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Lol, the pictures at the side were most entertaining.

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LMBO! I really think he got it about right :)

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He forgot to mention, way sweet "herbie" hair.
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boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! the red hulk guy was better =D

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Huh, his speech pattern sounds similar to mine. Very....mellow. Still, he got the basics down.

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He didn't get much in in 30 seconds now did he?
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luv   it
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with... an arrow.. 
loved it...  

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Loved it... He covered the essential-ness of the character!

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I couldn´t say more about Hawkeye...

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whats that little animation where he hits some robot with an arrow? it looks like a neat little game

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Lmao FAIL!

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that was informative...

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@G-Man said:
" Did you guys know that there's actually a Hawkeye THEME SONG on Chris' site:
 http://www.chrisgcomics.com/down.html "
That is so Awesome!  Maybe the most awesome song I heard all day.  What the heck, it is the most awesome song I heard all day.
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That was interesting I guess...

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@talltuck94: I think that was either the Avengers Sega Genesis game, or the Avengers arcade game.  I can't remember where I pulled that video bit from.  
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haha tht was funny. on jade, Robinson was so much more informative. but its all good. Chris seems like a good guy, a little awkward but cool and friendly.