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Great Episode

I personally prefer Pre 52

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They could have done a better job with the n52.

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Hey, I think that would be sort of neat to try. Imagine, Galactic Empire, vs another Galactic Empire!

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Going back to the New 52 would be like going back to the Silver Age after COIE. You make the big universe changing event pointless.

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@krspacet said:

Hey, I think that would be sort of neat to try. Imagine, Galactic Empire, vs another Galactic Empire!

That would be awesome, id go with Legacy Galactic Empire vs Palpatine Galactic Empire

@g_man: Another example of another universe in ours would be the characters still alive from X-treme X-men. We got the alternate version of wolverine and cyclops still alive on the 616 universe.

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Perhaps it is past the point of getting back to the pre-Flashpoint reality now. It still doesn't take away the fact that unfortunately the reality we have in New 52 now isn't as good as we had in the old reality, but maybe that's just the older fan in me not liking the entire idea behind N52 in the first place. For much of the good I've seen of it, I've seen way more failings. Unfortunately, I just don't think things will switch back now, and it makes me quite sad.

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In injustice another universe comes in to save "our" universe

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@g_man has it actually been said that there are only 52 earths in the New 52? I thought that was the case before but Dial H seems to show that there are infinite Earths.

Also in Final Crisis, Supermen came from other dimensions to save ours.

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If the continuity was better in the New52 I'd like it better. I wasn't ready for them to quit the old DC. I'm still trying to figure out what happened to Swamp Thing when they brought him back

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I think a pre-N52 meets the N52 would work as a one-shot or a limited run series. At the very least, it'd be interesting to see. Unfortunately, DC doesn't seem to go down that road nearly as often as Marvel seems to. I don't read Marvel (too many characters to keep straight in my head), but from what I'm seen on the shelves, they are more apt to go down the "what if" road and do fun little limited run series quite often (Deadpool killing preactically everything being a good example). I'm undecided as to which approach is better. Part of me thinks that Marvel's approach can water down the story lines and maybe confuse the casual reader, while the other part of me is wistful of the Marvel fans being able to see these ideas explored, if only casually. I know DC does it occasionally with their graphic novels like the Earth-One Batman and Superman ones, but I wish they would do it more often on the smaller scale like Marvel does.

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It's weird that people have complained so much about the N52.

DC has rebooted print comic sales and increased sales in general with it, bringing in new readers. It's a difficult thing to do, reboot a universe while trying to keep new and old readers somewhat satisfied. For the most part they did a decent job of it in my opinion.

Continuity is messed up, but the lack of it gives new readers the opportunity to jump in and get caught up without have to read up on decades of stories. That being said, I think people shouldn't have jumped the gun so quick... Something like this can't be done perfectly within the span of a month. 2 years later and I think a lot of things have been cleared up, and I only see that progressing.

The biggest problems have been in the characters and their personalities, which I blame solely on writers like Scott Lobdell who joined DC with the reboot, and it shows in EVERY book he writes. Another problem has been the confusion with character's histories, which again, I was glad seeing cleared up by Morrison, not Snyder, and with the upcoming Zero Year tie-ins, other writers.

I think that within a year, DC will have a lot cleared up, and with the ever increasing quality I've seen, I don't see their books getting any worse within that time.

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DC's "Legion of Three Worlds" miniseries was based on exactly this premise -- the then-current "main" Legion of Super-Heroes faced a threat so large and so dangerous that they called upon the Legions from two parallel realities (versions that had been previously published by DC) for help.

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I think they should steer away from the pre 52 because that universe doesn't exist anymore and it would cause to much confusion.