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Quick note: For those wanting to see a more close-up view of these, skip to the end. (12:50)

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@Xenozoic Shaman Way to ruin the suspense...
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Oh no! They have a Galactus and Silver Surfer! - now I have to buy these.

BTW - Nice rendition of the Chicken Dance.

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My nephew loves these stupid things. My favorite thing to do with them is vacuum them up after I trip on them.

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the comicvine equivalent of skylanders?

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Great vid as usual G-Man!! ^_^

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Any possibility of Lego super heroes vids in the future?

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Squinkies... All of the good names for everything are officially taken.

EDIT: I don't know that you can claim to be a smart shopper while buying something called a squinkie (or would that be squinky?)

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we got my daughter these for her birthday at the beginning of January. They seem pretty cool esp. the marvel pack we got her, although she doesn't seem to play with them as often as the lalaloopsy dolls and figures that she got. I'm debating on getting her the spider-man bust that holds and dispenses the squinkies in their balls, its 12 bucks on the clearance isle at walmart?