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Nice choice G-Man. The psy-blade at the end was awesome.
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Yeah... but how did she become Asian again?

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Thanks G-MAN, you are great! I love Psylocke is one of my favorite characters.

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Even though I understand who Psylocke is, I think I am even more confused now.

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Is it me or does the last pic make her look like kate bekinsale ? nice vid

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Wait, you didn't explain when she became Asian.....I feel even more confused now.......

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Nice overview covering some of the most notable event's in Psylocke's history, I hope you do one on Captain Britain at some point, heck, one on the entire Braddock family would be interesting to see!

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Cool beans, she's an interesting character alright.

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@AmazingSpiderMike: That seems to be case with most X-Men characters. They leave a lot of us confused, haha.
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That was great G-Man!
So just to make sure the Alan Moore haters heard right, Alan Moore was the first writer to make her a fighter in Marvel U.K.'s Captain Britain?  
Is it also true Alan Moore created the term 616?

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I left a few things on the cutting room floor for time - one of the things was at what point she was portrayed japanese. I believe it was when she came from marvel uk to marvel; there is no real explanation however.

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Did she fight Sabretooth more than once?  I mean prior to their fight at the mansion.  That was in 1995ish right?    So she was just hanging around with the X Men for 7 years before they made her official? The pic of her fighting Sabretooth at the mansion confused me.

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@bingbangboom: I've seen her real body, the Asian one looks better
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so when did she become asian??

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Yay! for Psylocke!!!! :D

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Psylocke has always been my favorite X-Lady.

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I knew that Psylocke's history was confusing but I never thought it was this complicated...
Thanks for clearing up some question Tony! 
and Kudos to whoever did the editing... that psy-blade was awesome!

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Another great 3 minutes of history, I really liked this one, I wanted to know about Psylocke and Slaymaster, ever since the two battled in the Exiles. Thanks G-man.

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Okay, I thought the Siege Perilous had something to do with making her Asian. <shrugs>  Her history is way overcomplicated.  I have a little bit better idea of what happened with her now though.

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After she went in the Siege Perilous, that's when Kwannon found her and they had that spiritual bonding thing. Then Matsuo and Spiral turned her into Lady Mandarin. So basically magic and trickery turned her Asian.

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Can you do one on The One Above All?
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I did not realise she had British origins. New information to me! :P
Great video, I look forward to the next :)

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4 minute expert xP

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I think Psylocke is a cool character!

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yeah the whole kwannon/betsy thing still confuses me

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Thnaks G-MANNN!!! I was waiting for this!!!!! Loved your psychic knife LOL
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good job
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Psy blade was cool. 
I forgot the psylocke's story was so messed up !
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@SupremoMaximo: There were two Sabretooth fights.  The first fight was drawn way back in the day by Alan Davis around issue 215.  The one pictured was drawn by Joe Madureira around issuee 325.
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Which just proves my point on the Sisterhood of Evil arc where the hell did she find her

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Well done G-Man.  Def my favorite X-Woman right next to Marrow.  Thye should do the character justice and make a film about here.  But not by FOX.

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@A-Strondinaire: There was absolutely no explanation. She was with the Exiles and then suddenly the Sisterhood had her.
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Quite interesting.  Good to get some insight on the character.

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PSYLOCKE ROCKS! this was great G-Man! loved the Psy-blade at the end! haha Psylocke is such an interesting character, i'm really happy she is going to be in the new X-Force! they should totally make a movie about psylocke, I mean, her story has so much movie potential, you can start it of with Brittish Betsy and her transformation to Asian Betsy! haha :)

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@G-Man: Whoa whoa whoa, that bit about Kwannon reaching out and their spirits fusing, that was just how Matsuo had explained their body switch to Kwannon. The real story was that Kwannon had been sent to assassinate Lord Nyorin and Matsuo intercepted, accidentally throwing her off a cliff. He recovered her body and coincidentally had come across Psylocke's battered Brit body on the docks and used the combo of Nyorin's resources and Spirals tinkering to preserve both their minds and bodies after blending their essences. (makes her sound like an herbal shampoo)
The rest was spot on. It's tough to cram that much into such a short timespan, but I'm giddy that you elaborated on her UK origin. I heart Alan Moore, the crazy foo XD
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I don't get it, is she ASIAN or BRITISH?

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Thanks GMan, I love Psylocke and even cosplayed as her so I'm so glad she's getting the attention

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Thanks for Doing this one =D
 Been meaning to learn more about her.

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@mr.obvious said:
" I don't get it, is she ASIAN or BRITISH? "
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@AmazingSpiderMike said:
" Even though I understand who Psylocke is, I think I am even more confused now. "
Me Too. I thought she was Betsy in Kwannon's body. 
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That was probably the most confusing 3ME. But I think I get it. :S

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she has been so reinvented that her history doesnt matter.

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@G-Man: Whaddaya mean yes?
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• born a caucasian in Malden, England.  
• became charter pilot, model and agent of S.T.R.I.K.E's psi division.  
• replaced Captain Britain and got eyes ripped out by Slaymaster.  
• kidnapped, brainwashed and implanted with cybernetic optic implants by Mojo.  
• shacked up at the X-Mansion, fought Sabertooth for the first time proving her worth to the team.  
• ditched the puffy sleeves for cape and armor.  
• migrated with the rest of the team to Australia after the team's "death".  
• entered the Siege Perilous (mystic portal that changes the destiny of those who pass through) to escape the Reavers.  
• emerged comatose in China, mind transferred to Japanese body to salvage Kwannon's fractured psyche, altered on a genetic level in the process.  
• became Lady Mandarin and fought Wolverine who restored her memory.   
• rejoined X-Men again but approached by her original body claiming her to be an imposter  
• adventures in Japan ensue revealing she's the real deal 
• Kwannon/Revanche (Ninja mind in Brit bod) contracts Legacy Virus, Matsuo assists in her suicide returning Betsy's full power to her
• fought Sabertooth again and got mauled.  
• Dr. Strange saved her life with Crimson Dawn elixir bestowing shadow melding/teleportaion powers.  
• kidnapped by Kuriargi, new denizen of Crimson Dawn dimension, saved by Archangel.  
• fights and defeats Shadow King at the cost of losing her telepathy.  
• switches powers with Jean Grey, giving her telekinesis.  
• dies at the hands of Vargas but resurrected by her older, insane, reality warping brother, Jamie Braddock. 
• zapped from her reality by Roma to join the Exiles 
• zapped again through unexplained means by Red Queen and returned to her Brit bod, shortly thereafter re-returned to the Asian bod 
• telepathy returned in combination with her telekinesis 
• joins X-Force XD