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What a "hard" question to answer regarding Superman's hardness...teehee I'm sorry I just can't take that question without laughing. Its just too effin' hilarious! Great question ^_^ Suffice it to say, his muscle mass is quite compact.

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Lol, definitely needed to define the word "hard" for us there; steel might've been a great alternative. Great theories on Superman's invulnerable skin as to why he might not be able to feel certain things that are somewhat important in an everyday normal human's life, which Clark really wants to be interactive with knowing that he now calls Earth (Metropolis) his home. I mean, if he can't feel the temperature of a simple shower, can he at least appreciate the refreshment of water? Could he feel the calmness and touch of a soft hand or kiss? Is he able to act and feel like a normal human being or is he just a "Man of Steel"? And like you said, if someone(s) accidently bumps into Superman, is it like running into a brick wall or is he able to manifest that "force field" inside him until it senses the time to activate? This opens lots of questions as to if he actually could feel, sense, and touch sensitive objects/things. Great theories on this question, very controversial.

As to the battle between Hardware and Iron Man..my edge goes to Iron Man. He's one of the smartest beings in the universe and built many weaponry and future technology such as his armored suits; IM also discovered newly found elements, I mean c'mon!

For the artists behind Static Shock, my favor goes more towards Pete Woods and Sean Parsons, artists on the current New 52 series, Justice League of America's Vibe. They're doing a really great job on the title and think the whole concept and style in their drawings fit the character really well. The frame of mind between the two titles resemble each other a lot and are almost exactly alike as to the artwork.