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Posted by hitechlolife

I totally forgot this was coming out!

Posted by DarkChris

Great vid!

Posted by iLLituracy

It was a good movie. It took the main plot of Luthor and Superman dying from the book and incorporated it into a film versions. I feel like in the transfer they took some of the weight from the film, but overall it felt like a good transfer. 
I just feel like it worked much better in print.

Posted by Razeil

Great film and it's done really well, but they didn't link the events well enough. It felt like the story was just jumping to new things too quickly without explaining what's going on.

Posted by NightFang
@DarkChris said:
" Great vid! "
Posted by DapperMan

Does anyone know if the Blu-Ray is coming to europe? (please, please, please be)

Or, on ther hand, if the blu-ray is region-free?

Posted by TheMinister707

Best DC Universe film I've seen! Grant Morrison rocks!

Posted by Luca_Frost

Better than doomsday!

Posted by Mbecks14

I'm so happy the movie turned out well! I'm getting it today! All Star Superman is one of my favorite books of all time!

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Wow, only 75 minutes for this movie? That's shocking. If this was as good as you all say (I haven't rented this yet to check it out), do you think it could of also benefited from more of a 90 minute run time? I will rent, but I doubt I'll buy. I recently bought Summer Wars on Blu-ray and that was incredible. Such an fantastic, touching  story.
I find myself much more open to actors to voice Superman than with Batman. Kevin Conroy is the voice of Batman to me. He is the voice I hear as I read Batman.
You can never go into a movie expecting a straight adaption, though it should be as close as possible. With books, so many times Hollywood butchers books to the point where they aren't even the same story. Jurassic Park: Lost World the movie and book were completely different. There were maybe only two scenes of the book in the actual movie. Nearly everything was changed.
"Kiss on the moon"?? What's she breathing?

Posted by ckeats

According to IMDB  John Di Maggio was cast as Bizzaro, so maybe they made it and it was cut?

Posted by Atari_Graphics

The art style looks almost "anime" but not in a bad way. I kinda like it and the animation is amazing as usual with anything DC does. 
Obviously the story is great, Grant Morrison a his best and I think the cartoon did a good job representing the source material. 
Thanks Warner Bros and DC for another quality picture!

Posted by GamiSB

Spoilers for the movie and comic 
Seen it, it was good. A lot from the comic is in there but they cut some of the best and most emotional parts. 
The girl attempting suicided is cut, curing cancer was cut, Superman and Johnathan Kent's scene was cut. Those three moments people teared up during or that showcased the beauty of Superman gone. 
Bizzaro world was also cut and the city of Kandor was handled differently. Jimmy Olson's trip to   Quintum's lab is cut. The ending was also altered, Luthor is the one that hands over Superman's DNA structure not Superman which removes the theory that   Quintum was Luthor from the future, there is no giant Superman 2 ememblem in the lab. We never see Superman-Prime giving away that he lives through fixing the sun. But the one thing that bugged me was the final scene. ASS ends with with the classic picture of Superman working inside the sun and to me this always gave the feel that he himself was  moving around and working, but the transition to animation keeps this image still making it much more statue esc like. 
All in all a 4 out of 5 the good parts are here but the best are taken out.

Edited by shawn87

Good video. I like how you guys added the music in there, that was real nice 
I'm gonna have to get this though I really wanna see it

Posted by Supreme Marvel

I wanted the Kal-Kent section to be in the film. That's the only beef I have with the film.

Posted by Tempo120

I've seen this movie and I was quite impressed but I was really disappointed at a few things. I was upset when they cut out the part where Superman saves all of the terminally ill children for starters. another thing that equally disappointed me but wasn't as a large scene was the scene with the emo kid who was about to commit suicide and Superman saved him/her. My last gripe is probably my greatest and that was that they cut out the part with Jonathan Kent, which is probably my favorite part of the comic book. 

Posted by Joe Venom

I really loved the parts with the Parasite vision that was my favorite scenes of the movie.

Posted by Dr. Maxwell

No Bizarro-World? Sadness

Posted by Little Sparrow
@johnnysasaki:  it comes out in the UK on the 22nd of feb.
Posted by goldenkey

I did't like the book, but I'll check this out anyway.  Bring on Dark Knight Returns
Posted by The Stegman

i actually haven't read All Star yet, but i wanna buy it, is it collected into two volumes or one?

Posted by CrimsonInuTears

Awesome... Really? I dunno, it didn' look that awesome. Well, I'm gonna see it either way.
Posted by strawbeki

Somehow this managed to slip under my radar :/ I'll have to check it out!

Posted by entropy_aegis
@TheMinister707 said:
"Best DC Universe film I've seen! Grant Morrison rocks! "

Posted by untammed
@hitechlolife said:
" I totally forgot this was coming out! "
Posted by RazzaTazz

I dont follow Superman so much so can someone tell me who is he kissing in the pic?

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

I could see Norm reigning in his disappointment that they didn't get Tim Daly for Superman.  Still, appreciate the frank opinions.  I wonder if the episodic nature of the issues will make the transitions jarring.

Posted by Deadcool

I really love Superman character, but I rarely read Superman comics, this seems awesome...

Posted by ImperiousRix
Posted by Grubich

Just finished watching it. 5/5. I even loved how Lex sorta felt sorry, and gave the scientist Superman's genetic code.

Posted by Deranged Midget

Amazing film, brilliant animation, superb voice acting. They took the best parts of one of the best known Superman stories and still made it a masterpiece. Didn't think it could be done, they set a new bar for animated films.

Posted by SC
@RazzaTazz said:
" I dont follow Superman so much so can someone tell me who is he kissing in the pic? "
Trailer is not working for me, but I think your speaking of Lois, and she looks different right? She gets powers and a new outfit. Are they kissing on the moon? Then def her. 
Posted by grbear
@johnnysasaki The blu ray is reigon free as most of the DC animated stuff tends to be.
Edited by Fantasgasmic

I'm kinda upset that Zibarro/Bizarro got cut out, that was one of my favorite part. I'm REALLY upset that I heard that the tiny scene where Superman stops that girl from jumping was cut. That is probably the best single page in any Superman story ever. It's a scene that defines Superman's super-humanity.  



There's something in my eye…
Posted by TheCrowbar

Can't wait to get it!

Posted by RazzaTazz
@SC: Ah I thought it looked like a woman in a costume, but on closer examination is not
Posted by clumsyninja

I wish Tim Daily/ George Newbern would have been the voice of superman like the in the previous movies/animated series, thesy get him o well.

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I cannot wait to buy this, I love the behind the scenes stuff.  Wish I could see more of that stuff too.
I loved Allstar Superman, can't wait to see it animated.

Posted by Supreme Marvel
@Fantasgasmic said:
" I'm kinda upset that Zibarro/Bizarro got cut out, that was one of my favorite part. I'm REALLY upset that I heard that the tiny scene where Superman stops that girl from jumping was cut. That is probably the best single page in any Superman story ever. It's a scene that defines Superman's super-humanity.  


There's something in my eye…
Damn, forgot about that scene. That should have been in it.
Edited by KZR

I watched the film a few hours ago and let me just tell you that it just blew me away. The film and the comic book series are really good and if you haven't seen the film or read the series I highly recommend them. 
  Yeah come to think about it they did miss a few good things and I really think if they were included in the film it would be better. But overall still a brilliant film. 
Posted by carnivalofsins00

I gotta ask. What did you guys enjoy more, Under the Red Hood or this?

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

Is this out now?  I thought it wasn't out yet.

Posted by G-Man
@ArtisticNeedham: Out on Tuesday. WB sent over an advanced copy. Anyone saying they've already watched it most likely hasn't watched it through honest means...which is a shame because if sales are poor, we won't get more excellent original movies.
Staff Online
Posted by grr8t

They left out issue 6 , wtf?

Posted by texasdeathmatch

tried watching it, corny as all hell

Posted by ArtisticNeedham
@G-Man:  I hope I can buy it on Tuesday then.  Looks great, one of my favorite Superman stories as well.
It is a shame, they have to pay for all the artists and talent working on the movie, plus sending it over seas to be worked on there as well.  I hope this ells well,
I hear their next projects are Emerald Knights and Batman: Year One.  I hope those don't get canceled because this one doesn't sell well enough.
Posted by entropy_aegis
@carnivalofsins00 said:
"I gotta ask. What did you guys enjoy more, Under the Red Hood or this? "

This,it had an EPIC bone chilling ending. 
and overall was more exciting than the constant brooding(which i dislike ).
Posted by The Impersonator

I just wished that the movie would have ran for 2 hrs. It went so fast like a speeding bullet. But overall, the movie was good.  

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I am glad I bought this and I am getting it on Thursday. You guys made me excited for me to watch it 

Posted by Fantasgasmic

is it me, or does the art style look a lot like Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
I rewatched the trailer and I'm getting a really familiar vibe, but not from the comics.

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