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Yeah Gorillaz and nice vid

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When did the roles change?
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Cut off one limb and two more shall take it's pla...
oh sorry wrong evil organization I meant well...I guess ninja don't really make sounds do they? perhaps *FWAP* will do as a motto.It could be a thrown ninja star,or a ninja landing on something,or someone losing a limb.

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Hey, that Polo was on sale at the outlets for 14 bucks sometime ago.
And The Hand is the guy at the end of Smash Bros. that always beats the shit out of me.

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yay Ninjas! Disposable Fodder!

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Stunner brought them in to bring the first Doc Ock back to life.  Then Spidey beats the snot out of them and Delilah.  Good stuff.

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Tom's taking over The Hand... and ComicVine ;)

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good stuff.

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@Grendel: Well you know, I'm just a SLAVE to fashion...
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Whoa whoa whoa, where'd Vinny go. CHANGE SCARES ME!

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@Grendel: and the double hands are just impossible. haha
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Ah, but which one is more devilishly sinister? 
The Hand from Morrison's The Filth...or The Hand from the Marvel Universe?