deal of language. Fear Agent. ahh man there are so many good comics!!

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hmm won't load at work, hopefully i will remember to watch when i get home!

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Indie superhero books everyone should read? Easy:

New Valiant books (especially Harbinger, X-O Mnowar and Bloodshot)


B.P.R.D. (is it considered a superhero book?)

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Quantum and Woody needs more love!

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The best thing you can do as an indie writer/artist is to create a tumblr, facebook page, deviantart profile, youtube channel etc to promote your things. Also comic vine is a great place too. If you ever get a comic book published be sure to tell us and someone will surely spread the word as well.

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It's alternative vs. mainstream or indie vs. corporate owned. Indie vs. mainstream doesn't make much sense. Saoakden mentions Talon...is Talon more mainstream than Invincible, just because it's by DC Comics? Don't think so. After all, the most mainstream comic book atm, and I say a comic book, not IP like Batman or Spider-Man, is The Walkind Dead, an indie title.

Indie superhero books everyone should read? Easy:

New Valiant books (especially Harbinger, X-O Mnowar and Bloodshot)


B.P.R.D. (is it considered a superhero book?)

Valiant owns the characters, their titles are hardly indie.

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I'm starting to read more Indie titles latley especially Joe's Comics being printed from Image so far he has Ten Grand (whch is great) and Sidekick (which is starting great) but I have a lot of love for the 'mainstream' titles.

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Great video G-Man.

Super hero indie book that I look forward to every issue is Harbinger. It's such a good read.

Reason: Very interesting story. The "super hero" part of it is familiar and unique at the same time. The art is generally fantastic.

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Great video indeeed. Some of the most important points regarding indie and mainstream were addressed her.

Used to read just DC and Marvel in the past. Decided I should expand a bit and started with Dark Horse. Have not regretted it ever since.

Valiant may not be so indie, but they're arguably publishing the best stuff right now. Harbinger, X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, these are all fantastic series. I've specially liked Harbinger, it has some of the best group interaction there can be, and X-O has great action.

TMNT has been amazing too, they may not be so indie, but they're still in the lesser known spectrum of the comic book publishing.

A series I specially liked from Dark Horse was the Umbrella Academy. It was the first DH series I read, and the second volume is an improvement over the first, but only because the first one set up the characters and ties. I strongly recommend this one, it's a very entertaining read.

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Oh... can't belive how dumb this week's question was.

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Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to answer another one of my questions in an Ask and Ye Shall Receive video! Your answer was great!

One thing that does bother me a little is that a common thread with a lot of the indie superhero books that stand out is that a lot of them hinge on shock value. Deathmatch and Sidekick are good examples of this. I'm not saying those aren't good books (although they're not really my thing) but they're the sort of comic you can elevator pitch to a casual reader and get them shocked. It seems hard to stand out on positive and wholesome merits.

As for indie cape books I've been enjoying, well, the two I've been digging the most are definitely Joe Keatinge's Hell Yeah and Paul Grist's Mudman, but both are on hiatus it seems. I love anything Paul Grist does though, his Jack Staff series was incredible.

@tximinoman Sorry to have disappointed you!

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I'm not actually writing a comic book per say but a seven-part book series with a Batman-like figure (I used him a model but did some different things). And I'm not sure if it could turn into a comic nor not. But I'm attempted to kickstart it...Hmm..

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One comic I am really enjoying right now is Uncanny. No, not Uncanny Avengers or X-men or whatever. Just "Uncanny." Written by Andy Diggle and drawn by Aaron Campbell. The next issue (#4) comes out next week and I'm stoked.

It's like Fringe mixed with Heroes.

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the only non DC/ MARVEL books i read are Invincible, Walking Dead, and Eternal Warrior. i will pick up trades for Shadowman, XO Manowar, and TMNT though.

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Really, DC and Marvel are so hamstrung by editorial edict and celebrity mentality that I think independent comic authors are the way to go. We all grew up with the same characters you did, we all still hope against hope that one day they'll be readable again, but honestly with the way the big two are acting these days, it makes everyone still hanging on look like they have Stockholm Syndrome.

It can be daunting to do an independent title, but it's worthwhile when people do check it out. I just collected Witchbro, a story about a magical superheroic fratboy, into a printed book recently, and I've been working on the entries here on ComicVine...it's been a brutal month, which I guess is another drawback to not being paid regularly (or often, well) for one's work. Still, I wouldn't give it up for the world.

Because someone's got to take up the torch, and I think that is in the hands of the independent creators now. You'll never get what you want from Marvel, DC, or most of the big comic publishers, especially if you're any kind of minority. Ever. Unless they feel like they can stir up some mild controversy and get free publicity for it, forget it.

But there are so many independent stories out there that have characters more versatile and more identifiable to plenty of people who have none of that in the major titles put out. And there's a variety, from gritty and shockingly so, to fun Silver Age-ish hijinks. I like that variety so much.

I've read literally thousands upon thousands of comics in my day, and I have to say, I see the most hope and the most inspiration in the new, the different, the people who are not being deterred by the gatekeepers like Marvel and DC. Because now, it's in the hands of the creators, with the internet and print-on-demand more and more affordable to everyone.

I for one think that's good. And that's why I create independent heroes and why I support them.

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I am loving indie books more and more since I have jumped ship from New 52. For me its a clincher of both story as well as art, and to be quite honest I often find myself asking the question of why doesn't either of the Big Two put quality material out when I read such books. For me there's a few. Lazarus and Walking Dead and Peter Panzerfaust by Image. Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time and G. I. Joe: A Real American Hero for IDW. Dynamite I read just about everything. So on and so forth. Just so much more greatness in independents now I say, truly.

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This is the best episode in a while. You actually sounded like an expert on the various facets of comic books for a minute there.

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@tximinoman: CV has a no swearing policy, please remember that thanks.

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The Cyber force reboot :) The 5 first issues are free at comixology. I liked those issues so I ordered the first trade, it comes out next month.

SAGA, I can't praise it enough :)

The lil depressed boy: It has cool art style ,seems to have a interesting story-line.

The Maxx is a Indie comic book right ? He's not that well known , other then if you have seen the cartoon that is .

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The answer to everyone's question is Nowhere Men.

It's quite simple; if you're not reading this book, you're actually dumb.

The series is only 5 issues in and releases once in a blue moon so catch up my fellow viners, catch up.

@slickymike88 You're totally right. CyberForce has been awesome. Mark Sylvestri's covers are gorgeous and what's inside is just as amazing.

@julieejulia672 I will find your roommate's ex-wife and I will kill her.

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I don't know if this counts as indie but I'm real excited for the return of Samurai Jack from IDW (out the end of this month). From what I've heard it's only been set for 5 issues. I'd love for it to continue and expand the Samurai Jack universe. Then again, it is owned by Cartoon Network but it's been in the dark for so long.

I've been thinking of indie comics but so far they aren't so indie but more of lesser known (e.g. The Manhattan Projects, Image) but even I don't buy them yet because I'm limited in cash and I take a long time to decide where my money goes and it goes to comics that I'm more interested in at the moment.