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Posted by Wes_Master_General

Magic rings don't work in a movie, eh? DC could learn a thing or two!

(I kid. Green Lantern was ok- I give it a 3)

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Oh god...the background is giving me nightmares...turn it off, turn it off!

Superheroes don't have the authority to convict people, but superheroes aren't trying to convict them. They're more worried about keeping the crime from occurring, or enabling the police to take the criminal into custody. Or, if you're Batman, you forget the entire justice system and focus on striking fear into the hearts and minds of criminals.

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@mattwing87 I don't think you thought this question through or clearly because these villains are terrorists. I know it's hard to come to realization with this recent ways of labeling the word. But the definition of terrorists is anyone threatens people for their own interior motives. And that's what pretty much what these villains do, the Mandarin is sort of a terrorist because if you look at his wiki page, he took control of China and manipulated people to launch a missile to the US to prepare a world war. (Man, what waste of a possible potential plot line for the film if you think about it. Since Iron Man had his alien phobia and the rings are alien tech and add that with this plot line I just mention of taking over China would have been perfect. (@g_man, read what I just said). This is why I sort of pissed why he wasn't used in the film. Anyway, Bane is a terrorist too because he killed people too and blew stuff up just to get more or sell venom. He was basically a drug dealer terrorist. Argh! Another waste potential plot line for Bane! Man these film makers don't think! Crossbones is a mercenary which threatens or kill people get money which points to terrorism too. So, the only these films need to do is stop labeling terrorists as middle eastern people. That's only problem I see.

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In the immortal words of Orville Richard Burrell "It wasn't me"

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I think the main problem with Mandarin's rings is that they need to be explained. If they have used Mandarin as he is in the comics they would've need a whole movie just to say who he is, where did he got those rings, where did those rigns come from, why are they powerfull and a bunch of other questions that would've made the movie four hours long. And that wasn't what the movie was about. The movie was about why Tony Stark is Iron Man, what makes him special enough to be called a superhero.

Posted by kcvic

@jonny_anonymous: in the immortal words of Stanley Kirk Burrell (mc hammer) " can't touch this" after his arrest

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Well Bane's character was implied to be terrorist but if memory serves, he was actually dubbed a mercenary in TDKR, which actually is respecting the source material. But I understand the question totally, and if you think about it, far too many supervillains are being changed into 'terrorists' for the sake of movies since I think you have made a point in the question, that pure fantasy might just not work all that well in movies. Sure, for the true fans like me who would've wanted to see actual Ten Rings of Power it feels like a let down, though so many other examples abound. In a post-911 world I think its a tool of relating something that a majority of moviegoers, who aren't comic book readers I might add, to what is being portrayed on screen. In truth I think its just to try and make the movie more successful financially, though films like the Avengers shows that making supervillains into terrorists doesn't always have to be done. I like the second question too because its always been one I've pondered and its implication shows that supervillains do not necessarily have to manipulate the strings to get their 'out of jail free' card if they play it right, all they have to do is be wary of the fact that unless said superhero provides evidence and witness to the crime being played out that they won't be prosecuted. The burden of proof works quite heavily against supervillains and all too easily in favor of villains.

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@tximinoman: Simple enough to explain away. The Chitauri could have left them behind. They could have even done one of those 10 minute long mini-stories about it. Better than turning a potentially awesome character into literally a punchline.

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"I don't even like Chemistry, I dropped it in high school." Comedy gold, G-Man. Good job.

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By the original definition all villains are terrorist but since 9-11 everyone views as terrorist as people who use terror for political gains instead of the original definition meaning anyone terrorizing people for some type of gain.

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I think in this day and age, anyone who seeks destruction or great harm to a group of people is going to be branded a terrorist. Even though the Joker in The Dark Knight isn't out for political gain or anything like it, I think he would still be branded a terrorist if it were to happen in the real world. I think the term terrorist itself is used too often and too loosley.

I was extremely suprised and happy that the Mandarin did end up not being a real threat and just a puppet for Adrian to cover what his plans were. As for Bane, his militaristic style and attacks towards the rich and powerful fit our more modern use of the word terrorist itself.

I for one hope that the Winter Soldier gets done correctly and that he isn't just another terrorist, but in this day and age it's kind of hard not to associate such actions against a country as terrorist attacks. Hopefully his character will go deeper than just a Soviet "terrorist" and he isn't constantly referred to as a terrorist in the movie!

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@tximinoman: I would almost buy that if this was Iron Man 1 but it isn't. They had two movies to foreshadow the mandarin's upcoming arrival. The comic book version would've been much better than what we actually got in the movie.

@m3th said:

By the original definition all villains are terrorist but since 9-11 everyone views as terrorist as people who use terror for political gains instead of the original definition meaning anyone terrorizing people for some type of gain.

This. It seems like terrorism is just becoming a lazy plot tool for tossing villains into a movie without actually giving them a decent origin.

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@g_man Your videos are always fun to watch Tony. Thanks. :)

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Villains are a sign of the fears and dangers of the time in which they are produced. In the 40's you had a lot of German and Japanese villains. In the 80's we had capitalist tycoons like Kingpin and the modern Lex Luthor, now we have terrorists. If villains don't reflect the times, then they don't seem like as much as a threat. So it really doesn't bother me when they update a villain in that way.

Bane was still a prisoner in addition to being a terrorist in TDKR so in that case it isn't like they completely changed who that character was. As for Crossbones, I don't know if he has always been a terrorist, but I'm pretty sure he already was a terrorist for all of Brubaker's run which Winter Soldier will be based on anyway. So of course he would be a terrorist.

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Well I think it's just a stupid move to turn villains into simple terrorists.I mean,this is comics.It's fantasy,not the simple things of this world.That's like turning captain america or batman into cops.It's comics...they're made to be fantasy.I mean,I guess you can tone it down a bit for the movie and sake of being easy for everyone to follow,but at the same time you must have the essence of the character.And I think having fictional Gods and things in a movie is perfectly fine,only if done right.Like with how they excellently did it with Thor and made it believable.

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You know, at some point DC heroes had a law that allowed them to tesify in costume. Think it was Silver Age.

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What happens if you forgot to brush your teeth? o.0

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What happens if you forgot to brush your teeth? o.0

Just look at Tony's teeth.

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Why are villains turned into terrorists? Because there is this moronic idea that they have to be super realistic.

Its like asking, why do female villains get to be redeemed easier, such as the Baroness in GIJoe1?

As for convicting super villains, I havent seen GL, but it seems to me, once the people know aliens exist, the GL's authority needs to be as recognized as the law enforcment from any other foreign nation here on earth would be to the US.

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Villains are pretty much terrorists, but I like the fact that comics don't refer to them as terrorist. And I guess by saying that villains are terrorist in movies, it adds a more realistic feel to the movie.

I don't mind it for movies, because I know comic movies will never be perfect.

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@g_man Where did you get that awesome 3's company shirt? The Regal Beagle

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Bane was reaaaaally something in that Cloony movie. Not anything good of course.

Posted by Darkseid_Prime

@wes_master_general: that's generous... at least they got Sinestro mostly right and his acting made the movie watchable.

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